“I used to be able to see my guides like you explain that you do. But this past year I call my guides but I can’t see or sense them I just go by faith that they are there. Any suggestions?”

The Ascension Ark –

Congratulations! You have moved up another rung on the Ascension ladder. This marks a stage that may feel a little bit lonely, but is an important one to go through. You can think of it as a kind of test which is helping you to develop a new level of sovereignty , TRUST in your own guidance, and realization that ALL IS ONE.

At the Highest level, anything we experience as external is merely another aspect of ourselves. This includes objects, people, Government Institutions, Angels, Ascended Masters..etc.

Part of ascending has us relying far less on any external “authority” for guidance. Sovereignty is a NECESSARY skill to have in order to exist in 5D. We go through a stage where we integrate Higher knowledge more deeply than we ever did before. We incorporate our new level of knowledge and the guides we previously experienced as outside ourselves. “They” are now inside you – encouraging you to go within.

It is a little like a cosmic joke. Like searching everywhere to find your glasses, and all the while they are on your head. Your guides are suddenly behind your eyes, and you cannot see them because they are not “out there” anymore. In TRUTH, they never were. But you were within a belief system that required the experience of separation, so that is the way they appeared to you because that is what you needed. Moving UP into greater unity delivers a new experience of unity with your guidance system as well. Get it?

Once you have this ability, you are free to dip into a lower level and experience just enough separation to make things enjoyable. So you have someone to talk to, learn from and expand with. Contrast exists for fun as well as learning and change!

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