Recently I was speaking with Betsy Sawyer Gaylin – another Ascension pioneer, and the more she and I talked, the more we noticed we had in common. The similarity of our journeys was remarkable, including a many years suffering from very severe auto-immune illness. While I know anyone can get have one, I have been noticing for a long time that a DISPROPORTIONATELY HUGE percentage of Ascension way showers, healers, empaths, Lightworkers…etc have had Fibromyalgia, chronic-fatigue, lupus…etc. For the purposes of this post I might also put Lyme disease in that category. I had that too. ..

I am not here to talk about the illnesses, though…. although I think someday I may write about the experience of having one. I am primarily someone who writes about Spiritual topics – or at least ordinary topics seen through a Spiritual lens. I know intimately the observations I made when I was so ill I could no longer participate in any life happening around me, but was forced to remain motionless for the first time in my life – due to being so exhausted I literally could not move.

Someday I will probably write about the freakish irony that while I was catastrophically ill, I fought against the fatigue with all my might. ALL the time! I never stopped trying to get up! Or stopped apologizing for laying down – and I only began to get better once I had reached a point of truly surrendering to rest- which took me only 14 years. ( I’m sure that turning point was just a coincidence….) The book will be a “comedy in retrospect”. But I digress…

Right now, I want to write about something Betsy said, because it was so insightful I immediately seized upon it as being useful! I am someone whose past life history has made me almost obsessed with figuring out ways to escape from prison. 3D Paradigms are a prison and I incarnated for the specific purpose of assisting with mass exodus….

So I have been giving a lot of thought recently to the HIDDEN GIFTS within impossible, locked-in, horrendous situations. Because I KNOW that is the way out. I know that the only exit from 3D prison is up! And I know that within duality- the dark and the light side both exist in equal measure always! The direction we point ourselves toward is the direction we will travel. Pessimism ( focusing on the negative ) will take you down, and optimism (focusing on the positive) will lead you up. It always boils down to whether you can find the right focus.

I know from personal experience that can be VERY difficult – when you are in severe pain, have no support or validation, can’t do any of the things you used to enjoy and will likely never do again, and are also told there is no cure available.Much of the time we are also insulted and feel like failures. This is why I refer to illnesses of this sort as a “Master’s Challenge”. It’s NOT that there is no way to find anything positive about it. It’s only that while you are suffering, you are unable to see it easily! But a gift is always there. This is how it works on an individual ,3D level of duality. Darkness and Light create one another. Within every mountain of shit is a ladder rung. Find it and start climbing!

My Higher Self is also on the Council of Balance in 12D and I know on THAT level ( which strategically  governs large groups and dictates what is or is not permitted to occur ) we would never ALLOW something to be this crippling or painful to our Light Army without making it into a great advantage for us somehow! So if AUTO-IMMUNE disease is affecting a disproportionately high percentage of Light Warriors – we must have said yes to that for a reason. I guarantee it !!

WHAT IS THE REASON so many LIGHT WARRIORS go through AUTO-IMMUNE DISEASE as opposed to another type of illness?

This brings me finally to what Betsy said. She had it!

Lightworkers are accustomed to believing in things others cannot see. Auto-immune illnesses are invisible yet also undeniable. They defy external validation. You look normal and merely lazy to your family -who just want you to get up and do the dishes. Be normal the way you were in the past. ( If anything defines 3D it is THAT statement!) One of the most frustrating things about these types of diseases is trying to get anyone else to believe that anything is wrong. We get dismissed by doctors and family members.

That is the gift! And it is important to recognize it as such. You are brought directly to the crossroads where your reality departs from the one experienced by others and you cannot deny your own Truth. Now you KNOW WITHOUT A DOUBT that the INVISIBLE EXISTS AS A PHYSICAL REALITY! That provides a link from the energetic into the physical – and Light Warriors are the brave task force bridging that gap!

There is a lot of resistance there. The transition between 3D and 5D feels like swimming through wet cement. We are the ones bringing that awareness of higher dimensions into physical reality. The fact that we are unable to get any external validation actually supports us in our Ascension path, because we are forced to rely only on our own Truth. This turning INWARD is reinforced over and over again and becomes the new brain circuitry for each person who goes through it. We soon learn to automatically look to ourselves to gauge our state of well-being.

This is a HUGE threshold to cross in terms of changing the belief system of the collective reality! …and THIS is the way that it serves the Light Army! What starts individually becomes the new norm as more and more people have the same experience. “The invisible is REAL! Trust the reality of your internal guidance system MORE than the external authority. Be guided by what YOU are feeling – not what anyone else tells you if those things disagree.” Each one of us is now broadcasting this!

( To those who thought I was just lying in bed and puking in the toilet….Haha! Take THAT! I was changing the world and altering mass consciousness to free the population from oppression! ..Also, I’m an ALIEN and I was Joan of Arc! You think I’m crazy , but this is ALL TRUE! Fuck you! Yahahaha…!! )

Light warriors know all about the reality of things others cannot even see.We are used to trusting it . Many of us have trained in that (..and some of that “training” WAS the disease itself!)  We are a vibrational match for this kind of illness. Hell- we CALLED IT IN! You cannot take us DOWN – BECAUSE WE RISE!! ( See how we did that?)

This is why the Light Warriors are doing this job – it is a GREAT STRATEGY to get us ALL out of prison.The strategy of the Light Army is to seed the morphogenetic field with this awareness and have it catch on. The 100th monkey effect tells us that there is a tipping point in collective consciousness. A relatively small population of people holding a new thought is all it takes for that knowledge to suddenly be understood by all….

That is the key by which we can all break out of prison and why it is so advantageous to the Light side! We are AWAKE and adept. We PRACTICED! We already possess the skill set needed to navigate in 5D! We lead the sleepers with the certainty that something exists, even if we cannot see it. We are busting through that belief barrier en’ masse!

ANOTHER point I want to make about these illnesses is that with Fibromyalgia, ME/chronic fatigue/Epstein Barr there are no hard edges or definitive boundaries! These things all overlap and merge with one another !! Symptoms are very inconsistent and impossible to plan for. Sound familiar? Probably the MOST characteristic of all 5D qualities is a lack of clear boundaries and constant shifting. Fibromyalgia- ME- Chronic Fatigue- Epstein Barr ….etc….ALL these diseases merge and overlap. Symptoms move and are unpredictable. Each one looks identical to the other and pinpointing anything with certainty is near impossible. This actually helps us learn to live in such a way that accommodates moment to moment fluctuation and resists any long term planning – these diseases help us escape attachment to the timeline and expected outcomes! What a gift! We NEEDED help detaching from ALL those things! Illness was the tool! We are learning the skills we need to live in 5D. At some point, our symptoms will disappear, but we will have the shall have the skill set well established.

More related information –

These diseases are coming from 4th dimensional strata. I can see energy streams and I know that 3D is not the CAUSAL level of reality! I know the Medical Medium says all of these illnesses are related to Epstein-Barr. He is probably right – but what creates Epstein Barr and how has it been launched at our army? What else is there to see about this?

MY question is always – HOW are dark forces getting in? Where have they infiltrated? I search the causal levels of energy that exist above form and circumstance until I discover answers.
One of the things I know is that there has indeed been much corruption of the geometries in the 4th dimension that Lightworkers, Starseeds, energy “sensitives” draw their energy from. Its like the Dark army contaminating the “drinking water” of the Light Army. We all rely on Higher energy. We reach up there to replenish, and the Dark Army has tampered with the geometry in the 4th dimension in an attempt to weaken us and harvest the biggest supply of anguish ,because they feed on it. It works. So our counter move is to thwart their move by making it into an asset for ourselves!
We cannot prevent them from doing what they do. We can only make a counter-move that turns the advantage to us . (This is the same strategy we used with Autism and the educational system and vaccines.) If they continue to do X to weaken us, they will eventually destroy themselves. Its a wizard’s duel of Light Forces against Dark Forces!
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