I saw a funny Facebook post . Someone said it has gotten to the point where he is getting “harassed” by 1111,4444,777, …but mostly 117. I think that is hilarious! I know what he means, but I LOVE it! Such a funny choice of words.

 I think the man who posted this realizes the significance of number sequences. He is not a sleeper. I just thought his choice of words was amusing. It DOES feel like harassment sometimes, doesn’t it? Too much?
Sometimes it feels like Spirit is overzealous with urgency to get our attention.
Think of the Joseph Campbell quote – “Take one step toward the Gods and they take ten toward you.”
That’s TRUE.
There’s a ratio here that is pretty consistent. There is also the geometry of an inverted triangle, point down. You are the point at the bottom. Anything coming from above is MUCH larger than you are.
Sometimes it can be like you’re standing under a giant water balloon piñata, and you ask Spirit one tiny question with a pin. You get DRENCHED instantly!
So we REALLY have to look at OUR point of POWER! Where does OUR power lie here? What is our role in this?  
Once again it is a matter of choosing our lens. When I am bombarded by the same numbers – of COURSE I pay attention. But I choose see it as enthusiastic nodding from my guides. I take it as a sign of encouragement and direction as to what my next move should be! I recognize my OWN role in this!
I know whatever I focus on will grow!! So if I see a number sequence, and I have a negative response to it – Presto! I have created “harassment”. The deluge of water takes on the quality I gave it.
Versus seeing the same numbers and receiving them from a place of appreciation and being EAGER to receive more! Say “Thank you” for confirmation!  Then I feel my guides are ALWAYS watching me, guiding me, and have my back. The difference lies in the energy you take away from it – not so much in what was actually presented, which was neutral.
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