Much has been made about secret knowledge ” Hidden in plain sight”  by secret societies such as the Illuminati, and it is absolutely true that this is the case. Remember when I said in an earlier post that both the dark and the light always work in equal balance? In the third dimension, wherever there is anything dark, SOMEWHERE there exists a gift equal to it? And vice versa. It is very important to learn to train your mind to focus on the positive aspects of a thing IF that is the direction you intend to amplify and travel toward. Even the phrase”Hidden in plain sight” is split down the center. Do you see it? People within the matrix have been conditioned toward limitation, and will focus on the “hidden” aspect,  but that is unnecessary. If you focus on the “in plain sight” aspect of the same phrase, your own energy stream shifts toward the possibility that there is more to be seen , and you will teach yourself to begin to look for it.

My role as a messenger from the Council of Balance is to assist you in clearly recognizing information that is all around you and reframe the whole process of discovery. You can feel enchanted and delighted as you discover more and more Truth!

One thing that I repeat very often is – “EVERY FORCE EVOLVES A FORM OR CIRCUMSTANCE”. It is a Universal Truth! The energy that something is composed of is what ultimately determines the form it takes. The universe is composed of vibration, and it always is what it is. While light can sometimes be manipulated toward deception, sound can not. There is much truth hidden within sounds, letters , and language.  Names in particular, reveal a great deal for those who have eyes to see it. If you want to identify the energetic TRUTH within a given name, look carefully at the anagrams!

Anagrams will sometimes be very specific regarding a person’s life mission, as the energetic platform remains unchanged, no matter how you scramble the letters. Much will seem like gibberish if you try to decipher anagrams in a strictly linear way – HOWEVER, for many people who have incarnated with a very specific targeted life mission, or something they are destined to experience, the anagrams will usually be equally specific.

You can look at the anagrams of an organization or a group to investigate the hidden qualities of the energy it is composed of, like an ingredient list. Even if it seems a bunch of nonsense, you can get a sense as to whether most of the words within are positive, have negative connotations, or actually DO spell out something unmistakable and very direct! Its a good idea to look at all variants -nicknames, legal names,…etc. to get a well rounded sense of something.

The way I find anagrams is to search on – Internet Anagram Server. ( An anagram of that is – I, Rearrangement Servant. Get the idea?)Go to-

Here we go:

“THE ASCENSION ARK” – The name of this blog, and of the book I am told I have a soul contract to write. Also the name of the natural instrument of light and love comprised of all beings who have arrived here to assist in lifting Gaia and her beings to 5D! There is natural circuitry in place within the earth, and also another grid coming into place very rapidly now as Twin Flames, Starseeds, and Lightworkers are shifted around and moved into position as anchor /grid points.

Anagrams –

A RESISTANCE HONK – ( designed as a call to rally our forces in order to free the planet!)There will be a JOYFUL HARMONIC! A SONIC UNION. The “resistance” refers to Earth resisting tyranny of the cabal and oppressive forces!

A REACHES KIN TONS – ( This message is meant to reach all those who have partaken of any portion of the Joan of Arc template. We number in the millions. We are kin. )

A RESONANCE KITHS –  This material will also resonate with many of our kith – (friends and associates) even if they do not carry any of the Joan template themselves.

A ANKH RE-SECTIONS – The Ankh is the Egyptian symbol of life. Also called the “Key of Life”. We are CREATORS. We are now taking our creative abilities back by remembering it is not held only by a GREAT external source, but WITHIN each of us!.

A ANCESTRIES HONK ( I will be making many references to our specific ancestral lineage as I discuss Ascension )

A ACE THRONE SINKS – I am delighted to say that when this information is all disseminated,  I will no longer have to carry the leadership role within that template. Many people gave Joan of Arc their power. It served an important purpose for a duration of time, but I was forced to carry much energetically that I did not really want to. It has been a very isolated position to be in, where a King , Icon, or Saint was believed to be above the others. The energy given to me then has been with me throughout this lifetime as well. I came this time to finish the job I started then.When equalization of power is fully restored, my throne sinks only because those I led CLAIMED THEIR OWN POWER and rose up to the same level! I will be extremely relieved when this happens.


Here’s where  I get very self conscious.

I was told by my guides in 2013 that I would need to change my middle name before commencing my Divine Life mission this time. They were clear that I needed to spell ARK with a K! I agreed, but became very apprehensive about it once I looked at the anagrams! I have never come across anyone else whose name had anywhere NEAR the number specific and unmistakable anagrams as mine. It scared the crap out of me, because there is no way you can make this stuff up. I thought seriously about refusing to do it. I recognized that if I accepted it would mean integrating a mantle and a role as messenger and Spiritual leader that I was still having GREAT difficulty processing the trauma from! I had rejected that part of myself completely and wanted nothing to do with investigating that life, ESPECIALLY in a public forum. However, I had come into this lifetime intending to heal myself, and “set right” certain social polarities and imbalances that the Joan of Arc lifetime had actually made more severe! My soul had desired a do-over with a better outcome!! In order to do that, this information must be disclosed, and I must come out with it.

A EARTHSHAKING POTHER – I have a very unusual ability to change the energy of the earth wherever I go. Many people can do that, but for some reason, I do it to a level that is really huge in scale. I clear dark energy and transmute it to light. Much of it happens automatically, but if I go somewhere like an earth acupuncture spot or portal or leyline, and focus my intent on clearing the earth, A TON of dark energy gets cleared and change manifests very rapidly! It sometimes causes a bit of chaos in the process, but I leave the place better than I found it…The word POTHER means a commotion. As it says on my business card “I transmit a high -vibrational energetic transmission that clears longstanding blockages and areas of stagnation” . This is the reason I was sent to be the catalyst for change during the Hundred-Years-War as Joan of Arc. The situation had reached a point where nothing was moving and it required someone who could come in like a BOMB, disrupt everything, and initiate very rapid change.

A EARTHSHAKING HER TOP – In other words, I’m really good at it.

A EARTHSHAKING THE PRO – Im a professional at this earthshaking business.

A EARTHSHAKING HER OPT – I had a choice this time .As Joan , I was “chosen” and was not given a choice regarding my role. It was a time of extreme 3D density and limitation. ( There WAS pre-incarnation soul agreement- but no choice IN that life. ) In this life, my guides told me I could opt out of a second try at this specific thing, but if I wanted to succeed, I needed to deliberately step INTO the role of Spiritual Leader and own my past identity in order to undo the victim template. It would mean stepping into the spotlight. I made the decision to do it, albeit with great personal reluctance.This has to do with making a free-will decision to “LEVEL UP” in service and I knew that I was attached energetically to millions of other beings who would follow in my footsteps and my responsibility was to serve at my Highest Capacity rather than remain in my comfort zone.

A ORPHANAGE THRESH KIT – There are two meanings to this anagram.

The first involves OUTCASTS from society – the rainbow sheep who stick out and feel unloved because they have no “family”. Joan of Arc was a warrior for the oppressed as well as someone SINGULAR, who fit in nowhere, and broke out of every box they tried to put her in. It is time to gather all the weird ones who have been exiled or were otherwise isolated. I cannot bear the thought of orphans – and I also do not like the idea of orphanages. I will adopt all of you right now. I was always your mother anyway.

Several sub-themes run in the Joan of Arc pattern overall. One of them involves parent/child separation, and children being held in a prison, as Joan was.  Make a note of the current political issues in the United States! Children being taken from families at the border? This is not a coincidence that as the Joan of Arc energy becomes stronger overall, ALL those elements will re-manifest in an amplified form! Every force evolves a form. The Joan of Arc template was designed to – 1. build an army of unique soldiers who could not be taken down by any standard tactic. 2.- We also knew that at this time certain glaring INJUSTICES would arise AGAIN- and like Joan of Arc HERSELF – these would be impossible to ignore and suppress! This time is NOW – and you heard it straight from ME!

Earth as an “orphan”? Let’s end that also! One of the big things I am here to help correct is the idea of separation from Source. It is my intention to make sure there are no “orphans” left uncared for, both figuratively and literally. The earth has been a 3D planet, and 3D is characterized by a belief in separation. As we rediscover our connections with one another, we add our new knowledge into the morphogenetic field, which will soon awaken the sleepers still stuck in the matrix.

When 3D consciousness is dominant on earth, the humans believe that they are the only life in the Universe! Hahahahaha! The Earth experience is that of being an orphan. So sad! As humanity’s consciousness expands, the idea of alien life becomes imaginable. ( Stories and movies pave the way there !) Once that impossibility BELIEF BARRIER is broken, they are able to see the first “evidence”, and once they have evidence, they can finally recognize the truth for the first time. As the earth ascends, we rejoin our soul groups and regain awareness of our connection to one another and to Source. As a consequence of that, there will be no more “orphans”. Also, I am responsible for the the child portion of the Joan of Arc template, and children are my jurisdiction. I will speak more about this later.

Back to Anagrams! –

A HOST  PARTAKEN HIGHER-   I CARRY  millions of people energetically, and they will follow whatever I do. There are fine golden strands of light that connect me to each soul who picked up any portion of the Joan pattern. I am a host for many others. My sole job is to stay on track and navigate the way straight up in dimension. Just as wherever a Father seahorse swims, he carries all the babies in his pouch. I am connected to millions of people via these energy strands, and I act as a tugboat.

A PARTAKEN HIGHER SHOT – This is my second try. The first attempt at liberating my people did not go as well as I had hoped. It’s like playing jax.

A PARTAKEN OTHERS HIGH – As I ascend, I pull others up with me.There is more to this story that I will tell later.

A PARTAKE HIGHEST HORN – In this life , as in the Joan of Arc life, I am a messenger.

PARTAKES A HIGH THRONE – Yes, I do. I’m a fractal being . On the “God Squad” that has transcended duality and integrated all our light and dark aspects. I have incarnated at this time to rally my Light Army of Children and lead us to Freedom! I don’t want to miss any of the action.

A PHARAOH GETS RETHINK – Later , I will be discussing “The Gods ” and Royal lineage, as well as how it relates to Moses, the Hebrews and slavery.

A GATHERERS HATH PINKO – Another sub-theme of  the Joan of Arc template , another reason it was introduced ( but it’s a BIGGIE) has to do with economic equality!! Believe it or not, this is why Joan of Arc was  designed to bridge the qualities and roles of both sexes! The template was seeded in order to amplify certain characteristics that were essential to have in place if humanity was going to be able to ascend into 5D in time for the cosmic window! We made the template as contagious as possible! As a group, we are here to establish a new economic system based in equal exchange  – balanced masculine and feminine. Each person in 5D must be able to give and receive equally in order to stay in balance.  It will not be communism, but it will be community based. I thought the anagram interesting enough to include it.

A AGAPE HER THIRST HONK – Alright. This one sounds kind of funny….but AGAPE means” The Highest form of LOVE. The love of God for human and human for God”. And not only do I THIRST for that above all else, I AM indeed loud about it!

COUNCIL OF BALANCE – I want to say that there is no official title for the COUNCIL OF BALANCE. At no point did the 12 of us get together and decide what we were called. In higher dimensions, we recognize one another by layers of vibrational harmonics and there is difficulty reducing things to a linear form such as a specific language. Its like trying to convey the essence of a vibrational garden into a single flower. You wind up missing most of it.

Because I am reduced to an embodied state right now and must stay within the confines of the English language, I am unable to convey the fullness of the experience of the Council of Balance and what goes on there. There are certain rules that apply regarding free will and not trespassing on the territory of another being. That includes information. I am limited in what I am permitted to talk about, in that I may freely talk only about my own portion of it. The words “COUNCIL OF BALANCE”  is what I call the portion of the group energy that I have jurisdiction over. The Anagrams therefore, reflect MY portion of that energy, so they apply to ME and not the overall energy of the group. I am allowed to discuss things that are shared, as well as my own contributions. Does that make sense?

This whole Anagram post is only written because I want to validate my identity somewhat before I begin discussing tactics for planetary uprising! Otherwise I just sound like a crazy person. (Every stereotypical crazy person in a locked ward claims to be Joan of Arc or Jesus….etc. More on why that is later ). Those who recognize me will recognize me. It’s a predestined group.

In a later post, I can talk a little about the Council Of Balance and what we are responsible for..etc.  Right now , I just want to breeze through the rest of these Anagrams.


CABAL FLOUNCE ICON-  Yes. I am an icon, and I DO flounce! That is one accolade I will accept. I don’t like the Cabal!I am here to see them overthrown!

( In TRUTH, this anagram can also be interpreted as meaning the cabal sees me as an icon. I am embedded into the history of religion, government, and the military. I admit both roles. On the Council, I do wield a HUGE influence over steering mass consciousness through stories and entertainment. Particularly children entertainment! There has been a long term strategy in place to establish certain rules, enforce them strictly in order to maximize development, then bust the same institutions down as soon as it was time. That time is now. I will explain more later.. )

FLOUNCE – I CON CABAL – Flounce means -“To go or move in an angry or impatient manner”. Spot on, I admit. I don’t mind if I give the cabal a run for their money.

CANONICAL CLUB FOE – Yup. They can bite me! As a rule, I dislike most institutions that exist for the purposes of strict control. Having said that – at the Highest Levels, ALL IS ONE, and there is nothing that is absolutely right or wrong. Everything has it’s place and purpose.  At the most enlightened state there exists no judgement of anything , and THAT is what makes UNconditional love. It’s WONDERFUL to be in constant UNION! But the light vs. dark agenda ALSO serves a purpose and must have players who have different agendas , otherwise nothing moves. According to most religious standards I “shouldn’t ” have a favorite foe ( or ANY foe). But I DO!! I cannot stand the financial system of the world,  and the Catholic Church ( which I love as much as I loathe other parts of.. ) I admit I LOVE the strategic battle of wiping the cabal off the board! I find real joy in it!

BUNCO CONCEAL FAIL – The swindlers try to conceal themselves. I am here to shed light on them.

BIFOCAL UNLACE CON – When seen from two points of view( Light and dark ) , you can unravel the whole prison system. There is one other member of the Council of Balance embodied on Earth right now. I’m not allowed to reveal their identity unless they choose to do it themselves. We are here toward the same purpose, which its help liberate the planet from the matrix

A CONCEAL CLUB INFO – I’m here to reveal much about what the “conceal club” would prefer to keep hidden.

CONCUBINE OF CALLA – This is my favorite one! I want it on a T-shirt. It has a certain degree of polarity contained within it, because a concubine is a mistress, and Calla means purity, as well as beauty. The Calla lily is associated with the Virgin Mary.

There are more, but I think I’m going to stop there.


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