Someone asked me what a download was and I decided to post my answer here. 
  A download is when bulk knowledge is simply dropped into your mind without the need to learn it in any sort of linear way. For example, if I want to know the contents of a book, I must read it. I will go through it word by word, sentence by sentence, paragraph by paragraph, chapter by chapter, turning pages and processing it slowly in order for the contents to reach my brain.
  In contrast, a download happens when Spirit decides to deliver information by eliminating the whole reading and thinking process, and bypassing the timeline completely. In other words, a complete understanding of the book ( or at least what I need to get from it ) will be delivered in complete form directly into my head. Except its not a book. It is bulk knowledge ,usually about some topic I didn’t know anything about.
   It is handled by my Higher self , and it is knowledge that I either need now or will need later. When I first got them, ( like in 2013) my body would be held in stasis. I would be minding my own business doing something, and then out of the blue freeze motionless…….and then just “come to”. Only it would be two hours later – and I SUDDENLY knew everything about geometry!!VERY weird!
   These days it is much more fluid and I no longer experience the body being held still. Now I can be doing household chores or driving even, and there will be a stream of knowledge that just arrives whole. Sometimes it comes in big pieces. A full understanding of something without the need for dissection by the mind. It is a “data dump” like winning the lottery and suddenly having a lump sum. Only it is a lump sum of knowledge, and like the lottery, with it comes the responsibility to provide for family and friends. You must be willing to share it in order to receive it.
   Eagerness to share is one of the requirements for upgrade into the 5D system. All things are shared among members of the collective. Anything you do not need for your own immediate use is distributed. Anything you have an abundance of must be eagerly given without anything resembling a mental tally. All is given and received freely.

Someone commented on my post about suddenly being able to receive multiple downloads at a time-

 “Watching with interest Stephanie ! How would you recommend one to reach the level
You currently are experiencing?”
   I replied –
   I don’t know what I did exactly, but I think the key lies in FERVENT desire for God. It definitely has something to do with the intensity of yearning for it and the willingness to follow THAT path no matter what it may cost you socially with family or friends. The strength of the asking with true love determines the outcome. I have a very intense desire to know God and be of service.
  I think of it as “Giant Steps” in that game “Mother May I”…where you have to ask to move forward. Do you remember that?
  …and remember that Joseph Campbell quote “Take one step toward the Gods, and they will take ten toward you.”?
   I think it’s like that. With downloads or anything.
   I know that there is a DIRECT ratio of ask and receive.
  So take a GIANT STEP toward God, and God will meet you with ten GIANT steps toward you! With God , you will always get more than you asked for. Never be ashamed to ask BIG – particularly since you know that with receiving comes the responsibility of distributing whatever you get.
  In 5D, you are asking to be part of the GIANT STREAM. You are not asking with the intent that it ends at you- THAT will not be granted. Everything you receive will be in much larger quantity, so long as you pass it on.
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