Twin Flames, 11:11, and the 5D ECONOMIC SYSTEM. ( Part 2 )

The Twin Flame collective plays an ESSENTIAL ROLE in anchoring the NEW ENERGETIC foundation needed to correct the Global Economy. The economic system is only one of many systems that ALL must be shifted simultaneously.

This involves a RESTORATION of GAIA to her ASCENDED DIVINE BLUEPRINT! One of the things that has been keeping this ENTIRE PLANET and her population incapacitated and unable to develop on the normal schedule has been a DELIBERATELY CORRUPTED circulatory system! Energetic blocks were installed along ley lines and all the old grid systems ( prior to the recent recalibration ) in order to clog the natural balanced flow of energy. Positive channels of circulation were also re-routed along negative energetic pathways. This is a tactic long used to create asymmetry and imbalance, causing one side to flourish AT THE EXPENSE of another. In NO WAY is this in accordance with natural law! The Council of Balance was assembled in order to redress this issue on Earth.

Please make a note here to remember that this ALL relates to the Joan of Arc lifetime! It may seem like I’m going off topic bringing that up, but I want you to keep it in mind. If you are unfamiliar with the JOAN OF ARC story, please refresh your memory by reading Mark Twain’s version or watching the movie “The Messenger”. I will be making reference to that story a LOT.

A rescue operation for Earth and Humanity was planned by the Council of Balance to take place in stages over MANY LIFETIMES and thousands of years. The Joan of Arc story on it’s deepest level is ACTUALLY as much about resource distribution as it is about Freedom and sovereignty! Individuals and populations were not able to ACCESS the things they needed – until Joan showed up and was able to OPEN CHANNELS and procure the resources for those in question. ( She was UNABLE to do it for herself, however…. I’ll get back to this part of the story later.)

There has been a very longstanding, multi-part rescue operation in place designed to culminate in the Ascension of this ENTIRE PLANET and ALL HER BEINGS! There is a part of the plan that goes WAY back in time, and a part that we have not done yet. This gets difficult to explain accurately, because time is actually a spiral,and the timeline doesn’t even exist in a linear way at all. However, I will be giving a linear overview in a later post.

Back to Twin Flames –

As Twins, we have each learned to give and receive in equal measure by the time we manage to come into Divine Union. We operate in a VERY high-vibrational energy of unconditional LOVE. We have learned to balance our masculine ( outgoing ) and Feminine ( incoming ) aspects as INDIVIDUALS , so we are a constantly OPEN CHANNEL for love to flow both in and out. Only after that requirement is met do the two twins come into union and learn to balance those same forces between them.


This is one of the sacred meanings behind the number sequence 11:11. ( This number sequence has many levels of meaning! I’m only addressing ONE of them insofar as it relates to TwinFlames, and the 5D New Earth Economy. )

If you look at the number 11, it is a Master number and when you see 11:11, EACH 11 SIGNIFIES ONE OF THE TWINS. The number 11 turned on it’s side is an = sign. This is balanced energetic flow directed via thought.

Each Twin has Two parts, a Masculine and Feminine polarity within them- each portion is symbolized by a 1. …and Masculine and Feminine energy are COMBINED as EQUALS, CREATE LIFE!! Agreed? This is the AMPLIFIED CREATIVE POWER  of each Twin that I am referring to.

Each 11 is ALSO functions symbolically as a GATEWAY representing thoughts and manifestation power that EACH twin holds. Each 11 ( the space between the 1’s ) is an energy channel – like the Shushumna that runs down the center of our bodies, or you could think of it also like a Birth Canal! So- there is MAGIC inherent in the 11:11 combination!

When using High Magic ( ..and BELIEVE ME – the Cabal and Dark Forces use magic constantly because it works! They KNOW THIS stuff! BOTH sides use Magic in slightly different ways ) the number of rotations or repetitions needed to secure a change into motion is 3! The energy of the number 3 is needed for manifestation ! Have you heard the phrase “3 times a charm?”. The number 3 is a CATALYST for change! ( The ACTUAL change will occur at 5. Stay with me… )

So where in the number sequence 11:11 do we discover the energy of the three? As I said before – EACH 11 in the 11:11 sequence represents one twin. And EACH twin, while complete in themselves, represents half of the whole. So the pair of twins standing side by side represents ANOTHER 11! And the SPACE BETWEEN THEM is the powerful CHANNEL OF COMBINED MANIFESTATION POWER!! THE COMBINED INTENT carries within it the THIRD energy that INSTANTLY CATALYZES A CHANGE!

When Twin Flames are in Union , standing in unconditional love ( The MOST powerful force!) and are both focusing on the same thing, it manifests into FORM with GREAT SPEED! The other factor influencing manifestation times is that Twins in Union will be functioning from the 5D paradigm! 5d is no longer attached to the 3D timeline where having a delay between thought and manifestation was essential.

Another way to think about the 3d paradigm and ALL the limitations inherent there is to simply say that “Spiritual babies need cribs”. In 3D there is a lengthy time delay before thoughts manifest into reality . That is needed so that unawakened humans who have not yet learned to control their thoughts and feelings do not accidentally manifest every thought they think instantly. That would be horrible!

A specific skill set and a high degree of Spiritual maturity is required of EVERY BEING existing within 5D !This has EVERYTHING to do with establishing the 5D economy.  The skill set I will discuss in a later time. The Spiritual maturity level comes down to basically one question – “Does this person AUTOMATICALLY, and EAGERLY share with LOVE?” In 5D, EVERYONE SHARES AUTOMATICALLY ALL THE TIME, WITH EVERYONE, WHETHER THEY LIKE THAT PERSON PERSONALLY OR NOT. Each person is committed to the wise stewardship and well being of all others.

There is no person who will rise to 5D until they are in AUTOMATIC, CONSTANT service to others, without resentment, fear, anger, jealousy…etc. If someone is giving from any sense of obligation, or to get something back, or to seek approval from another, it is NOT a pure motivation and that energy must be balanced before that person can ascend to 5D and be there for any length of time. THE MOTIVATION of each person is seen, known, and MEASURED!  There is in NO way a judgement by ANY external authority, ( “GOD” doesn’t sit in judgement as to whether or not you are “worthy”) but THERE IS a measurement of true motivation that is accurate down to the photon!

The 5d system can be understood from a purely mechanical point of view. The New Earth economy is LOVE DRIVEN, and GROUP BASED. In order for the channels of circulation to function properly, the giving and receiving must be equal within each individual in the 5D system.

This doesn’t mean there will be no wealth difference, however. Free choice will still be available in terms of quantity of  resources you may receive or manage. What this means is that the amount of wealth received by each person will be equal to the amount they share with GENUINE SERVICE as their true motivation! They must actually be doing the service or otherwise showing a genuine commitment to giving in order to receive the funding. So if you are not very ambitious and you really only want to focus on serving yourself and your own family, you might be the 5D equivalent of a capillary in the body’s circulatory system. You will always have plenty for yourself, but you don’t really require much. And if you do NOT share it or flow it out towards others, you will NOT receive any more than you need personally! There are automatic safeguards established in 5D to make sure the imbalance that has occurred in 3D can not reoccur!

There will also be those who are by nature more like arteries of service . In the 5D economic system, the wealthiest people will be those who have the strongest desire to serve in the BIGGEST way , and who actually DO it!. The LOVE OF GIVING must also be GENUINE and free of any forced return! The motivation must be PURE!

We need to remember that there is FULL transparency of motivation at that level. (If you are reading this and considering big ways you might serve because you want to draw in a million dollars, that is backwards, and it also won’t work!) However, if you have always  POWERFULLY desired to help the homeless, set up an animal shelter, restore a rainforest, start a community, clean the ocean, bring in new technology to the masses, …but you were unable to get the millions of dollars in backing required to carry out your heart’s desire – get ready and begin making actual plans!

This new economic model will OBVIOUSLY be a radical departure from the 3D system. It will require a total mental shift. We have been conditioned in 3D to believe in money as “security” for our future. In the 3D system, we were taught to accrue money for ourselves and release as little as possible. That system, from the point of view of energy flow, will lead to dangerous imbalance, cultivation of “service to self” path, and clogs within the system , and overwork of much of the population.  And of course it has done exactly that!

The economy in a well-functioning 5D system works just like breathing. Each person has unlimited free access to EVERYTHING THEY NEED and they automatically release everything they don’t need. Someone in a high level of service could be thought of as an athlete who needs MUCH more oxygen. Someone sleeping uses very little. It’s THAT simple!

The 5D system also allows for far more personal indulgence, but absolutely no waste. In order to sustain the high-vibration level, good feelings and pleasure are required. A highly developed level of Self -Love is a requirement to be part of the 5D economic system. It is simply a part of Spiritual maturity. We each must learn to take extremely good care of ourselves constantly. It is part of serving the collective as well as ourselves. THERE IS ONLY ONE OF US HERE. Since everyone in 5D is in service 24/7, even while sleeping , we are always  “working” on an energetic level. This requires us to run energy through our bodies and maintain ourselves well, mentally and physically, ensuring that we get PLENTY of rest.

Everything in 5D is reversed from the 3D paradigm. In 3D, people work hard out of fear, often under constant stress , to stockpile money so that some day they get to rest. In 5D, people work out of love , and rest in order to take care of themselves so that they can serve THAT MUCH more, even while sleeping.


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