Regarding my temporary plunge back into poverty – All of this is serving a Higher Purpose.

I have been going through social services, where I have seen little actual love based generosity within the existing system. The whole basis of it is that you must repeatedly “justify yourself”, to prove you deserve to receive anything at all. It is an endless system of denials and rejections from an energetic platform of lack… Begging for crumbs that never amount to a full serving.

While gratitude is indeed important, and I AM grateful for the help that I receive….the way they hand out funds is like controlling each person’s oxygen level. It is like asking someone to run but only giving them the amount of oxygen they might use while sleeping. If I prove I can not pay my rent, they will pay a portion of my rent, but in order for me to to receive that they take my child support. I am looking at the energy currents in play and it is one gigantic mobius strip of unkindness. It is a trap and doesn’t come from a place of love and freedom, but one of fear, lack, and control.

This 3D system of giving does not come from a place of HUGE LOVE that loves to give because we see the worth in the other and we recognize we can improve their situation. This system does not provide abundantly as God provides. A loving parent will provide enough quality nourishment to encourage maximum well-being and growth so that dependency and fallback is NOT fostered! “Ask and it is GIVEN” is the model we should be following. Our aim as a governing body should be to say yes as much as possible, and refuse only when necessary.

All DSS wants to do is give you as little money and time as possible. The justification for this is lack of enough money and lack of enough time. Lack energy as a foundation can only produce more lack.

I have sensed no “sense of entitlement” from the people in the waiting room there at all! I have sensed a lot of desperation, guilt, worry, embarrassment, fear, hopelessness, failure, low self worth, apology for existing, the “chase” for security…..most of these people believe they deserve nothing. They are seen and judged as not trustworthy by those making the decisions. And if they don’t or cannot “peddle to produce” the required results they will be discarded and they see that.

There is a constant requalification process that continually sends mixed messages out to the universe – where on one hand you “want to get out” and do well, but then you are asked to perpetually provide documentation to prove that you have nothing. If you can’t provide it repeatedly, they yank away all support abruptly. It is an abusive relationship – living under CONSTANT threat where one must scramble to comply with ridiculous demands to please the abuser. It never ends. Each time, the documentation must be started all over again from the beginning.It is a constant state of “Do this or else!” Insecurity and fear become the vibrational platform from which all of these people are creating their reality. It is a vibrational glue trap!

This system does not genuinely CARE to make sure each person is doing well and able to thrive. The whole SS system has an invisible subtitle that reads “Kiss my boot !”, and unless you are compliant with demands ( no matter how ridiculous ) they will refuse to give you what you need to merely survive. Yield or die!

There ARE many caring individuals that work within the system. I am not bashing the workers…..but social conditioning creates our belief system, and our belief system is what creates our collective reality. The belief system IS the prison.

I have noticed that the ones in the biggest trouble here are actually the ones who believe the 3D system is working because it seems to work well for them. They see no reason to even TRY to exit – because they don’t even know they are in jail. In fact, they are always the ones who argue hardest in defense of their captor! They think that it would work for everyone if only those people followed the rules and did everything just right the way they do! These folks are in WAY worse shape than the other extreme – because at least the poor realize full well that the system doesn’t work and are more willing to change!

There is an energetic platform in 3D from which everything in our world is created. EVERY ENERGETIC FORCE EVOLVES A FORM OR CIRCUMSTANCE. Until we change the energetic paradigm FROM duality to equality – none of our social issues will be solved. Because ALL of them EMERGE from the exact same thing!

Our 3D Society as a rule looks down on the act of receiving…as it is the feminine force. This is hidden and widely accepted misogyny we have been conditioned to accept as normal. But it is this RECEIVING force that also allows for flow. We cannot only exhale.

The move from 3D into 5D is a matter of moving from a 3D belief system based in imbalance, polarity, competition,limitation and control… a 5D place of Unity, EQUALITY, LOVE, abundance,cooperation, and freedom.

There is a whole group of some of the toughest Light Warriors recently who have gone into a place of very severe poverty en masse. The first step in creating a new paradigm is to stop deferring to the old one! THIS TAKES GUTS! It leaves us in a temporary no man’s land where the old system no longer supports us and the new has not yet arrived. We are Spiritual warriors who have in our tool kit the strongest ability to believe in and rely on that which is yet unseen! Those of us playing this role have enormous vibrational fields, and are already radiating the 5D Blueprint. Those of us going into this poverty terrain are almost like a group strike force to lift the destitute energetically. That WHOLE strata must be changed from a vibrational level. Together we form a grid.

This group of us are those who know beyond a shadow of a doubt that our worth is NOT determined by what we have or defined by other peoples opinions of us. So when we are reviled, seen as pathetic, reduced to a statistic, marginalized….REGARDED AS BEING WORTHLESS UNLESS WE CONFORM to the expectations of others….we refuse to internalize that! In a way this seems very much like a hunger strike. It takes a certain amount of determination, resolve, and intransigence to continue to refuse to yield to a militaristic system when I’m hungry and pinned. I know the system doesn’t care if I starve. It demands only that I yield. But my HIGHEST TRUTH  is that I am NOT in alignment with any form of slavery!
I will cooperate insofar as I am able, yield within reason, but I will NOT have my fingers bent back. And THIS is AS much for the benefit of those trying to imprison me, as it is for myself. I think of it as an addict’s intervention. This system has gone TOO FAR!

I see my situation as a Masters challenge and lesson in non-attachment and Trust in the Universe to provide me and others a miraculous solution and a way out. I will meet any fear-triggers over and over until there are none left. I will influence others vibrationally as I go. This not only serves me, but all of us. I know this game.

The 3D system can never be escaped through ANY lateral move. The ONLY way out is to go UP!

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