BOOK WRITING TIME! Two sources get the same message.

RickJewers and I got the same message. AGAIN. I love it when a bunch us all cross-confirm. I posted his below. This ALSO illustrates the same info coming through two different people and WHY many authors relaying the same message is so helpful!

These have actually been on HOLD until it was time – because we are to put out a LIGHT SIDE DATA DUMP – in order to coincide DIRECTLY OPPOSITE the Dark disclosure! This is in order to ensure that the energy remains balanced and we are to COUNTERACT the fear and anger that will come from the collective by making sure OUR LIGHT ARMY HAS A COUNTER -MEASURE to ASSIST the sleepers. Get it?
TRUE stories – because our COLLECTIVE MUST TRANSMIT TRUTH ENERGY! Therefore, REAL LIFE STORIES of our Awakenings are needed both to instruct as well as CATALYZE others!

Read mine – then read his which I posted underneath my own. This was mine from 13 days ago:
“It is so interesting to me that so many Lightworkers, Starseeds, Ascension pioneers are getting prodded to write books at this time. Do you know why I think this is? We are heading into a time when everything we know is being re-written, and we are stepping into our identities as co-creators of the New Earth and mass consciousness! We are collectively creating the new concensus and developing the morphogenetic field -the energetic platform from which we will all be working in the future!

I think there is going to be a MASSIVE, MASSIVE overhaul of the entertainment industry! We will need a huge influx of uplifting, inspirational entertainment to replace the 3D stories of serial killers, crime, and violence that have sickened the mentality of the populace and pointed the people of the world in the wrong direction. We will need how-to instruction to appeal to a very broad audience and many groups.

Vibrational light codes are going to be distributed via as many venues as possible to reach the broadest audience ( ALL the sleepers). As far as I know, everyone in 5D delivers an energetic transmission by which we recognize one another on a soul level. ( I know I do). Information is exchanged via layers of harmonics that help us connect instantly and share knowledge. My energetic transmission is carried within all I create, including this post! I think we all do that.

I believe we are at the emerging stages of that right now! We are at the cusp of a wave of ALL INCLUSIVE , SELF-ACTUALIZED CREATIVITY that will set the tone for our whole future!”
From – Rick Jewers-


The time has come for those of You that have intuitively felt, to write the book. Write the book of Your Ascension experiences to leave behind for the subsequent Waves of Ascending Others. These are to be TRUE stories and WILL NOT be promoted as anything less. Editors are NOT to omit NOR change the WRITTEN WORD by You, the energy within Your written word, MUST remain as such in the books when published.

Some of You will write about Your Activations and the full coming into KNOWING God is real, the confirmations, the experiences, and not limited to, the present level of Your Knowing. Some of You will write the book on HOW YOU WERE INTENTIONALLY TARGETED by Governments and the systems on the surface run by the Dark and the minions, as well as being targeted to keep You in a state of suppression, from Your Angelic Gifts, in the least….

Your books are to be written from the Heart, letting it quickly flow to the paper/screen You write upon. Some of You have kept journals, diaries etc, where profound occurrences were recorded by You, for this NOW. 😉

WHERE YOUR BOOK WILL FLOW FROM YOUR hEART, UNRESTRICTED AND UNABRIDGED, 10-12 pages may easily be written in a day. A book may be written by some of You, in a month.Your legacy will be left behind on lower timelines in WRITTEN FORM. This seeds the lower timelines with TRUTH and foundations these timelines to be steered towards the strongest and most favorable courses for Humanity to follow and integrate. These books by You will be in conjunction with the very near disclosure on ALL LEVELS, and may also be perceived as an INSTRUCTION MANUAL for Others Ascending at later times.THESE BOOKS WILL ENHANCE the TRUTH being presented to the MASSES, these IMPORTANT TRUTHS will be in place for those JUST AWAKENING.

The required funds for publishing, distribution, etc, WILL FALL IN PLACE WHEN THE BOOK IS FINISHED AND IN DIVINE TIMING. There is NOTHING STOPPING You from getting the book written, then Divinity assures its placement into the timelines. Focus first on writing the books and have them ready, as the doors open, begin publishing.

Some simple guidelines You may wish to follow in preparing and writing Your book;
1, Create a title for Your book AFTER it is all written. The title is more effective when it is short, sweet and right to the point, an example, “Why I was a target of Government”.

2, draft an outline of numbered chapters that relate to specific themes of Your experience, below each chapter in the outline, in point form, a sentence or part sentence identifying the specific points You wish to cover/share in that specific chapter.

3, it does NOT matter where You begin to WRITE, for example, JUST BEGIN WITH WHAT IS IN YOUR HEART AND BRAIN and fit it later to the appropriate chapter.

4, in Your introduction/bio, write the FULL TRUTH of WHO You are in conjunction with the Ascension, keep it short and right to the point.

5,DO NOT force Yourself to Write, it comes, go with the flow when the flow is there

6, be as close to or within Your Portal when writing, the flow is more refined and direct to the Etheric when in Your Portal.

7,It is BEST and most EFFECTIVE in Your book, to HOLD NOTHING BACK.

8, You may also wish to add Others Experiences in Your book, if the OTHERS ARE NOT WRITING ONE AS WELL. By adding Others experiences with their NAMES given, these WILL be further TESTIMONY and GREATLY ADDS TO THE CREDIBILITY that You will be presenting to AN AUDIENCE THAT MAY QUESTION IT. This assists in ALLEVIATING/ERADICATING ANY OF THEIR DOUBT, and makes the book more ACCEPTED.

9, Integrate and apply “why” these experiences happen from Your Higher Divine Perspective and HOW it allowed to You to evolve by innerstanding WHAT was actually happening.


Love and Light

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