Someone just asked me a question and I’m going to respond in a public post.
Hi Stephanie.
I have a question I like to address to you. Maybe you can shed some light on to the subject.
Why is it that so many people are being diagnosed with bone issues, like Osteoporosis resulting in bone fractures ?
It seems like women are amongst the worst.
I know, they say: early Menopausal women are affected more due to hormonal changes.
But I can’t help but think that it has also to do with activating the Light Body.
What do you think of this issue. I really would like your take on it, if you would not mind.
So many health issues seems to go around the world.
Thank you for taking the time to read my question Stephanie.
Much love to you and yours…. Angelika ā™„ā™„ā™„
Thanks for the question! I looked it up in Michael Lincoln’s “Messages From The Body”, and went from there. He doesn’t say anything about Activation of the Light body persay – but you make an interesting observation! Because our bodies ARE transitioning and becoming less dense altogether! I never even thought of that…I trust the universe will not leave us unsupported in any way, however. Carbon is being replaced by silicon – Old structures are being UPGRADED, not merely vanishing..

From an Ascension standpoint, I can TOTALLY see why it might manifest,not just for women, but anyone! Our 3D density structures that once provided reliable support , are collapsing. Those structures are OUR mirror. What’s external reflects the internal. And it can work the other way around.

According to Michael Lincoln, osteo-porosis is caused by a feeling that the Universe has abandoned you. People who develop it feel unsupported, and they are left to their own devices. They have a desire to maintain control, and can’t stand the unexpected.( Which is the hallmark of 5D – constant change) They feel depleted and are unable to stand up for themselves.

Fractured bones are the result of shattered “foundations”. These people are reacting to experiences that run contrary to their deepest, most rigidly held beliefs. It is a manifestation of a “paradigm problem”, where their moral, ethical, spiritual, and social belief systems that used to support them reliably no longer do that job.
( By that token, we should all be crumbling heaps in this country! )
These are people that have an underlying feeling that they are not allowed to be their OWN authority. They have a fear of rebelling against these structures and standing up for themselves. They require a radical change in direction. When these types of fractures in bones occur – it is your body saying “What you rely on for your support needs to make an abrupt shift immediately!”

So, my advice is the same advice I offer as my first solution to every problem. Learn to trust your own self as a reliable FIRST source of information.Connect with your authenticity and Higher Self. Other people/teachers can be very helpful co-navigators, for SURE! But learning to rely on yourself for primary support and in establishing your OWN direction will strengthen you from the inside out. Anything external can assist, but you must also be able to stand alone. We need to have both those skills in our 5D toolkit.

I never would have thought about how osteoporosis related to Ascension until you mentioned it. Your own intuition is trustworthy and good! Thank you for asking and sharing!

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1 thought on “OSTEOPOROSIS AND FRACTURES – Ascension related?YES!”

  1. Ha ! Interesting! I fractured my ankle about 10 years before my Spiritual Awakening … if only I knew back then šŸ˜


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