This morning I considered making a video. I don’t have any experience with that, so while I prepared the topics I wanted to discuss, I went to the mirror to tackle my hair.

Recently, my hair has gone through an Ascension process of it’s own, and seems to be testing me to see whether I still carry any trace of vanity. I do, which is why I borrowed my 13 year old daughter’s array of hair products and as I worked, I started thinking….

I watch a lot of spiritual teachers online. The ones I most admire are those who are fearlessly authentic and do spontaneous videos every time they are struck by a new insight, like lightning!! They seem to need no preparation….( I carry envy too.)

Recently, I saw a video with Rick Jewers. He was wearing a scarf and he started the video by apologizing for his crazy hair. It was sticking out like quills on one side. He said he was unable to do anything with it, and went on to give us great Ascension advice. Calm and relaxed.
I had a video conference with him and the first thing he said was “I see your hair is doing the same thing mine is!” He always speaks the TRUTH.

I love Amanda Lorence too!…. Another one who looks like she has never seen a brush….and uses no product. I find her so reassuring…
Katie IndiCrow All natural. No worries. Todd Medina as well.

For some reason I think of Steve Irwin, and I’m throwing him in the same category.
Teal Swan was born glossy. I don’t think she has ever had a bad hair day in her life. My hair will never do that.
Matt Kahn’s style is a strategy I am now considering.

My hair looks like a squirrel ran through it on one side – the other side looks like cardboard.. ..I look like Doc from Back to the Future meets Snape from Hogwarts…then I make a connection!

I read once that Native American men grew their hair long because it functions like ANTENNAE and they pick up on more psychic information that way! They wouldn’t be able to track as well if they cut it.
…And think of all the yogis with their long wild hair and beards. Same reason. Wild hair assists INTUITION and helps to gather cosmic information from the ethers! ( Thats what I am now telling myself..)
I started thinking that hair product use might belong to the 3D paradigm we need to break away from….because maybe by controlling our hair it inhibits telepathy and intuition as flouride and aluminum do.
( Pay special attention here if you are Corey Goode!I love him!….But have you SEEN the sheer amount of hair gel that guy uses?? He looks like a water spaniel! It could be glue for his tin-foil hat….)

I know women’s brains and men’s brains are wired differently. Women are more intuitive by nature, according to a recent video I saw, because our brains are wired naturally for greater connectivity. Men’s brains are more linear they say, and by extension… less intuitive.

I wonder if men’s facial hair is designed to compensate for that.
Maybe Russell Brand and Jim Carrey got more Spiritual because they grew long beards and not the other way around.(???) Maybe they are getting increased Spirit communication through their chins…..

Maybe I will make a video tomorrow….

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