I got a bunch of messages from various beings who WANT TO SPEAK! They say now is the time for humans to pay attention to the Light Army already here – They say -“ACKNOWLEDGE US AND SEE HOW WE ARE HELPING!” I will be relaying many messages as they come in.

I got a message from RIVER rock while I was in the shower and I burst into tears! I didn’t even know what I was receiving at first. They showed me a parking lot outside an Appleby’s where people walk right past them. Many places are like this everywhere. A white stone about the size of a fist spoke for them.They are tired of being unseen and unappreciated. They are IMPORTANT warriors for Ascension and they want US to pay attention to ALL THE HELP WE HAVE BEEN GIVEN!! These beings are helping Ascension and the planet EVERYDAY! Our Allies! They are GLAD to help and want to be there! They want to make sure we know their job is IMPORTANT! SEE them!

River rocks says – “Rock! Rock…Rock!! Rock! Rock!  MIGHTY!
NOT small! WE have come in armies to the parking lots and no one SEES US! But we are bringing the energies of water and NATURE to places that need it and we come in armies that are HELPING TOO! THIS IS OUR FIGHT TOO! WE ARE HERE! WE ARE HERE!! Us too!”

A nod of respect and appreciation in passing is enough. Please acknowledge all the landscape rocks that have come to help us in all parking lots and commercial sites everywhere. Whether they came from rivers or not – They are here with us too.They are ready!

I have a friend, Adam Bernstein, who is a psychic and medium. He once related to me that he was out walking when a nondescript, ordinary, grey tree beckoned him over as he walked by. He went over to it and it said simply ” I was hit by lightning”.

That was it. No further conversation. No big story. It merely wanted a witness. Adam’s mind was open to receive this kind of message, so it went to him. I think of this story often. How many memories does the world around us contain? We are surrounded by so much sentience that goes unrecognized.

Most people believe beings like rocks and trees are inanimate because their world is a reflection of THEM and they themselves are the unawakened ones! As YOU wake up, the whole world wakes up with you! You begin to recognize the consciousness in ALL beings. The natural world RISES to meet you, and you no longer feel a feeling of separation from ALL THAT IS.

The natural world has been waiting for our Awakening and their recognition! This is in REALITY the return of our planet to a state very much like Narnia. We are the Kings and Queens of old returning to a realm where animals and trees speak! They have been waiting for us to return HOME!

I have a energy healing practice I have been doing for years . I have bird feeders and whenever I feed the birds and squirrels I am sure to bless the birdseed and nuts with healing intention toward a specific purpose. It is similar to programming a crystal with your intention. I enlist interspecies cooperation by asking for help disseminating this energy far and wide. This amplifies my intention by combining my energy with theirs. Because the birds , squirrels,and I operate on different strata of the energetic layers, we are helping establish the circulatory system and bond between these layers. They then take this energy and fly around with it, leaving trails of benevolence wherever they go. This is like the anti-chemtrail force! I have been known to bless stacks of of birdseed when I am in stores..etc. You can also program a large crystal to leave in each bird feeder. Make sure its large enough that no one will fly off with it. This can be rose quartz or any pocket stone that radiates appreciation for the job the birds are doing!

I should add that one additional benefit of this practice is perpetuating the FLOW OF ABUNDANCE! I feed “my” birds year round and even if I struggle to pay the bills, I make sure I always do THIS. I fill the feeder everyday. I say – “every seed of abundance, every blessing planted returns to me multiplied!”

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