I have had a theory about my mother’s dementia for a while now. Yesterday, my conversation with Rick Jewers confirmed what I had been thinking already. He said that during the process of Ascension, our brain undergoes a rewiring process that mimics dementia for a time as we go from linear thinking to non-linear knowing. We are heading toward telepathic communication as a species. He said something specifically about the right frontal lobe – but I can’t recall it right now because I have been undergoing the same “rewiring” myself.
My mother had serious issues with fear and over-attachment during her life. She was a true hoarder like you see on television, and had great difficulty letting things go. When she got dementia and went into a nursing home, she also began humming constantly. Since I am aware of energy and consciously on the Ascension path myself, I noticed her energy “unraveling” in a healthy way. I thought ” She is relaxed and RELEASING TENSION AND BAGGAGE for the first time in her adult life!”. The humming seems to serve the same purpose for her that my mantras do for me.
I admit I have been very surprised that she has lasted this long in the nursing home. Frankly, I expected her to “make her transition” long ago. For many people including my father, the path of least resistance as the planet ascends is to die. It is far easier for people like him to accept death than it is for them to adapt to radical change so quickly. I really expected my mother to die within a few months of entering the nursing home. But she lasted….and started humming.
The last time I visited, I posed a question to her Higher Self. She no longer knows my name or uses many words, so I asked her soul this question telepathically – “…. Why are you still here? What are you hanging on for??”. I’m not complaining or prodding her to go- merely puzzled. It STARTLED me when she suddenly gave me a SHARP LOOK and smiled!!
I thought “YOU’RE DOING THE WORK!”. And she IS! She is doing the same work I am doing ! The REAL work of the Ascension process…the releasing attachments, grieving, and leaving all social conditioning and adherence to mass concensus. It is a lot easier to do if your mind is out of the way! I think thats why her soul chose this path. She is finally able to feel emotions without “clutching” and patching herself back together to appear okay. And she is, even in senility, a loving presence and a light-WORKER, who is making her contribution by releasing as much as possible as intensely as possible now that she is in a safe place where she can “lose it”. I realized this is as intense a period of growth for her as she has ever had. She is making a Spiritual Sprint as we head toward the finish line!

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