“How does Light Disclosure get past the Cabal?” This is how.

The cabal only control things on 3D EARTH. Not off planet! They themselves ARE controlled. I sit on a council called the Council Of Balance in 12D. We oversee the balance of Light and Dark on this planet and in 4D these forces are the Archons(Dark) and the Archangels (Light). I’m not saying the Angels don’t go higher, but 4D is kind of a “workplace” realm where specific forces operate toward a purpose. The cabal do NOT actually DECIDE what stories get told. ( Someone asked how these stories like Harry Potter get through if the Cabal control everything. Good question…)

The cabal is subject to Universal laws just like the rest of us. They do not get to actually decide everything. They are like the Queen . Larger forces work through them and it only appears as though they have power.
There are just as many Light forces revealing things as there are dark forces hiding things. Exactly the same amount in 3D. So what YOU are aware of is a matter of what you are looking for!

In 4D the Light side pulls and steers people one way, and the dark side tries to steer them the other. The Light stories get through because those of us on the Council of Balance directed them to.( I know it sounds arrogant of me, but its true). If you want evidence – go look on my blog at the Anagram post. There are 6 of us on the council of balance that strategize for the Light side. There are 6 that do so for the dark. Neither side has the right ( nor the ability ) to tell the other it may not exist nor get what it needs to thrive. So , instead we figure out PLACEMENT, and how to advocate for our side while still allowing people free choice. We decide how best to steer mass consciousness of the sleepers. WITH the intention of getting as many people to claim their own power as possible! Those who are awake make their own decisions! The dark side wants to keep as many people asleep or victimized as possible. The light side very much wants that planetary liberation…….so we PRESS ON!

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