This is the way shared energy works between two people. Its a two way stream.The energy runs in both directions.
Let’s say that you are a Lightworker, an Ascension Wayshower, Starseed,…and a Spiritual Workhorse. Lets say before you woke up you were an aquarium in 3D full of very dirty, muddy water that had so much mud in it that you couldn’t see through your own water, and because of that you were only aware of yourself. That was you.
Over time, through your Awakening process, and by virtue of your own efforts , you have managed to filter your own water to the point where it is crystal clear and sparkling. As your water got clearer, you began to see things with more clarity. You began to know which direction to go in, and to receive your OWN spiritual guidance.You could see outside your own tank.Your ability to filter water got even stronger, but now there was no more for YOU to clear in your own tank. You already did it.
Right next to you there is a dark, filthy tank of water. Inside is a clueless person who is making all the mistakes that you used to make. They can’t even see you. There is a partition between your tanks. You know that if you lift that partition , the dirty water in their tank will mix with yours – which you have spent such a longtime getting pristine and you want to keep it that way!
But you also know that that person’s water is much dirtier than they are able to filter on their own. Their water is filthy, stagnant and not even circulating. You decide to lift the partition and allow them to benefit from your clarity and movement, while putting your strong filter to good use. You make this sacrifice of your own situation.You share their burden.
After a while, the two of you finally filter all the water that is between you. You are now both in crystal clear water and your filters are both functioning and strong. You are very happy and content. Together, you look out and see an adjoining tank of muddy water….You now have a choice. Lets say you work together and add the other tank…
The process continues, and over time the combined tank that filters becomes larger and larger. More individual tanks become clear and join in the filtering. It is less of a sacrifice to make each time now, because all tanks share the burden each time a new dirty tank is added. It is now barely noticable, the dirty water. Soon, instead of adding one new dirty tank at a time you add multiples. It is less of a burden because by this time you have a lot of practice and are very, very good at clearing dirt.
This is now the potential for of us who are already clear.
We are now in the position to assist others on a larger scale than we ever did.
There is a strategy in place so that , by working collectively in waves, from Higher to Lower, we can bring in only as much of the lower vibrations as we are capable of clearing comfortably. This can be thought of as a water wheel. We clear for others in the collective now, on an individual basis – AND as a GROUP, we collectively influence the lower SYSTEMS.
Each time we connect with another person in this way, we take on their energy – and both parties will feel the effects of the other. So the depressed, sick person will suddenly feel much better, and the clear person may experience a bit of a dip- but may not even notice anything, depending on how strong they are.
Previously – there has been a been a belief system ( that worked and was needed at THAT time) that said if you were an energy healer , it was important not to take on the ailment or energy of the person you were helping. At this time however, many of us who do this work have cleared our own and ancestral lineages, and are so good at clearing that it is safe to dip down and start to lift others up individually. It is appropriate at this time that some of us start to work that way. ( This is not for absolutely everyone ). Some Lightworkers are on their way UP- and some are on their way back down temporarily to assist..
As I have said before – EVERYTHING starts energetically and moves down into form and circumstance. Whatever we commence and do first in Higher dimensions, will occur in physical reality in short order. We now have the ability to assist in a new, more individual and directed way. In the past, we relied on our stronger vibrational field to influence the environment around us – changing circumstances as we went.
This approach was impersonal because in Higher dimensions – everything is group oriented. There previously was a divide between these dimensions….but we are BRIDGING that – not merely making 3D into 5D. We need to meet them halfway. Our aim is not to do all their work for them , but do as much of it as they truly cannot do for themselves. It is a joint effort.We dig one another out of rock until everyone is free.
I like this exercise. It serves to bridge our group mind, individual intent,and brings it into daily life. Make this into a practice. Take it seriously and put some focused attention and commitment into it – because each penny is going to more strongly connect you to another individual in a REAL WAY! Do not be casual or careless. Act with reverence and love – as you would want someone to treat – let’s say -a voodoo doll that represented you.
Take a pair of pennies. One represents you and one represents another person. It can be someone you choose- or you can let Spirit choose who the person is. But the increased connection is REAL as soon as you DECIDE it is – because in 5D is where we become creators for the first time rather than merely responding. In 5D we learn to be a wise steward of others, while balancing that with self care!. In 3D we were mostly responsible for ourselves. 3D is the realm of the individual. But in 5D you are now part of a group. If you want to go into self-service , you are welcome to do that – but you will sink lower in dimension as you do. Get it?
So let’s practice being a Free,Sovereign individual while carrying others as well.
I recommend clearing all pennies in salt water before designating them. You can write your name on one and the other person’s name or initials on the other. If you don’t know who it is because you left it up to Spirit, then mark the penny with a heart. Ask for permission to merge. If they say no ( some do) leave them alone and seek someone else.
These pennies are now YOURS to tend and foster the connection between. Each time you add another pair of pennies- you will add another penny with your own name on it. In this way you are growing yourself. Your own energy is becoming stronger and as it does- you are responsible for a greater number of others. In accordance with your strength and willingness to serve.
You now share your energy with all those people. Monitor your own condition and notice how you may be picking up on what that other person feels. Do your clearing routines – whichever you have used to clear yourself. You can also clear and bless the actual pennies. Do whatever works for you.The power is in the intention and strength of the LOVE.
Your GENEROUS, LOVING NATURE, is now being shared with the financial SYSTEM too. It will take a group effort to get our higher vibration fully saturated through that system, but we have the ability to change everything! Think of what happens when an electrical current touches metal.
Carry your pennies around with you, or put them in a safe container – but do not spend them, nor be careless with them.They are no longer normal pennies. They are changed with care and love. Put the kind of treatment on them that you want to see be infused into the economy and the individuals you care for. We are making the economy serve people with love, rather than the other way around.
I put all my pennies in a glass container after I cleaned them. I marked them with gold marker, added rose quartz, Pink himalayan sea salt (for clearing and self-love),and set my intention for our connection. I placed my container on a sunny window sill where I will see it often, an it will be bathed in light. This reinforces and renews the connection in my mind, and each time I observe it – I send that energy through the pennies.
Take this seriously and put some focused attention and commitment into it. Personalize it. Do it with as many pennies as you are comfortable having REAL responsibility for ! Think of it as being pregnant and you are connected by an umbilical cord.You need to maintain a balanced connection! Anything they do will affect you and vice versa. Remember that each time you add a penny for someone else – one also goes to represent YOU. If you want to carry 50 people – you need 100 pennies. Half that represent you, and one for each person you help lift.
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