Preface – Auby Anne Meletio is a Facebook friend of mine who is a screenwriter and astrologer. She has a fascinating and unusual background as a FBI profiler as well as a sex therapist… among other things! Her list goes on .She picks up on A LOT more than most. She knows………..a LOT.

Sometimes we need to trade encouragements. No matter who we are or how much we already know. I personally just got off the phone with Rick Jewers a minute ago. That guy knows how to talk me down off a ledge. ….

Ascension pioneers have a tough job. Tough! In the following exchange, I gave Auby advice I am sure she already knew. The same way Rick told me what I already know. There is only ONE of us here. But it helps to hear from another aspect of ourselves tell us that it will all be okay.

Auby and I were on a thread discussing the entertainment industry. She has been frustrated as have I been, when her ideas were swiped outright, or were thought to be ahead of their time and she saw them delayed.

For any of you writing books or struggling to with setback after setback – I wanted to share the following conversation:


Auby Anne Meletio , hmmm. That’s interesting. 🤔 We’re contracted here to tell the story of how we succumbed, then surrendered to, and finally overcame all of the various situations and dynamics that destroyed us.

Oddly, it’s been the personal that’s driven the story — uncovering the karmic history that’s revealed the path to recovery.

I trust your guidance, though, so what are you meaning exactly? It’s through the personal that I’m able to tackle how the greater story is needed by so many people. That’s what’s letting me do it.

Is there something else I should be doing besides developing the show right now?

Auby Anne Meletio

Auby Anne Meletio , also, I DO agree that we’re all being ‘mobilised’ right now — especially since 2011. I’ve watched how much has been developed in tandem. But then I also have seen how much was rejected by execs who weren’t buying, because they believed there’s no market.

A number of the showrunners are members of my soul-group, and it’s been so incredible to slowly find myself among them — like I’m finally coming home. There’s still so many miles to go, though, even as many are waking up. Finally.

Just look how many shows have a metaphysical or extradimensional theme now. I remember when dimensional travel was a head-scratching concept. Back when I had dimensional travellers in a sea of time travellers. At least we’ve evolved this much.

Stephanie Ark Hogarth
Stephanie –
   These things ( like my school ) have been on hold toward a purpose. I tried to start my school for star seeds and New Children in 2013 for 4 years and was CONSTANTLY thwarted – even though I know perfectly well it is the future and my path!
   I was HEARTBROKEN at the delay because I had my heart set on that exact location! I have recently found out I actually went to a much higher timeline. My mission actually got much larger and instead of a specific( 3D) location, it will be a global school! ..Only recently did I find out WHY my dream was destined to ARRIVE bigger than I thought, at a specific time!
   It WILL COME!! We are expecting a MASSIVE Data dump of Disclosure regarding the cabal and all kinds of horrendous stuff will suddenly be revealed. In order to balance THAT , there must be a equally strong wave of EXTREMELY HIGH VIBRATIONAL material that is READY TO GO , to be produced at that same time.This will serve to allow people a choice in terms of what to focus on.
Fortunately for you Auby, you are prolific, and are PRIMED for this! You will be sent an energy stream specifically for you that will pour through you as a channel! It will be so aligned that synchronistic events will spill out to produce it like a red carpet unrolling before you.
Right now, you are still carrying frustration and impatience, ( not to mention you still know way too much about serial killers.) That fear energy can not be an ingredient in the new paradigm. So thats why you are purging it now and going through the hell you have been through. Your energy must dominant the scene you are walking into so that YOU CLAIM the power, rather than giving any power to the producer.
Once the fear..etc is all clear, you will be bringing in VERY high quality material that already has a predestined , intelligent audience – like mine does. So your producers can bite me! I know a LOT about this . You will meet with the RIGHT producers – or more ACCURATELY – THEY will meet with YOU!!
Stephanie Ark Hogarth
All you need to do right now is purge,purge purge – (… thats what we all want to hear, right?)….and work on developing anything you feel like working on. Whatever you do – do NOT be led by ANY idea about what people will or will not buy or accept. YOU are the creator!! YOU are the leader here! REMEMBER you have a responsibility for leading your population who will be putting their consciousness in your hands. You were educated for this highly SACRED work. …leading people’s consciousness and PLANTED SEEDS that they will carry with them!! Whatever stories you plant will GROW !! I’m so glad we are having this exchange in front of others….it is no accident! You have a background that gave you the PRECISE skill set you need to do this work EXACTLY!! You KNOW how to cradle peoples consciousness and handle them with love and create a safe space! ….Many others will watch you and whatever energetic platform you stage will be the stock of the soup. So just watch your own integrity ( not a problem) and tip the balance of whatever you produce toward what you want to see in the real world. Because wherever you point the hose you are holding directs your own creative energy toward either the ocean of love or the ocean of fear. And whatever you add to predominately will be the ocean YOU swim in, and others with creative minds will then create from what they watched or read that came from you! So don’t ever CATER to them, but take great care to bear in mind the wake that you are leaving as you set sail!
Auby Anne Meletio

Auby Anne Meletio Stephanie, as usual, everything is ‘right on time’. I’ve been thrown into almost pure theta this past week due to my cat keeping me up with his epileptic episodes. I stumbled upon more articles on soul fragment retrieval, and this morning, revisited the Jungian cathartic process.

It occurred to me that we see a lot of fiction explore the aftermath of trauma — even the personal healing of the characters. But the actual cathartic journey — the process in and of itself? We don’t talk about that, or teach it.

So while I agree that it’s critical we flow towards love — we can’t ignore the fear that’s crippling our society. In my own healing, I’ve tried to simply ‘get to the love’. But you can’t. There’s no shortcut. You’ve got to go through the woods, and into the dark tunnel and yes, most importantly — down the rabbit-hole. (My thrice-great ancestor was a lot wiser than he ever realised.)

Incidentally, I taught my stepdaughter, who’s become a talented writer in her own right, how to tackle my own genre properly.

Which is still dominated by men. Which means the stories are masculine-driven, and male-centric, and ‘hero’s journey’ rather than ‘heroine’s journey’. I know I’m here to change that, by going where a lot of women have not desired to tread. But as you said — I was born for this.

And I’m extremely proud that she can walk the path I’m paving, leading her own generation as I’m guiding mine.

Okay — hang on. I’ve just had a HUGE revelation, as a result of this. Give me a second, I’m kind of teary (which autocorrected to ‘ready’.) 😏

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