Once, about 20 years ago, there was a point where I began SPARKING EVERYTHING! NOT merely like static! ( Although I was using 1.5 cans of static guard a week on myself in an attempt to alleviate it..) but for almost 8 months or more – I was getting SEVERE shocks from things! …and once,in front of two witnesses – a giant BLUE SPARK flew in an arc off my middle finger when I went to turn on a light that had one of these balled chains – you know the kind you tug? There was a loud “CRACK!! ” and I jumped, then froze. Everyone was silent and looked at one another. My studio mate came over and turned the light on for me…I didn’t know then what I NOW know and recognize.

There really IS electricity that we are sending out. We both draw it in and send it outward. Mine was a case of “The Force is STRONG with this one”. This was at a time in my life when my energy field went WAAAY out of balance with Masculine force! I had ambitiously taken on 3 majors at my Graduate School in New York City. I was drawing in HUGE quantities of energy, out of near-violent enthusiasm …….but NEVER resting.( Mine was also a case of stupid! ). I had accelerator addiction!

It was not until I collapsed the last quarter of my second year ,a mere three weeks from graduation, that I slowed down. I was FORCED to stop by the Universal Brake referred to in tarot as a “Tower Event” . I had reached SUCH an EXTREME of imbalance that it could not be allowed – not one more step! Like Secretariat , if he had crashed into an unexpected brick wall two feet from the finish line while the crowd was cheering. I met the Universal LAW that says “YOU CAN NOT WIN THIS WAY!!”

Balance is REQUIRED. Imbalance can only be pushed so far – although the Universe does allow a certain amount of leeway to discover that for ourselves.

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