The GRID of HUMANITY as part of GAIA.

There are MANY overlapping grid systems that comprise the energy circulation system of the Earth. The grid systems each have a specific purpose and anatomy. Humanity itself is one energy distribution system that is oft-maligned , misunderstood, and under appreciated.
(I will be writing a chapter about this topic. It is upcoming….)

I want to post this now though. There are certain energy grids that are designed to remain in place, such as the main ley lines of the Earth. They CAN be adjusted, but it takes a lot to recalibrate them. Others, such as the grid composed of humanity, have a subset within ( such as the Twin Flames ) that will be posted at certain ley line “hubs” in order to link the human grid to the ley line grid. These grids themselves become more mobile, finer and lighter as you move out from the main ley lines and those energy channels that are fixed within the Earth..

One grid that will be a fully connected, telepathic humanity is not yet 100% functional, but is developing more and more each day.

The reason I posted this now is because I just saw someone’s Facebook post lamenting the mining of crystals for “humanity’s GREED!”(Lightworkers sometimes have a tendency to self-flagellate..) I would like to reframe this.
Now, I am NOT advocating for anything unconscious like strip mining, or clear cutting of forests..etc,( of COURSE not! ) but I DO want to point out that Gaia and humanity are not separate from one another. We are part of Gaia’s circulation system as much as the trees ,herds of animals, and the waterways. We are ALL in fact ONE BEING!

Certain crystals such as Rose Quartz and Black Tourmaline …etc are formed in specialized locations that aid their development, but may in fact be FAR MORE needed in large cities where there is a build up of toxic energy. Black Tourmaline may be much required in Manhattan, where it does not grow. How else would it get there if we did not take it and use it?

We are meant to use these things to assist in clearing OURSELVES as well as the Earth and all the energy grids. It is OKAY to move resources from one spot to another in order for the whole to thrive. When we label ourselves bad for taking something, and if we maintain an idea of the “poor victimized Earth”, we continue to co-create the illusion of separation. In truth, we have her back just as she has ours.


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