ASCENSION PIONEERS – Group Healing – New Educational System!

There are many of us Ascension pioneers who are NOW capable of automatically healing and teaching the masses. In the not so distant future, the NEW Healing centers will not require individual sessions anymore. Many advanced energy healers even NOW have the ability to radiate such a strong energy field that when a ill person ( or someone carrying an imbalance that will someday manifest into an illness if left unchecked ) comes into their field, any imbalance will self-correct. This can be done for large groups at a time, and eventually it will be able to encompass this entire planet. The only thing we need to do is connect fully.

We are in a process of moving away from limited 3D healing modalities that recognized the physical body only. We are finally into a mid-stage of development where the energetic modalities of healing are officially semi-recognized, but treatment is still done on an individual basis by a single practitioner. There will come a time when groups of practitioners auto-combine their skill sets on a Higher plane via telepathy. ( John of God is one forerunner here )

The only thing preventing us from having this right now is that not everyone is functioning in the Higher dimensions yet. Many people are still attached to 3D linear patterns that restrict freedom and limit connectivity.

Certain healing modalities that are highly structured serve as bridges from the specific to the more non-linear and intuitive ways of doing things. A disproportionally high number of energy healers begin by studying Reiki. This is because it is a very linear and relys on a structured methodical approach . It has certain lineages as well. It is what I refer to as a “gateway modality”, because nobody ever stops at Reiki…. Once you are introduced to energy healing, you never go back. Other bridges from the structured to the intuitive ,designed to lead a person from the individual to God via the merger of structure and intuition are the Tarot and 12 step programs. You step into a structure that is like a water slide designed to get the drop to the ocean. From confinement to the infinite… separation to connectivity. These bridge modalities function like ANY art form. You learn the rules hard and fast in order to break every last one of them once you master them.

Once we are all fully connected, we will have shared access to everyone else’s knowledge ,experience, and point of view. This will happen so automatically and instantly that we won’t even be able to tell what is ours and what was someone else. There will be a system of automatic giving and automatic receiving that we will not even need to monitor. Any type of control, record keeping , tallying, and need for documentation will vanish because there will be automatic access to everything you need at anytime. The freedom and creativity will skyrocket, because there will be nothing standing in the way of our natural state. Just like the ocean, we become self-leveling.

The “downloads” we now receive are the preludes to the new 5D educational system. We will no longer need to write or read anything as linear as a book. The process of slowly stringing together letters, words, sentences , and chapters….will be seen as a primitive stage in our development, as tedious as having to spell out a conversation. Instead, stories, ideas and complete understandings will simply be transmitted as each student opens to receive such knowledge.

This is our natural state and it relies on each person’s own level of curiosity and eagerness to receive. Ask and it is given. Period!. Each person will develop at their own rate with no direction, and no pressure from any outside source. It will be self-directed education and automatic energetic maintainance. Wholistic well being.

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1 thought on “ASCENSION PIONEERS – Group Healing – New Educational System!”

  1. Stephanie, you mentioned new education system not needing reading or writing … my son was born with a gifted connection to Divine, but also have learning difficulties in reading and writing. He is quite intelligent and a deep thinker but just doesn’t get the stuff taught at school. He also goes to a Steiner School and not a main stream school. I wonder if that is why.. that his brain doesn’t grasp he concept of learning spelling and reading because it will not be needed …


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