CHANNELED FICTION -JK Rowling and what to consider as you write for the New Earth

Question –   “I think the majority of lightworkers, wayshower etc know disclosure has been in movies and have felt all of this it’s the people that aren’t awake that need to see it differently. I’m sure we’ve all been slowly introducing new ways of seeing the true to others. All of these books movies etc were ideas from the Divine, collective etc channeled to humans to get the information out, plant seeds. But I think we all “ KNOW” this already, the enlightened wayshower and lightworkers do anyway. “
My answer – Agreed!…The reason I posted this is because we are all getting this message that it is NOW time to write OURS! We will be going UP a level and STEPPING INTO OUR ROLE AS THE CREATORS!! The ones now bringing it through , as opposed to merely being audience members.
It will be important to remember that we are channeling as well as directing. The most potent creative work will come from where these two things meet. Where polarities meet is always the most potent creative point. AND – it comes with an INHERENT RESPONSIBILITY for LEADING THE POPULATION of the sleepers ( as well as those who are your AWAKE co-creators!)
Shaping mass-consciousness is a ENORMOUS step up from merely being responsible for  yourself. It will be crucial to wisely guide your larger population .As we go up in dimension, there exists a greater level of responsibility as well as an actual Spiritual curriculum where over time we must prove ourselves to be a good  STEWARD of larger and larger groups of other beings.
The same way you would not feed yourself anything toxic, and you keep negative influences away from your family, it is essential to CHOOSE THE DIRECTION with care when you lead your readers or viewers! Where you lead them is where they will go! Whatever you nourish them with will be amplified exponentially. It isn’t just about YOU anymore.
  Consciousness is an incredibly powerful force…..AND you as a creator are now RESPONSIBLE for that which you create. You will be creating with consciousness itself…….DON’T BE CARELESS! The wave you start in the minds of thousands can turn into global generosity, global inspiration, or a global riot.
J.K.Rowling does it beautifully and sets the gold standard to my mind. She is not afraid to deal with darkness and shows us how it can be done WELL. She deals openly with Voldemort and tells us not to be afraid to speak his name…..yet he still must be conquered.
  She goes directly into darkness and her readers follow…..but just like on a rollercoaster, you go on a terrifying ride that still keeps you safe and you arrive back home at the gate. JK Rowling keeps her readers safe because she cares about them and THAT energy and truth comes through. She leads us like Dumbledore. She does NOT leave her readers scared and hopeless. She leaves them prepared, braver, and stronger and INSPIRED!!
   What I KNOW about JK Rowling is that her soul chose to be educated and fashioned into the IDEAL instrument that allowed this material to come through her. It was because of her personal experience and knowledge that she was able to bring it through. Harry Potter was absolutely channeled – but coming through a different person, it would not have yielded the results hers did. Does that make sense?
Sometimes we want to be a PURE channel – and step completely out of the way….and sometimes we want to stay present in order to impart our individual flavor to the channeled work. Most great artwork is channelled through the artist and that’s where we get the uniqueness. Her brain already contained the necessary experiences, knowledge and circuitry to allow that work to come through.
One thing I want to say about the MAGNITUDE OF SUCCESS –
Choosing Love over fear establishes your direction. Strength of desire to serve others determines the speed forward.
THAT is what will make a 5D BLOCKBUSTER! The QUANTITY of LOVE GIVEN provides the propulsion.
True motivation will be a significant factor in the 5D entertainment industry!  If you are attempting to create a financial success and that is your primary focus, it will NOT succeed, even if it is very good! If your PRIMARY motivation is to serve from love, and your creation is infused with love, then it will succeed even if it is mediocre and the writing is bad.  The Celestine Prophecy is one example in this category. The writing is terrible. It was a big early success anyway because SOULS RECOGNIZE TRUTH.
Remember that.
And if you have a genuine desire to express something – someone has a genuine need to experience it. Like attracts like.
Remember that in 5D, vibrational signature determines everything! If your creation comes from a vibrational recipe containing LOVE, inspiration, TRUTH, transparency…etc , your audience will be called toward it because souls are always called home.
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