I regularly feed the squirrels. We call all of them by the name “Peanut”, but we do recognize individuals. We have several that are brave and interact with us more closely. They come at certain times of day. Yesterday, I opened the door and Peanut was waiting for me on the doorstep as he often does. He looked up at me with expectation. I reached into the flower pot to get a handful of nuts but the jar was empty! ( My daughter eats peanuts too…) So I said to Peanut – “Hang on! I’ll be right back”

I shut the door and slapped together the fastest peanut butter sandwich on organic 12 grain ever – then just because I am an anthropomorphic idiot, I cut the crusts off and made it into tiny 2 inch sandwiches! When I opened the door, there were three squirrels. They each took their sandwich and ran off – with the exception of the original “Peanut”, who stayed with me and ate his with two hands while sitting on top of my daughter’s bicycle seat. All he needed was a little baseball cap. I recognize I’m being silly. The rocks speak to me and THAT is totally serious….but squirrels don’t need to be humanized.

Sometimes it is just as interesting to observe myself and what goes on within. My neurotic, frantic dialogue. There’s a squirrel in my own head. I wonder if I am the one being observed by Peanut. “Let’s see what she’ll do…She seems desperate to please us.”
At the very least I amuse MYSELF.

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