Someone recently sent me a great question.

“HELP !! This is a “SERIOUS” Question…Why am i feeling Intense Sexual Energy? This has been going on since the 1st week of May 2018?”

At first this made me chuckle. But I’m sure the issue is real, and she ( Yes! A woman ) is probably not the only one experiencing this as the collective goes through Ascension. In fact, I would wager that it will become more and more common for a while.

I think what she is probably experiencing is actually her KUNDALINI RISING, which can be very similar energy in feeling to sexual energy, but it will not respond to…shall we say…any standard remedy. Bluntly, if you have sex or masturbate, you won’t feel satisfied. The energy will remain – as much of an urge as before. That is because it wasn’t actually sexual energy that was roused, but kundalini.

The same way our physical bodies undergo a development process on their way to being fully mature and co-creative on THAT level , we go through a Spiritual Maturation process as well that also has distinct stages.

Physical Adolescence is a time of increased desire for physical contact with another. There is an urge to connect physically. The feeling is what drives us to make that UNION occur. It will pull us toward the other , and the feeling will escalate until that destination is reached…

It is basically the same thing with kundalini, only the object of our desire is not another body, but SOURCE! It is a substantially upgraded version of the same process. We are incessantly pulled upward until we achieve UNION with GOD!

Kundalini energy begins at the base of the spine and rises up vertebrae by vertebrae, like a mercury thermometer. As each new level is reached, one gains a new degree of awareness, awakening, and Spiritual maturity and responsibility. There are 33 vertebrae in the spine, and when the energy reaches the top, the base of the skull, it completes the energetic circuit and quite literally the “light goes ON!”.

The process of kundalini rising culminates with FULL AWAKENING, otherwise known as ENLIGHTENMENT! What began as a drop is now ONE with the OCEAN! That is UNION with SOURCE!

Prior to kundalini rising being activated, we are spiritually asleep and allow ourselves to be steered. We begin to rebel and have our own ideas at puberty.  Spiritual “puberty” brings much the same thing. At some point, something will be the catalyst that initiates our Awakening process, and the kundalini energy will begin it’s ascent. We will begin to hunger for knowledge and Union with Source. We will begin to “take the reins” more and more, and become more responsible for our own choices and our world.

Sexual energy and kundalini energies are both,at their most basic level, about a drive to  CREATE! Physical maturity and sexual desire lead co-creation of a single option with one other person. Once birthed, you are responsible for taking care of that baby.

Kundalini is about co-creation with Source, so we are talking about increased manifestation abilities that can birth anything that is desired! Your options are now quantum and you can create anything at all – so be careful! At this point you now recognize that you are responsible for co-creating the world you are living in, and you are responsible for taking care of it.

Collectively, we are now at this point where our Spiritual childhood is OVER! Collectively, we are FINALLY waking up, questioning external authority, looking around at ourselves and our society, and asking the BIG question in the a LOUD voice…


That’s where it starts.
As soon as we began to question instead of doze – we start climbing that ladder.

I think a great many people are probably experiencing their kundalini rising, and they probably think they are just incessantly horny. I hope they don’t endlessly search for satisfaction in the “lower realms” of casual or loveless sex, because they will fail to find the true connection they seek….


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