Things are shifting SO FAST! I want to give you all several updates. I have not had time to keep up with posts. My guides have been pressing me to post updates – but I had booked a few sessions for today, and I have not been in the position to turn any money down.
Last night, Benoit Bouliane messaged me and said his guides keep saying “Writing”, whenever we begin to talk about our Facebook show “CONNECTING”. I said”Yeah. I keep getting that too…”
And THIS morning – ALL the appointments I had for today CANCELLED! LOL!
Remember when I said that if anyone wanted to ask me a question, I would answer, but I would do it in a public post? Well- that has remained my intention, but I also wind up replying to many of you personally because I consider you my friends and I love you. For REAL!
So, my FIRST four hours of every day is usually spent replying to messages and answering individual questions.( I get about 35 personal inquiries each night after I go to sleep). That seems ludicrous , but a lot of these questions serve inform me about who is being affected by which energy streams, and show me which themes are repeating. Since I know many of the people who message me, I can see which strata they are on and their questions tell me what people are experiencing as a group at that level.
It has proven VERY useful in tracking energy flows and gaining information about which level needs what. It helps me navigate a way forward where we will hit the least amount of chaos as a group. Like avoiding the rapids! I can see where the snags are.
Right now we are collectively experiencing a wave of energy that DEMANDS that we each UPGRADE! We are all asked to MAXIMIZE SERVICE toward the MAXIMUM NUMBER of people we are capable of assisting, while still maintaining ourselves to the appropriate degree.
These jackhammer energies right now are faster and more turbulent than they have EVER been! Abrupt change and fluctuation seem to be the order of the day. You can anticipate suddenly cancelled plans, or plans that have been cancelled to unexpectedly be reestablished a day or an hour later. SUDDEN solutions will also appear for you out of nowhere! Things you never could have anticipated.

My advice is – be as flowing and open to the unexpected as you can possibly be. Try not to brace against the change! Anything you try to anchor at this time is likely to be uprooted. Don’t stress if you hit a snag, or something that you counted on suddenly falls through. A suprising solution will likely appear for you in the nick of time provided you don’t prevent it by going into fear..
There is a reason for this state of chaos. It’s important to understand WHY this is happening, and be as accommodating as possible. We are learning the walk of TRUST!We are learning the skill set we require to function effectively in 5D.  We are learning to Trust in God to provide, instead of relying on any external source of stability ( which was never as stable as we believed it to be ). As we become masters of our OWN emotional stability within, we can no longer be shaken by any external event , like something not going as planned. We learn to travel through chaos and conflict and remain unaffected by flowing with it. This calm that comes when you learn to allow flow is what eventually creates stability and peace at a higher level.
3D is the slowest and densest level. It is the realm of things that do not change. Meticulous planning and rigid adherence to those plans. 3D is where vibration has slowed down enough to be visible and experienced by the 5 physical senses in the form of matter. It is the most difficult level to change.
The people accustomed to it like it that way, so they tend to hold onto it because to them it feels secure and they cannot imagine living any other way. ( They also refuse to try ) 3D is the realm of solidity, singularity, opaqueness, boundaries, identity, traditions,and things that stay the same.This is the realm of the personal, where we have the experience of being an individual separate from others. We learn to be responsible for ourselves, and possibly for our immediate family. “Me and Mine, and the way I want it!”
As a general rule,The Higher you go in dimension, the more movement there is, and the faster things move. 5D is a realm where we are introduced to small-medium sized group dynamics and pluralism. We are supported by our Spiritual or Soul family, as opposed to our purely biological one. Elements repeat and all resources are shared. (Resources can be money, time, expertise, knowledge….whatever anyone has more of than they personally need.)

In 5D the movement pattern is overlapping, fluid, circular, and non-linear. Information is often transmitted telepathically and can arrive from a variety of sources, or a combination. If something needs to reach you, it will take the path of least resistance, physical or non-physical. There is an algebra to EVERYTHING in the Quantum realm that necessitates constant adjustment. The ability to stay in a peaceful state of flow without going into fear is an essential skill to have mastered. The only constant thing in 5D is change….and LOVE.
These realms have a VERY different set of rules. What was necessary in 3D, will often backfire completely if you do it in 5D! In 5D, we will oftentimes need to do exactly the opposite of most of the things that we were conditioned to believe was required for our survival when we lived in 3D.
Right now, the 3D realm is no longer anchored in the way it once was. It is no longer enforced by anything external, so it is now possible to change it, but it is still being experienced because so many people are holding it in place with their belief systems which remain fixed.We create our reality with our responses.
As the veils lift, more and more people are Awakening and beginning to experience things that knock them out of their once rigidly held comfort zones. This is for the purpose of Spiritual development and maturity. There will be no stopping this and no going back. Resistance is futile – it’s like trying to avoid puberty. Collectively, we have reached the end of our childhood and are being asked to step into a greater level of maturity where we take personal responsibility for the well being of the collective, seeing others as another aspect of ourselves. Whether you like someone and agree with them or not. You must learn to love them and nurture them anyway. Give them everything they need on THEIR journey without demanding that their path match yours! That is what makes the love un-conditional! You do not have to hang out with someone or enjoy their company to ensure that person has a roof over their head, health care, food , has what they need and is well provided for.

In 5D – EVERYTHING is automatically shared with many others, and immediately. Everything is in an EXPANDED version of whatever it was in 3D. Everything you need comes as you need it. It works the way breathing works. You share whatever resources are held by any member of your group. Knowledge, money, time, skill sets, sleep, energy….the sharing becomes the automatic response of EVERYONE !  The circulation IS the stability! The connection is solid! The love is GENUINE, WHICH IS WHY THE 5D SYSTEM WORKS!Any attempt to hoard resources, or stop circulation, will immediately cause that person to fall in frequency. They will find themselves back in 3D. They won’t be “cast out” , but they WILL “fall out” of the circle until they rise again by virtue of their better choices and higher vibration.

Another thing to know about 5D is that everything also multiplies very quickly!As we move from 3D to 5D we also get EXPONENTIAL growth. Remember that Joseph Campbell quote “Take one step towards the Gods and they take ten toward you”? Its true! It can be very overwhelming for people accustomed to 3D limitation, to experience sudden 5D abundance. They often recoil and try to stay with what’s familiar. The change is dramatic, nonetheless – THE TIME HAS COME!

This is why my sessions that served only one person and paid only me are being cancelled. I’m not saying I will refuse to do any – only that if they get cancelled, I am going to roll with it and trust there is a reason. If I write something and it will help many- THAT is a greater level of service. That will be supported more and more. Money is finding it’s way to me via the path of least resistance. Each time I am OPEN to RECEIVING that without going into resistance, apology, or judgement (“This person shouldn’t have to pay for my phone bill!”) or insisting it come from a single venue -( like only myself. That is a 3D limitation! ) ,  I instead recognize the part the other people play in the flow that allows US ALL to combine what each of us has, to MAXIMIZE BENEFIT for as many others as possible!

If you enjoy my posts , please offer a donation via Paypal to StephanieArkHogarth@gmail. Thank You!!

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