One of the next 3D institutions that the Light Army will be demolishing is the Insurance Industry. It MUST and WILL be brought down,as will all similar institutions. It is a 3D based industry that feeds on fear and also locks us into the timeline (“..Just in case something bad happens in the future..”) Compliance forces the population to keep investing their money ( which is a form of creative energy ) into the 3D paradigm.

Let’s look at the energy behind car insurance. Symbolically, a car is an extension of each person and provides individual freedom to travel. By forcing the population to have insurance in order to own a car, it is keeping our movement limited, and our resources are automatically directed back toward the cabal, within a time framework ,strengthening the control system. This is not the way to get out. It appears to offer “security”, but is actually part of the trap. The industry is going to break soon. It will be broken.

I’m not feeding fear here. I’m giving fair warning. The insurance companies can not protect you against loss. They will be rendered unable to save you afterward. The situation will be proven so unmanageable as to collapse in on itself. People in 3D need to let go of attachment to things, and let go of trying to guarantee a specific outcome. We are being asked to develop TRUST and the rely on the Divine plan instead. God’s eye is on the sparrow. All will be well if we let go.

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