Recently, there was a very difficult Council meeting. ( Not the Council of Balance..This is a much larger Council. Many smaller councils comprise this much larger one.)The decision has been made to go ahead and bifurcate at this point. The window to choose one’s main trajectory is now closed. It was a very difficult decision.
I admit I was one of those who held out longest. As much as I want to go to 5D personally, I was waiting for those I saw who were still on the fence. I was holding out for the fence sitters. I refused to release my attachment to a few threads. Certain people, I thought… if we could just give them a little bit longer they would get on board before the train left the station.It felt like a mass pregnancy – waiting for the preemies to develop enough that they could be born and make it without the umbilical cord.

In the end, this decision was made for me. There was a vote. Actually, more like a measurement. We can no longer afford to keep waiting for the fence sitters who are STILL vacillating between attachment to 3D and moving to 5D.

Although there are now a great many people who are just beginning to wake up and do their personal work- it is a matter of putting too little work into their own development, too late. To the best of my understanding, they may still go to 5D if they suddenly wake up and begin their journey with vigor- but they will no longer have the benefit of the extra energetic help they have been getting since the Middle Ages. THAT was what the meeting was about. The dismantling of the construct.

There was a final detachment/unplugging of certain energetic circuitry which previously has served a purpose in assisting the underdeveloped populace- a lot like a tugboat. Much of their clearing and propulsion had previously come from beings like me ( there are a number of us)- who connected to the populace energetically, directed them, influenced them, and pulled them along – out of stagnation. Someday I can describe in detail the way this works.

Similar to breathing in helium and thinking your own voice was naturally that high, most 3D people have no idea how much assistance they have actually been receiving. It has been invisible to them. Kind of like a child learning how to swim, and having the benefit of a floatation device or a compass they didn’t know they had. It kept them artificially buoyant while they learned to swim a bit. At this point they are being cut off from the artificial aid. Kind of unplugged from the extra power source so now they will have to use all their own power and RELY ONLY ON THEMSELVES and GOD!!

There was previously an energetic construct designed and implemented for use by a team of ET’s ( We used it for the third time during my Joan of Arc lifetime..)to energetically influence as much of humanity as possible. It was half biological and half technological. It was designed to function within duality and encourage people to choose.. The aim was to accelerate Spiritual Development and maximize the number of people able to make it through the Ascension window. We knew the construct would be dismantled at some point – we just didn’t know exactly when. Turns out it was two days ago.

It was decided at the recent meeting that those who are STILL not ready are just not ready and we cannot wait any longer. After the final detachment, this will come as a shock to a lot of people.( There are two or three points of attachment that are still delaying us, but they are not mine. There are teams working round the clock on these..)

The 3D population may go through a bit of a shock, similar to the way one would feel if you were a builder , and suddenly all your power tools unexpectedly became manual tools, including you. It will be much slower going. These people are ALL loved equally – but simply need more time to develop at their own pace. They need to put more effort into their Spiritual development, learn to be of service toward others, and release all fear..etc . They will be moved to a simulation of a 3D world where they will benefit most from being at this time.

This choice was made because too many of those who HAVE done their transformative work and ARE fully detached from everything previously supportive in 3D- have reached an untenable degree of suffering and hardship. Despite the fact that these Lightworkers on the leading edge are good natured and are tough as nails, too many are in positions where they are in total survival mode- leaving many of them homeless, poor and very stressed. It was noted that the cost now outweighs the benefit of delaying the move any longer.

Apparently, there is one initial group who will be going through the portal first. Im in it. It is a group of 9, and three of that group have spouses – so it is simultaneously a group of 9 AND a group of 12! From a numerological /geometrical perspective THAT is sexy as hell, if you ask me! SOLID MAGIC! ( You have the 3:1 ratio…Sheesh!) I didn’t design this strategy- but someone sure knows what they are doing! Impressive work! I have not even seen all of it yet! ..And why would I EVER be surprised at God’s perfection? (Duh,Stephanie…)

The reason one group goes first has nothing to do with importance of us or anything. It is purely a matter of geometry. There is a point on the triangle and a single group needs to occupy that position. We are experienced (That means really OLD!) Or maybe we are just pointy. I don’t know…

Anyway – everyone else who is coming will be coming behind us. I don’t know if they will follow in a minute, or an hour or a day or a month or what….I do not yet know exactly when we are going, either. I think the point here is not to be too mentally fixed on any one thing. We are going INTO a realm of Heightened CREATION!! I will post what I learn as soon as I learn it. Please bear in mind that everything is constantly shifting and some my information may be wrong, or change. I will tell you what I learn as it comes in. I love you.

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