I get my information in ALL ways now – using all my senses – clair-senses, as well as the normal ones. Spirit reaches me through the clairvoyance, clairaudience, telepathy, clairsentience..etc – but also I am KEENLY aware of the FORMS that manifest as signs around me at all times. Every force EVOLVES a form or circumstance. I repeat that a lot.

The world really is our moving mirror! NOTHING that reaches us is random ever! EV…..ER!! We are in a CONSTANT river of informational flow – even when we don’t recognize it yet.. We are either allowing the flow to come THROUGH us , and seeing it for what it is  by cooperating as a co-creator- OR – we are resisting the flow and are in denial that we had a hand in it. It is reflecting US either way.

So when my car door sticks, a dog barks, I see the number 1111,  I think of a movie, a cardinal appears , I see a snake, I drop the soap, my eye itches, I hear a song lyric, I have a dream, my daughter laughs, a truck goes by, a card flips out of the deck, or it takes a long time to shuffle, or I can’t find my cards, my crystal chips, the candle won’t light, someone says just what I needed to hear, – it ALL means something!! Even the stuff that seems like it can’t possibly mean anything.

ALL of it. Just KNOWING that much makes HUGE DIFFERENCE in my Spiritual development . It keeps me in a state of open questioning and eagerness to know more. Which opens me to greater connection to Spirit!

…And I suddenly GET IT that ALL IS ONE!! ALL…OF…IT!! Really…. Is….. ONE! It’s all a reflection of ME! I AM part of that stream. I AM the stream. I’m EVERYTHING. I get my instruction by connection to everything! And ALL is love. ………sigh.

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