I received messages from MICE all night! I was shown many things about that level of existence and what needs to be said on behalf of those beings who go UNHEARD! THIS is my job! They really have a lot to say about that strata and their subset – very small beings on the Earth’s SURFACE, who interact with humans at a distance… They have been watching.They know what’s wrong.They say “WE ARE HERE TOO!”

I was shown strategy for waking people up. The amount of CONSCIOUS assistance being given to us from realms we consider lower than we are is one of the most moving acts of unconditional love I have ever witnessed! I am always moved beyond measure by the astonishing generosity of these realms.

Some of the information was harsh. They said it needed to be relayed to those who claim to love animals but set traps. It was not judgmental, but they were RIGHT. They say – “We are NOT unimportant! You think money and yourselves are more important , but you are NOT more important, just bigger. Not wiser.”

They took me to a scene I was already aware of. I have a friend who claims to have deep love for animals. She prides herself on it. She has a self-image of herself as someone extra-caring. Her kitchen once had several rats who had made themselves at home and were getting ready for winter. (same as her ). She called an exterminator for help, and they were able to convince her to set glue traps. I was shocked that she had agreed to allow it! She said “THE MAN SAID IT WAS THE ONLY WAY”.

THIS is the bit the mice drew to my attention- Not the death of the rats! It was THE BELIEF SYSTEM – TOO RIGIDLY ADHERED TO, that did not allow any flexibility of thinking , creative problem solving, or COOPERATION that led to innocent beings being tortured to death!…

THE ENTIRE SITUATION WAS IN HER POWER TO CHANGE, but she didn’t even really try. She handed it over to someone else so that it would not be her responsibility to find an alternative solution that was a win/win.
She complained that in the middle of the night they heard horrible squealing from this animal that continued unabated for hours.The exterminator didn’t come get the traps for two days.

This is one of those situations given us to show US to ourselves! She expressed remorse and was really upset by the squealing. I had said “That is God, trying to get your attention!” I pointed out that the world is our mirror. There were striking similarities between the rat situation and this woman’s own situation. She needs to find an alternative approach to her own CHRONIC illness which has kept her lying in bed in terrible pain, complaining incessantly, for the last 18 years of her life. Western medicine has only the one approach that will yield the same results.The rat is a fractal of her own situation. The answer is to stop listening to “THE MAN”! Don’t call the exterminator unless you want extermination! Duh. But she could only think of one option. THAT is where the problem lies!

The establishment, THE 3D SYSTEM, is self-perpetuating and feeds itself. It will only ever keep you in the system! This is why it’s a prison! My friend will never get well unless she gets out of that way of thinking – and COMPLETELY, just like that rat is stuck in the glue trap until the man kills it. The man doesn’t care how long it stays there in anguish. He just wanted to get paid and perpetuate business as usual.

The way out is to discover the alternative, then DO IT! Plenty of people have already. Individual choice, personal secession, COMPASSION for the “OTHER” as ourselves, and self love to the SAME degree. There is only one of us here. ALL IS ONE. But we must know that on ALL LEVELS! We need a deep recognition.

Know that rat is you.

We establish our own world based on the way we treat other beings who we regard as inconveniences or otherwise in our way. We may wince or feel regret if we put a trap down ( that is called a conscience….and it is God telling you to reconsider) – but in that moment of choosing to allow ourselves to go ahead and see separation anyway. WE determine the world we live in. We choose fear and “otherness” and justify it. Me versus that “other thing” I don’t like as much. We allow for the conditions of torture when we separate. WE PLANT THE INDIVIDUAL SEED THAT DEVELOPS INTO A COLLECTIVE WHERE THIS IS ACCEPTABLE.
Its not enough to see something external and wish we could change it. ALL lateral moves fail! We can only find a way out by going within and UP! We must see the place where it started with US!

Unity starts with us too!

We cannot observe and get angry at the Church and pedophelia, Men and misogyny, Trophy hunting, Religious warfare, Political parties in conflict, Hideous divorces, Police brutality, Factory farming, Deep State Conspiracy, Space wars, Bigotry,….without looking at the part we individually play.Thats the only way to solve anything. It doesn’t matter what the issue is! ALL HATRED IS SELF HATRED. ALL LOVE IS SELF LOVE!!

And you can speak your TRUTH to the world, even if you’re a mouse!

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