I just had a thought about Specialty Guides…..I think that most people don’t know that you can call on benevolent “SPECIALTY GUIDES” in ADDITION to Angels, Ascended Masters or your own Higher Self. A specialty guide will usually be a lower level guide who is still carrying some identification with their personal identity from a lifetime where they had expertise in a specific area. You would not want to call on a Specialty guide for anything like Spiritual guidance or protection – Always use a High-Level guide for that. But you can call in a Specialty guide if YOU want to do something yourself but you are having difficulty or have never done it before.

I call in Specialty Guides for EVERYTHING!! I do it a lot when I’m cooking, because I am a very average cook….but I am an expert at connecting with Spirit. So I do what I do and I let others do what they do….and I never know who is going to show up.

Once years ago- I was making homemade pasta for the first time. I asked for a specialty guide and TWO Italian Grandmother types showed up in my kitchen! They didn’t say anything to me at all, but they spoke to each other in Italian. They remained there with me observing what I did, and I would suddenly get a sense to adjust the recipe or do something not in the cookbook. Then they vanished when I was done. No big deal.

Often a Specialty guide may not appear before you , but there will be a guiding presence that will simply make things go more smoothly.

Hint- You can also “stack them” and call in a many as you need at a time. If you ever get lost while driving, you can call in a navigation guide who might have been a sailor. You can call in a confidence booster or someone who knows how to change a tire. I once called in a storyteller when the CD player in my car didn’t work. ( I was telepathically told an amusing short story about a tiger!) You can ask for a guide for ANYTHING! Someone who can tie a tie..Someone ( including fairies and elementals !) who can help prune the roses correctly…or someone who knows how to calm a fussy baby.

This does more than reduce our reliance on Google. It promotes the habits and neural pathways that strengthen our Connection to God. It makes talking to Spirit and connecting with others telepathically our “go to” behavioral model. In 5D we are going to NEED this ability to be very developed in order to work with others within the group mind. May as well start now by connecting as often as possible and this is a great way to do it.

I usually ask in a way that is very conversational and casual as befits the circumstance. I say “May I have the highest level specialty guide available to help me with these cream puffs?”.
Sometimes if things are still not going as well as I hoped, I will think that perhaps my problem is not with the cream puffs, but it could be my impatience. Maybe my annoyance?…”.So I might say “…Can I please have some help with whatever the hell my problem is? Please bring it to my awareness and help me fix it.” And then I probably would get a Higher level SPIRITUAL guide to help me! We are always guided UP!

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