POLARITIES – Empaths and Narcissists

Moving into 5D Mastery requires each individual to BALANCE all the polarities in themselves. The Masculine/Feminine -( that is the Active/Passive, Giving/Receiving forces, Teaching/Learning..etc) must be equal as well as MAINTAINED in that state in order to pass the threshold into 5D.
In previous posts I have talked about the importance of those polarities.

There are also MANY other polarities that are equally important to keep in balance. Within the Lightworker community I see a lot of histrionic posts about “how to survive” as an empath, and the “toxic relationship” between empaths and narcissists.
When presented like that, we are encouraged to see the narcissist as a certain enemy we must fear. It is this kind of situation that makes a choice for fear and separation seem justified. It is here we may be tempted to overlook understanding as OUR way out. This is what I refer to as a “Master’s Challenge”.Personal growth is never about changing anything external . It is always a matter of changing something within ourselves.

Sometimes our major choice points are so subtle that we fail to even recognize one and we pass it up. Right here we are being asked to choose between love or fear.

In order to ascend to 5D, we must KNOW ourselves as the CREATOR of our own reality and KNOW the importance of choosing our lens. Reframed, empaths are repeatedly gifted with narcissists until both sides develop the quality they each need. I view this as just another polarity that each one of us must balance on our way up the ladder.

The reason we are seeing this crop up so often as we ascend is because the balance of all polarities is something in the collective that must be resolved before we can rise as a unit. This is nothing more than a interplay of opposing forces that make up the whole. We are all fractals of a larger pattern. Each person has met with at least some portion of this to one degree or another. On one side or the other. Clearly we have a polarity here that must be brought to center.

It is always easy to vilify our opposite, ( and sometimes in the case of narcissists it sure does appear well-deserved! ) but what we need to do is recognize that perhaps the opposing side has mastered something we have not. There is a gift in EVERYTHING and the ability to discover the gift within pain will always be the way out of any prison pattern.

An empath feels everyone else’s feelings as well as their own and they can have difficulty setting healthy boundaries because it is not clear to them what feeling is theirs and what is someone else’s. They over care about how others feel, and they often yield to the wishes of other people without a thought for that reason. They tend toward being too giving and can be easily plowed down by anyone less caring than they are.

A “Boundary” is resistance to being trespassed against, and empaths often lack them. Those of us on intentional Spiritual paths have been taught to cultivate a state of non-resistance- but resistance ALSO has it’s place and exists for a reason. ALL energetic forces exist toward a purpose.

In contrast to an empath, a narcissist recognizes only their own point of view and is oblivious to the feelings of others.
I am not saying we should cultivate narcissism exactly….but the ability to completely tune-out the feelings of others is an essential skill to master. If empaths can extract that part from the narcissist, it would serve them well. Sometimes it is essential to do what is right for YOU, despite the protestations of others, no matter HOW much you may care for them and hope they are happy. The ability to completely ignore ALL external influence – the refusal to yield to any external pressure , is also what makes a person sovereign and authentic. It is a FANTASTIC skill to draw upon should the need for it arise. If you have this ability, you can walk into room full of explosive tempers and rather than be affected by anyone else, you could radiate peace instead. Yours could be the force that dominates the situation. You would also remain unaffected by advertising or any entreaty of popular appeal.

Certainly the true narcissist would also benefit from having more empathy, but they are probably not the ones reading this. (Mostly I write posts that preach to the choir…)

The important take away is that there is always something to value in the opposition. They are your mirror for a reason.
Find THAT.
THAT is how we LOVE our “enemy”and become whole.

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