WE CANNOT DEMAND that the Cabal, or the Vatican, or Hollywood elite, or Government secret agencies “UNMASK” and be fully transparent without holding OURSELVES to that same standard! The Dark side and the Light side ALWAYS move together. You cannot pull on just one side of a rubber band. If we want them to do something – We must take the same action! We ONLY ever witness in the external world what is a reflection of OURSELVES! WE must embody the change we want to see in the world. Which means must start by going into self love first….since most of our personal hiding is based on some kind of feeling of shame or fear. Resistance to being SEEN. Resistance to being WITNESSED. We must walk into self forgiveness for our OWN darkest secrets and deepest regrets. The GREAT NEWS is that WE are in control of THAT!
Once we can hold that in our own space, we create a space in which others will allow their own walls to come down too. It is the collective belief that walls are needed that have created a space where they exist in form and circumstance. I’m not saying the cabal will come out with their hands up and head bowed, and say “Gosh…we’re sorry. Shucks, we repent.” NO. They won’t. I have much to say on that topic, but it’s a subject for a later time.
What I am stressing is that EVERY FORCE EVOLVES A FORM OR CIRCUMSTANCE. The collective belief system is such that we are currently sending mixed messages if on one hand we want full transparency, but on the other hand, vibrationally we are in resistance to that.
I am suggesting that we put our true beliefs OUT THERE for our conservative friends and family to see. I am saying that our profile photos should be pictures of us. I am saying that we must drop the social protocols that are not in alignment with what we truly feel. We must take a personal inventory of our own reluctance and discover where the sticking points are. If we can do that, the walls will ALL come down.

If you found this helpful, please offer a donation via Paypal to: StephanieArkHogarth@gmail.com. May the amount you donate be returned to you THREEFOLD with MY BLESSING!!

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