Recently, after my eviction scare where someone ponied up my back rent so I wouldn’t end up homeless with my daughter, I was “talked to” by a well-meaning friend. This person was quite stern with me and opinionated about “equal energy exchange” being a REQUIREMENT. Basically, they thought I had a moral duty to charge people a minimum of $100 a session, so that someone else wouldn’t be forced to come to my rescue come rent and phone bill time. I take their point….to a degree. But I was having a very hard time saying no to people who I could tell were in VERY bad situations- ( suicidal, dark entity attacks, kids being surrounded by ET’s at night and terrified….) didn’t have a lot of money – and asked me for help.

I don’t know how to say no to a genuine cry for help. Many are people who I can tell from their questions are in serious trouble or they wouldn’t have asked me! I have expertise that costs me nothing to offer. I would take money if they paid me. But I kind of feel like a Spiritual ER – If someone is having an emergency, I can not live with myself if I demand money before giving them what they need. I think it’s stupid. Plus I have been where they are and I KNOW how much I truly needed help!

The real problem we are having is that we are BETWEEN two economic systems right now. One (3D) is singular, “every man for himself ” and based on lack and limitation. The other (5D) is based in abundance, CONNECTION, and no limitation.They don’t mix easily. But there IS a transition occurring if you have eyes to see it.

Equal energy exchange as a requirement is shifting from “I must get something back from this individual” to quantum -” I will get paid from some source SOMEWHERE. I don’t need to dictate who pays me, as long as I am open to giving and open to receiving in equal measure -and have TRUST that all are supported. I play my part in the cycle”.
The first demands something from an external source, the second demands something of us.
As it stands NOW – THAT is the crossroads we are at. We have a choice to make that is the same choice it has ALWAYS been – will you choose from a place of FEAR or LOVE? If you fear that you won’t have enough and you put your creative energy into that paradigm, then you will stay anchored in the old system ( And be on the wrong side of history as well..).

The alternative is to be led by LOVE, TRUSTING that ALL beings are provided for – and proving your commitment to that direction by participating in that system. In choosing the path of Love and service -Taking ACTION in that regard – you are linking in to that system. What you give will come back to you from some source.

Here is a beautiful example-
Someone has been asking me for a session for several weeks. I felt pulled to help, but also was trying not to overextend myself and also value myself and not give my services away for free. I finally told this person I charged a sliding scale, and really needed to get at least $100 an hour. She didn’t have enough money. It made me extremely uncomfortable to deny her counsel when she obviously needed it. So I prayed for a miracle for BOTH our sakes. I simply said ” God- Help me do this work on Earth. Send help to me as I help others.” And I booked an appointment without her paying.

We had a very successful Spiritual counseling session and I was so glad afterward that I had simply offered it. She and her child both experienced immediate relief from negative entities. Her toddler who never slept and was terrified, fell asleep peacefully during the session. There was an immediate shift. I could see what was going on and address it. It soothed ALL of us.

I went on Paypal later that day to see if I had enough for dog food and dinner.I discovered that a Facebook friend had donated $100! It exactly covered the woman’s session that morning! I was delighted at the synchronicity.

Since then this has happened two more times ! This morning someone left me $100 cash on my doorstep – and what she didn’t know is that yesterday I had a session with another single mother who couldn’t pay anything – but REALLY needed guidance! ( There is a distinct mother/child theme going on right now!) Remember when I posted previously about needing mother/child energy to get back INTO the financial system? It started with pennies and already we are seeing that every time I do a mother/child healing session -$100 shows up from an unexpected Source!

I think this is now the new pattern! Whatever service you offer will now be covered by someone from somewhere within the group. This is GROUP WELL BEING! THIS IS OUR RECONNECTION! We are all manifesting it from the Awareness that we are NOT separate! We are ALL FAMILY! I LOVE YOU!!

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