I have several posts waiting to be released , as well as MUCH, MUCH more waiting for the appropriate timing for delivery! I am very eager to share everything I know with you, and I am frustrated by the delay. Certain things are not in my control, and hinge upon other things being made available first. Rest assured, at some point the blocks will ALL be gone and there will be a FLOOD of information and progress! I am told by my guides that it is inadvisable for me to push or be impatient.

While we are all waiting, I thought I would take this time to post my birth information, so that any of you who are astrologers ( particularly past-life specialists..) can look at my chart if you are curious.

I was born Stephanie Robin Hogarth.

2:15 am February 19, 1969. Los Angeles.Calif. USA.

If you found this helpful, please offer a donation via Paypal to: May the amount you donate be returned to you THREEFOLD with MY BLESSING!!


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