I will be starting a GROUP called THE ASCENSION ARK, on 11.11.11, and energetically linking it to the financial system using the principles of energy flow, white magic, and collective consciousness built from a love based energetic field. We need to start by using white magic that imparts our 5D energy into a tangible form that is already attached to the lower 3D system.

I can see a way to get in energetically. The overriding goal is to turn the energetic current of the global economy from one that is in service of self into one that is service toward others. The energetic current of the economy must be reversed.The solution will never come from those in 3D because they don’t know how to do it. We do.

This financial reset must be done in a balanced way where the Light Army winds up nourished rather than depleted. We desire to serve at our highest capacity, within a framework that allows us to thrive and expand! We need a way to merge the service-model into the dominant financial system. It must be based on the Light Army capitalizing on our own strength as opposed to others using our gifts and exploiting our weakness.

Waiting for an external Source to give us something will never work. We cannot expect anyone to give us anything that we don’t already possess. Yet we do actually need more money to flow in our direction at this time. So WE will need to use our power to flip the system! We will need to advance on the economy and take it over energetically, rather than flee or cower or wait.

It is TRUE that all we need to do is create a new system and it will automatically replace the old one. Ultimately we will be money free. But all of us are not there yet, and there are so many who remain locked in that old economic system and they need a ladder to get out. We need to reach them where they are – and they have waited long enough! We all have waited long enough. Lets fix this!
Their biggest shock will be when they realize our methods work for them as well.

We must bridge these realms ENERGETICALLY first – because every force evolves a form! The Light Army ANCHORED in 5D must LEAD the way if we want expect the economic system on Earth to become a more compassionate,loving one. We have what THEY need.Our higher vibration will dominate the lower one if we connect energetically. We recognize Truth. We KNOW without a doubt that this is REAL! So we will need to go down and help those beneath us who are still blinded by doubt and fear and see no way out.We have Faith and they have none.


Those in 3D physicality seek SOLIDITY before they are willing to move forward. Anyone coming UP from a physical perspective wants to see something tangible to step on. LOWER DIMENSIONS NEED SOLIDITY IN ORDER TO MOVE UP. Those in 3D are unable to see the higher ones until they reach that level. So to them, making certain changes feels like they are stepping off a cliff. They view the higher dimensions as being unreliable, changeable,..etc. They can’t see anything in 5D or whats ahead! They want PROOF! We talk about dimensions, aliens,dragons, ..etc while leaving all our possessions and living in vans….and it scares the crap out of them! They go tighter into their old ways because they don’t TRUST any one of us is looking out for their safety or well-being.

(This is the same way we feel about them. The two sides are mirroring each other. ) WE know our 5D system is safe to trust. They need to know those in the spirit realm have their backs and we will care for them in some kind of earthly way! We need to show them how it works.

5D folk are move forward under very different conditions. WE REQUIRE SPACE! We are energy and movement based – so what we look for is THE PATH OF LEAST RESISTANCE! WE NEED AN OPENING! If you give us any resistance, we automatically avoid it.
We seek space to move freely – the others in greater density need solidity under their feet.
So ultimately- our bridge between these two operating systems must be a LADDER. Rungs and spaces.

FIRST – REFRAME OUR OWN THINKING !! It starts with us because they are denser and they move slower. If we want anything to change – WE have to commence it.

A lot of us are broke financially at the moment. The lower dimensional population has a lot more financial wealth as a collective than we do as a general rule. So we will need to use that as OUR advantage. They need solidity- but WE can move forward on air, energy, imagination, and ACTUAL magic!

1. – see where being needy can be it’s own ASSET! We are dealing with energetic FORCES! So, if you are really so broke that you can’t “feel abundant” with any honesty, then reframe it! NATURE ABHORS A VACUUM. We who have done our clearing work and let go of attachments, who have very little money – now have an empty cup to fill. Well….Empty space also creates suction! Energy moves like water does! We are actually in the perfect position to TAKE OUR MONEY BACK.

Let’s say – from the Vatican! – (..if only we knew someone who was IN with the Catholic Church…hmmm? LIKE A FRACTAL SAINT? Someone energetically connected to all the needy people of the world who was eager to function as a GIGANTIC conduit and get all that stolen wealth back to FREE the people? Do you know theres a whole Light Army of us now? We multiplied and CAME BACK! )

If we are all deliberately connected in unity, we can form an energetic circuit that will draw the money toward us as a collective….and AS a collective- WE already know how to share! So there’s THAT! We have the ability to prime the pump, and make the economy flow in our direction!

2. – We also have a wealth of LOVE and POWERFUL desire to serve that will provide propulsion. GIVING IS DIRECTIONAL! Energy rivers are REAL. Let’s use what we ALREADY have tons of! LOVE OF SERVICE! DESIRE TO HEAL THE WORLD!
Whatever QUALITY of energy we SET OUT with will influence and govern everything that follows. We must START WITH GENEROSITY. We will DISMANTLE THE FALSE CHURCH and WE WILL DISTRIBUTE IT’S WEALTH OURSELVES! We just need a way in…..and I think I know how to do it.

The strategy is that while we must get more actual money, it must not be done using the old 3D model. That model is impersonal,and accumulates wealth like Legos.( Masculine, tight, locked in…) We must not allow the energy flow to turn back in on itself as it has been done.That yields a compacted,constipated,cancerous institution. The new economic system will be based on LIGHT and LOVE energy flowing freely outward – to allow for expansion and growth. It needs to start from the small and be picked up and carried by anybody.
We need a token for our purposes. Something tangible.

What do we already have that has the exact energetic qualities that we need to get started on the right foot? PENNIES!!

I want to start a system that begins with pennies, love and service. Actual pennies. Because we are going to do everything backwards from the 3D way and work get as many real people with names connected as possible. Every penny will represent an actual person.

It will begin with pennies for several reasons.
1- Pennies are round – and CIRCLES represent the return of the FEMININE! A Nurturing, connective energy must return to the financial system.

2- Pennies are also the BABY coin.They represent the least among us .Even children have pennies, or can find them. We need to bridge two realms -the stronger must lift the weaker. The way mothers carry babies. The 3D financial system has been long dominated by masculine energy. We need to rebalance by bringing in the mothers and babies!

3.- Abraham Lincoln’s image is on the noble penny! He got us partially out of slavery the first time. Maybe he too wants a second chance to finish the job! I am calling on his energy to help get us FULLY to FREEDOM NOW! (He was an Aquarian.)

4 – Even the stingiest , most selfish people can be persuaded to GIVE a penny. So for that reason there is the least amount of resistance there. The Light Army just needs a way in ENERGETICALLY where there is the least amount of resistance to us having a share. Once in, we need to use alchemy and magic!

5 – COPPER is conductive, as opposed to paper which would burn. ( If we used a dollar to represent each person, we might have more money, but we would have fewer people linked in. We only need the energetic bridge – NOT a specific amount of money. Yet. )

6 – Pennies represent the least of us, but in the greatest number. We can CHANGE everything with that! We will start with the ACTUAL CHANGE, as opposed to the hope that someday something may change through someone else’s action. We must take the burden of change upon ourselves and be willing to carry one another.

I don’t yet know how this will work. So far, I want to invite people to actively participate with the “ASCENSION ARK” – who willingly DONATE A PENNY, representing THEMSELVES – and each penny will be matched by another penny you also donate, representing someone else by NAME you sponsor and are willing to carry. It must be done by pairs. THE ASCENSION ARK will be filled TWO BY TWO! So if a person decides to actively participate and has 1 dollar- they are linking their energy to that of 50 other people. I intend to start this on the Triple 11 Gateway! That is WORKING MAGIC – 3x a charm.
I intend for each person to contribute via their own thoughts and actions. If I do it for all pennies at a central location( which I am happy to do- ) I think it will be less useful because it is still unbalanced. Each person be responsible for their portion. I intend to use actual pennies and use them to build an energetic bridge. It will link our 5D service to another person’s energy and put it into a tangible form. It must be done from within the existing financial system. We need to unravel the density and get it to flow out again. We must go into it in order to get ALL of us out of it!

I intend to have these pennies represent the “Joan of Arc” populace. It needs to represent all of us combined! Thats why it needs to be pennies. Pennies are thought “insignificant” and often discarded….WE were those whom the Catholic Church burned, killed, raped, lied to, stole from, tortured, oppressed….and rather than hate them, I would rather correct it and show them how it is done.

I want to build an Army out of THAT population exactly. A “CALL TO ARMS” – That is, an embrace! Made of millions of us who have been treated brutally, unfairly, and KNOW better! An Army of the compassionate. Who have connective ability. Who recognize the Christ in one another. Who have been through the fire and learned to shoulder someone else’s burden.
Joan of Arc was burned alive – but those on THE ASCENSION ARK can use that to our own advantage if we rise collectively like a Phoenix from it.

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