The subject of TwinFlames is complex and multivalent. If you have gravitated to this article , you are probably already familiar with this subject matter on some level. Most of the time, when people use the term Twin Flame, it is misunderstood as a type of super- romanticized 3D relationship. Please understand that this is not the way I am referring to the Twin Flame dynamic at all. While there can certainly be powerful romantic love involved, the FORM the relationship takes is irrelevant. I want to discuss the Divine Mission and the HIGHER PURPOSE these Divine Counterparts play AS A  COLLECTIVE in the process of the Earth’s Ascension.

But first we need a little bit of background information.

The Earth has been imprisoned within the 3D Matrix for a very long time. The oppressive energies on this planet have been such that rather than encouraging growth, development of Humanity was stifled. It has been a cause of great concern to us that so much of humanity was spiritually so underdeveloped. A certain level of Spiritual maturity is required both for each individual and also as a collective in order to make it through the Ascension gateway. The Council of Balance is one of many ET groups who have been involved in coming up with and implementing a practical strategy to maximize what we call “the Harvest”. The harvest refers to the number of people able to transition successfully into 5D

The process had two main sections –

1. Accelerating Spiritual Maturation for Humanity – This has been a step by step process begun thousands of years ago. We operate well off the timeline, and we can see clearly the junctures in humanity’s development where an energetic boost of certain energies will be most beneficial. There have been certain “Punctuation points” in global history where members of my soul monad came down in a group formation to deliver certain energies into the Earth and her population, and deliver stories into mass consciousness. In later posts, I will be disclosing  SPECIFICALLY  what was done, why we did it, when we did it, what effect was produced each time, and why it is actually relevant to what is happening NOW. ( Yes. There IS a reason you should PERSONALLY care! ) There has been a meticulously planned sequence of events throughout history. You will soon be able to connect the dots and see why events thousands of years ago affect the implementation of the 5D Ascended Earth economic model and Divine Blueprint.

2. On Your Mark! Get Set! Liftoff! –

The second stage is what we are in the midst of NOW! ( I am SO EXCITED TO FINALLY TELL YOU THIS! ) It is a sequence of events beginning with Twin Flame pairs around the globe coming into Divine Union.

There is a purging/clearing process that each Twin will have gone through on their way to Union. This is to ensure that all 3D conditioning, ancestral patterns, karma, ..etc is cleared so that it no longer has any influence in the energetic platform that person will be creating from going forward.

In order to come together into Divine Union as a Twin Flame Pair- EACH partner must already have achieved a graduate level of Spiritual Mastery and learned to balance within THEMSELVES the Masculine/Feminine energies. Once each partner is able to maintain an appropriate balance of giving and receiving, the pair may then come into union and learn how to maintain that state as a couple.

It is often easier said than done. With each level of mastery gained, the energetic currents increase. Incarnating as a Twin Flame requires a very high level of Mastery. When a Twin pair comes into Union, the energy flow is increased exponentially. Between them, they produce a unique , HIGHLY CREATIVE energy called The Third Energy, which is EXTREMELY POWERFUL. ( The number three is important to note here. I will return to it later ) By the time they come into union, each partner will have developed the ability to control their visualizations, thoughts and emotions. They will have a heightened ability to manifest. That is essential, because manifesting times will be dramatically shortened once they are in Union! Focused intention coupled with strong emotions at that level produce large effects in the physical world VERY rapidly. So they better have their shit together!

This is one reason large numbers of Twin pairs were recruited specially for this project of Earth’s Ascension. We needed a specialty section of what I am calling the “Light Army”, those who were able to function as LEADERS –  to anchor and hold a strong vision of New Earth, while radiating an enormous field of unconditional love.( I am not saying the Twin Flames are the only ones doing this, but the Twin collective has a special role )

As Spiritual mastery develops and a person’s vibration rises, they become able to affect everything around them with their own energy field. The sheer magnitude of a Spiritual Master’s presence will act like a dominant tuning fork and all surrounding vibrations of lesser intensity will entrain to it. So if you have TWO Spiritual Masters radiating PROFOUND UNCONDITIONAL LOVE , CREATING with the Third Energy, and maintaining a balance of giving and receiving, that whole pattern will be picked up by everything they come in contact with.

But that’s not all. In accordance with Divine plan, as part of the energetic mechanics of raising the frequency to 5D in as balanced a way possible – MOST Twin Flame pairs are also  situated at strategically important LOCATIONS! ( Not ALL of them- Some individuals and pairs have been asked to migrate from point to point as needed. )

The New Earth has a number of energetic grid systems that have been re-calibrated to the Ascended Divine Blueprint. They are overlaid and interconnect in various ways. If you are reading this post, you probably already know about the ley lines of the Earth. You also know that the Earth has certain locations that are similar to acupuncture spots on a human body. If you apply a strong energy to a certain point, that energy can travel through the ley lines and grid systems of the earth and raise the vibration of unhealthy locations far away. So Twin Flame pairs are being positioned at certain junctures that are like intersections, so that the extra strong energy that they radiate will go into the earth and travel the energetic grids.  The New Earth circulatory system will be activated and the appropriate, balanced energy flow will be restored. ( I will get to how that relates to the economy in part 2 )

Among the Earth’s many energetic grid systems is one comprised of the Twins themselves as a collective! There is a specific frequency that all the Twins have in common. We form a sort of telepathic, energetically connected net when we are fully operational and in place. It is not yet completely linked up and as of this writing, the majority of Twin Flames are not yet in Union.

Overall, there will be three large waves of Twin Flame Unions, because strategically we needed to utilize the energy of the number three to catalyze the shift. That said, individual pairs may come into Union at any time if it serves. But part of the “Divine Timing” that we all lament when we are impatient is due to many pairs needing to wait for Union in order to be part of a certain wave .

As each sub-group of Twin Flames unites, the LOVE produced is SO ENORMOUS , that the overall vibrational frequency of the Earth is given a TREMENDOUS LIFT HIGHER! This can be thought of as a “Weapon of MASS CREATION!”, developed by the Alliance dedicated to freeing the Earth.

As part of the mechanics of this, we have deliberately utilized the energy of the TWINS THEMSELVES! There is an additional reason they are the forerunners in this process! As I said before, their job is to set the ENERGETIC PRECEDENT.  As Twins, they have a heightened ability to “love another as myself”.  I don’t mean to imply that this is restricted to Twins by ANY means! As we develop and go higher in vibration as a collective, this knowledge of the external as a reflection of oneself will eventually be had by everyone. We have designed this system to be as contagious as possible, and the Twins function as instigators.

Also, there are several aspects to the Twin Flame dynamic that need to be discussed in later posts. For the purposes of THIS post, I am drawing on the idea that each Twin Flame pair starts as one soul divided into a masculine part and a feminine part. This is accurate, but also misleading. Everything changes as you go up in dimension. I’m not going to talk about that now, though.

I am going to continue this in part 2….

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