I posted this on Facebook about a Tarot reader and Astrologer named Miriam Kramer. I recognize energetic signatures, and she carries a very high percentage of the Joan of Arc template. If you resonate with my message and are looking for individual guidance, there is a very good chance that she will be a good fit for you.


Miriam Kramer– She is the BEST! When I first came upon her on You Tube , I was like -“What is SHE doing HERE?”.

There are a LOT of tarot readers on You Tube. MANY are very good – but some are the equivalent of street side gypsies. Not everyone functions with integrity as a SPIRITUAL BRIDGE the way she does, nor do they go as High.( Most do not!) I have seen she is also a bridge in other areas – tarot, astrology, 12 step ….- as ALL of those are what I call bridge modalities that take people from a strong structure (3D) and BRIDGE it toward Spirit..( 5D). It is a matter of moving from restriction to complete freedom , and learning how to manage both.

She is like a three lane Ascension bridge ( 3x a charm!) that leads her people HIGHER!
( Incidentally, I was led to her because I have a very hard time stretching myself into a structured format. My guides told me to study tarot because it would help me merge my individual intuition with Earth SYSTEMS ! So for me she is a bridge in the other direction…)

When I first saw her, looking at her energy, she seemed very overqualified for what she was doing….Like if you know that a person is a General in the Light Army, but for some reason you see them working as a crossing guard. I could tell that she had been positioned there strategically for a reason, but it puzzled me. Then I realized – “Oooohhh! …..It’s because she will be getting a LOT of traffic! We are sending LOTS of people to her because SO MANY lost people will be searching for Higher guidance! We need someone who can lead people ALL the way across the bridge to the HIGHER places, and not leave them mired in the”spooky zone” of tarot or astrology. Thats why!
In the past, tarot and astrology have been labeled “occult”, meaning hidden. No longer! Miriam is very good at explaining things ( shedding LIGHT on what was previously unseen! ) and teaches her audience as she reads.
She is SO GOOD,as a matter of fact…. that she has recently been getting a lot of hate mail! I admit that when I found that out , I was FAR more pleased than I was dismayed! While I wish her no discomfort….I actually think it as a VERY GOOD SIGN! The brightest light always triggers the darkness to MOVE. It will either attack the light or it will flee from it. But it won’t stay hidden. So there we have it. She’s a bright light!

She is already married, (LOL!) but you can still book a session…..

( By the way, She did NOT ask me for an endorsement or any publicity. I’m merely that impressed – and I REALLY want to connect my people to her !)

Spirituality, Guidance, Life Skills, Mentorship, :Counseling & Coaching using Astrology and Tarot.
Miriam Kramer What a tremendous and incredible way to describe my mission. This is beautiful. Thank you, Stephanie. From the outside looking in, it may look so different. I’m inside and often standing alone. But, such are the placements of my calling. Finding and connecting with other Light Workers has been one of the most joyous experiences of doing this work. I was removed from a Strong Christian background and childhood. My roots taught me to study the Word endlessly and make it part of my daily rituals. As I lost my religion, it took about six years for Source to show me how this was to be conducted. I was given tools (tarot, astrology, 12 Steps and various cognitive behavioral techniques plus years of mentor ship from about 12 honorable souls who led and guided me through). I took notes. I memorized systems. I studied and learned. To be a good teacher, one must first become a good student. By the time Spirit said, “It’s time.” I truly felt I wasn’t ready. What I have learned the past 18 months is that our spiritual spine is made of vertebrae that is either strong in spiritual character or it is degenerate and diseased. We are here on the planet now. We cannot escape the destinies and situations that flow to and from us. Which means, we must prepare ourselves to stand, to be steady, to be calm and at peace. I am a soldier. I am training over YouTube. It’s training. The Collective is getting stronger, and through strong leadership – we will move them into growth, health, life and wellness. My personal goal is that we eventually begin to organize these folks into their ‘healing’ modalities. To sort (through astrology) and then begin to form them into groups with strong mentoring, added support systems, networks and a free flowing system where we each understand that we need each other. We are stronger together. The people must be trained. It must be repetitious. It must come.
Stephanie Ark Hogarth YES!!! ….and HERE we are! We never feel we are ready. If we felt ready we would’t be. Ha!
Isn’t it interesting that it was 12 souls who helped you? 12…yep. This time is so exciting, isn’t it? I know what I’m here to do too.. And I have known for a long time. Ive seen it coming – the network is forming. I have connected with world-caliber healers over the past 5 years! I am beginning to witness a shift from seeing my work less in terms of developing or fighting with an Army, to seeing it more in terms of a developing ORCHESTRA towards harmony! I have identified a number of “first chair” players who excel in their sections of expertise. I recognize that I will be directing people where they need to go and also kind of conducting. I am responsible for MIGRATIONS, actually! And also harmonizing large groups that don’t always like to work together. I need to identify where to send my people so everyone is happy and can play harmoniously. So….you and I are on the same page there. Good leaders don’t create followers – they create MORE leaders! Thats why I direct people to you. You don’t create a dependency, but they will keep coming back for the right reasons. Its good!
Also – I can relate to You Tube being training! .(NO INSULT to You Tube or crossing guards intended…) and I am following in your footsteps! I was told to have a You tube channel about a year ago and still have not even managed to get a single video up yet! I look at yours and you make it look so natural and easy. I don’t know what’s stopping me. But you are my role model that way… And you will be doing so much more! I REALLY see that about you. xoxo
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