I have recently experienced two quantum leaps in a big way! I had a very deep and extensive psychic surgery 2 days ago that removed very deep and old implants that connected me to the energy of another being within an energetic construct. I had previously known about but had not been able to remove these until the time was right. It was Divine timing , not my own preference that was in charge. The implants had served a purpose. The removal left me feeling sad, empty….. but free, and also as though I was bludgeoned. The closest way I can describe it is POST-PARTUM, if I had given birth the THE WORLD. Like internal bungee cords were released and I could finally move freely! But my chest and back have been incredibly sore since. I actually see this as a good thing – indicative of the depth of the work done. I was “zero pointing”, clearing energetic debris.
The day after that, ( and BECAUSE of it! ) I was able to work with another healer from the Elohim to FINALLY,FINALLY clear a location on Earth that I can say in Truth I have been working on for 20 years! 15 of these years were before I really knew that I was doing it. My energy had been going into the earth and “loosening it”. Then another 5 years were spent going to that place daily and pouring love into it and working the energy streams in a conscious way. It has had a negative intergalactic portal on it and is a place where many of Earth’s old leylines converge. It was fed by darkness daily and that energy was then sent through the old grid system of the earth. The portal was one I knew was there-but we couldnt locate it. It was very complex, and cleverly hidden. The energy of war and conflict had also congested in this location like an abscess ( Dark and Light have battled over this location forever..). It was extremely toxic and painful for Gaia. The work there has seemed endless…I went with teams of people over the years, and no matter what we addressed- there always seemed to be more to do. UNTIL YESTERDAY!!
The location is in Rifton,NY. ( RIFT-ON) Every force evolves a form. There are no accidents. The energy of conflict is in the name of the town itself!
The energy of that location is FINALLY FLOWING FREELY with LIGHT energy! As we cleared that dark solidity at last- the flow of light returned in a big wave. I felt the ENTIRE left side of my body suddenly “melt” and feel like liquid. For about 10 minutes I couldnt hold my head upright, because everything on my left was limp- but it felt FANTASTIC! Like FLUIDITY was RESTORED! All resistance was gone!
Since it affected my left side ( and also for other synchronistic reasons indicating the same thing..)I feel this restores receiving, flow and light to the FEMININE! ( The left side of the body is the feminine, receptive side.)
I feel that the shift of energy of this location will dramatically affect the FINANCIAL SYSTEMS OF THE EARTH among other things. We have been working toward a reversal of the energy current.
Another thing to note about this location is that it ALSO has two spots on it that are thriving strongholds of the elementals! They stationed and rooted themselves here as guardians of this darkness spreading further! They have also taken a beating and were themselves suppressed – but they have held their own with magnificence!! They had to go deep underground and endure much neglect and dishonor. It made their work harder.I wish to acknowledge the work that these Fairies and nature Spirits have been tirelessly putting in at this location. We will now refresh, restore and honor them as well. The light has won the ground, but it was hard won. There have been many losses. The place looks terrible and it will need clean up, like any battlefield aftermath. It felt like Narnia last night. Everyone was elated, but exhausted.
I want to mention one thing here that I ALWAYS notice ( …and I have a regrettable amount of war experience at this point..).
There is an indescribable ,profound beauty that is found in the silent aftermath of any epic battle. I always observe it, whether I have been on the “winning” side or the “losing” side.
There comes a point where ALL TRACES OF FACADE are gone, and everyone is FINALLY totally raw and authentic for the first time. Nothing is hidden. Nobody is trying to con anyone or conquer them anymore. You witness everyone’s exhaustion. You see the casualties. But you finally get the truth on all sides. You have reached zero point together. I find profound, unfathomable beauty in this moment.
I am aware that another Quantum shift is coming that will be the Third. Three is the magic number that “locks in” the other two. It is imminent. That is as much as I know for now. I have had to abruptly alter and suddenly drop many of my plans in anticipation of this. It will change everything. Im in Sacred retreat and am not really talking to many people at the moment. If you have sent me messages, please be understanding at this time. You will know more as I know more. I love you!

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