As a member of The Council of Balance, and Joan of Arc reincarnated – I was not allowed to officially start to talk about this subject publicly until someone asked for it. I have known I would be talking about it for YEARS ! I waited and waited and waited- like Anna in Frozen. Do you have ANY IDEA what a RELIEF it is to me to finally be able to “LET IT GO”??

Today – November 3, 2018 – ( 11.3.11) someone posted THIS question in a Facebook group. It was the invitation to speak that I have been waiting SO LONG for:

Sometimes, I realize, Spirit speaks to me in Disney movies. I appreciate when this happens because I grew up in the 90s and Disney was a huge part of my childhood. The Lion King and Pocahontas were perhaps my two favorites, and I realize now just how loaded they are with spiritual messages. Today I recalled a song from Pocahontas (Just around the river bend) and it made me so emotional because it soothed a question I had in my mind. I wonder if anyone else has a relationship with Disney movies like this?

I FREAKED OUT and started crying. I posted this reply –

Stephanie Ark Hogarth-  YES!YES!YES!YES!YES! I KNOW ABOUT THIS! This is what I am here to disclose! ALL the Disney movies were disclosure from TheCouncil of Balance -ALL along! We have ALWAYS been guiding the child populace with Ascension advice! It comes DIRECTLY from Joan of Arc, who governs that entire energy stream that ALL of Disney has been channeled and created from! THAT is why FROZEN has a direct reference to Joan of Arc in the song! PLEASE see my blog!! Tiffany Cybrie Howard РI KNEW I recognized YOU! Now I know what part of the Army you are clearer/Leader of! THANK YOU for this post! May I please use it in my blog?

Wow please do! Could you share the link?
YES!!!! Your post literally made me burst out crying!! I have been waiting SO LONG for someone to make that CONNECTION!! I have spent the last 5 minutes crying. I didn’t think anyone was ever going to get it. And I have SO, SO MUCH to say about this ….but I had to wait until someone opened it up for discussion. YOU did it!! THANK YOU!!
I was really beginning to think we wouldn’t get it delivered in time.
AND….I will start with THIS and post it here FIRST – do you want to know WHEN there was a huge tipping point in the Galactic war? Do you want real confirmation/evidence that we are winning? ( Every Force evolves a FORM OR CIRCUMSTANCE! )……and DISNEY now OWNS the Star Wars franchise. That can be taken as evidence regarding who controls the war in space!
Disney has a proven history of BALANCING crowd control with happiness! We are not fully balanced just yet – but we are getting there! The first step is to help everyone recognize they ALSO have creative power! This is why Disney began with ANIMATION!!! Get it?
We have made the songs extra catchy so that children never stop singing them. Children’s voices are extra potent vibrationally! So is music!
¬†FROZEN in particular is ALL ABOUT ASCENSION!! There are twin flame references everywhere in there, as well as DIRECTIONS! “LET IT GO!” is the main instruction.
We wanted children to sing “LET IT GO” ALL OVER THE WORLD and NEVER shut up! They are the TRUTH TELLERS who cannot be silenced!We intentionally included the song lyrics “Hang in there Joan!” in order to SPEAK DIRECTLY to MY POPULACE – those people ALL OVER THE WORLD who are part of the Light Army and came here for the Ascension process! I KNOW HOW DIFFICULT IT IS
I need some kind of a format to disclose everything I know about the Disney movies scene by scene.. (and certain other series – like Star Trek TNG , also contains specific Joan of Arc references and disclosure. One episode is titled -“TheDauphin”- about a young girl tapped to bring Peace to a planet by unifying the Dark and the Light. She has been kept in isolation her entire life. Just like Elsa ) I need to be able to show clips from movies, and point out where we placed information and what it refers to!
If anyone can assist me with that, please get in touch at…I have no technological ability myself – by design. They want me to rely on someone else because it serves at this time to connect with others. I am NOW being asked to be less independent and solitary, and share the task of disclosure. I must be moved out of isolation .( Princess trapped in a tower )We are dismantling the “Savior” construct that labeled Joan of Arc “The Messenger”. It needed to be that way at that time , but now that needs to change. As soon as I reveal successfully the last of the information I have been holding on to, my old job will be over. It will be a GREAT RELIEF to me! I hated it.
The Joan of Arc template /energy stream was one that was designed to deliver certain energies to the population on Earth. It had a very specific, important FUNCTION.
We needed to imbue certain TRUTHS into the consciousness of the population prior to Ascension. We were aiming to accelerate human development.
Disney has been disclosing JOAN OF ARC information all along, ever since Snow White, who sings wishfully “Someday my Prince will come..” ( Big fat disclosure point THERE) She does this as part disclosure, and partly in the spirit of rewriting a sucky situation with your own imagination to manifest a different result THIS time. In “real life”, her Prince never did come help her and take her back to the castle. Instead, he allowed her to be tortured and burned alive rather than simply paying the ransom.THAT was revealed in Frozen when Prince Hans reveals his deceptive betraying nature and leaves Anna to freeze to death while he takes over a kingdom that she had handed him when she believed him to be trustworthy.
In Disney РThe Light side focused primarily on strengthening FEMALES and CHILDREN and normalizing the idea of TALKING ANIMALS in the collective consciousness. Interspecies communication will be an essential skill in the very near future as we meet with ETs. We must strengthen our ability to use pictorial, non-linear imagery. We MUST become FLUENT . Movies assist with this adjustment from linear to non-linear pictorial communication. Children do it naturally, but it is conditioned out of them.
I will probably disclose the information movie by movie, because all the Princesses can be “read” sequentially. While each princess or character has their own movie – each was also the next step needed by the population at the time that film was released. The Council of Balance has been leading the population – NOT the other way around.
That said, we had to meet the population where they were at the time. We could not make the first film about a warrior princess. The “warrior princess” had to precede THE SOVEREIGN QUEEN – The Divine Feminine – ELSA! Elsa was the first “Princess” to be non-attached. (Spiritual lesson there!) She has no romantic partner – she is complete in herself! If we had introduced that any sooner , it would have been rejected by the populace.We needed to introduce ideas at the fastest rate with which they could still be assimilated. We hid information and symbolism EVERYWHERE!
In order to really understand Disney- it will help if readers have a basic familiarity with the Joan of Arc story.
I will refer back to it again and again and use it as a reference point. These were REAL EVENTS that occurred in Southern France during the middle ages. The collision of energetic forces in that time/space were EXTREMELY strong, and part of a Galactic Family Feud that was ongoing. In order to alleviate some of the hideously dark , locked in pressure there, a group of VERY HIGH BEINGS were assembled. We were assigned specific tasks to do on incarnation. It was only partially successful, because King Charles VI died ( he was Joan of Arc’s Twin Flame, but they never got a chance to meet )and he was an essential part of the original plan. We had to go with a plan B and give the crown of France to his son- who turned out to be an unworthy coward and a terrible leader of his people! It set off a energetic domino effect that has continually played out over and over again. The world is still recovering from the Events of that time.
Regarding Disney – a number of people made the point that there is also a lot of darkness behind the scenes. I will not argue that at all – In this way it is just like the Catholic Church. BIG LIGHT=BIG DARKNESS.You can not pull on just one side of the rubber band. 3D IS the realm of duality. EXPECTING Disney to be any different is once again relying on the external to choose FOR you, instead of learning to be the individual creator that you are meant to be. There IS no “safe zone” in 3D. Did you ever notice the running theme through Disney movies of DEATH OF THE PARENT? That is significant. We are here to develop and grow more self-governing, learn to choose for ourselves, while simultaneously becoming more connected to all around us , so that we can be a wise steward of our world and co-create the one we want to live in.
In 2013, my guides told me that I would “ONCE AGAIN LEAD A LIGHT ARMY OF CHILDREN”.
¬†I cried A LOT and my resistance was very strong. I said” That’s the worst idea I have ever heard!!”
Five years later, I have processed much of the trauma from that lifetime…but this “Leading an Army” part of my re-do challenge has yet to be faced. My guides told me the other day
” …Much more will be asked of you.”
That is nothing that I wanted to hear. Because ,Like so many Light Warriors for Ascension – I’m exhausted! But I know the task falls to me. I lead the Army that is ALL OF US!!We need to free everyone – and I will never leave my children as I was abandoned!!
Please see an earlier blog post where I linked the Aluna Ash video. THAT is ALL of us! She is talking about MY “karmic fame” – and the GROUP of us is my LIGHT ARMY of CHILDREN! Those who picked up any portion of the template! Everyone who has been an outcast!
THIS whole Disney pedophelia system started with what they did to Joan of Arc! Every event of that story planted a seed that grew exponentially!
The whole CHILD STAR business started an energy pattern that led to where we are now.
It starts when they spot an innocent , exceptional ,child ( a prodigy, usually. Very talented and very obedient . The Joan -type.) The child is seen as a useful tool/commodity. They are then used with tremendous “success” by the institution. They are forced into early adulthood and lose contact with anything “normal”. They are franchised, and ¬†farmed out. Under some sort of contract, they are rendered powerless and unable to leave.They are then sold and tortured by the very institution they helped created. Nobody believes them when they protest.When nothing more can be gained from these children they are discarded. They no longer fit in ANYWHERE – because they are between two worlds and no one can relate to them. They are simultaneously a prize pig and worse than garbage. Everybody knows them but they have no real friends. It is DUALITY ¬†heightened to the extreme degree within each one of them!Subsequently – that energy is amplified as everything carries their energetic signature. By plastering their image on lunch boxes , posters, T-shirts…it also fosters the energy of jealousy. They are now role models for the system and recruit for their abuser. They have no power to refuse.
( Just like the Catholic Church made Joan of Arc a Saint. It would NOT have been my preference, but this time I will use it to my own advantage and demolish the system from the inside out! Child stars can do the same!)
This war ( like the 100 years war at the time of Joan of Arc ) carries VERY strong elements of ( children’s AND women’s) sexuality and the issue of CONSENT! Joan of Arc was repeatedly examined in public to make sure she was a virgin.( over and over!) ¬†Her sexuality was never her own, but was instead her biggest selling point! The French nation believed that as long as she remained a virgin, she would guarantee them a victory. Their SURVIVAL and the survival of their families was at stake. The entire English nation believed the same thing – which is why that whole country wanted her raped. Their victory depended on it.
Think about the sheer amount of energetic conflict there. Then add to that the power of the CHURCH and people’s belief systems that are attached to that! Then consider that this ONE conflict took place on an energetic nodal point on Earth, where all these ley lines cluster together. It took place over 100 years. Joan of Arc was there for only around two of them. It was INTENSE! It spread DUALITY throughout the earth in seed form ,because I am a template being, designed to establish new fractals. Whatever I do will repeat. It is the same NOW.
This PATTERN of child stars being forced to work for an institution that focused on their sexuality and then tortured them , began with Joan of Arc – and I am telling you because that was ME and I’m here to finish it forever! They took me DOWN at that time – BUT I WILL LEAD US ALL BACK UP and OUT OF IT!!
We are ALL GOING TO PUT AN END TO THIS SHIT FOREVER! 5D marks a graduation from 3D duality. We will establish a new pattern that takes us from a place of conflict to a place of harmony.
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