There is a NEW template being set and introduced that replaces the old template that was just ended. The New template is one of GROUP FUNCTIONING. We will go through to 5D in small GROUPS. Every last trace of old individual attachments must be released from every member of the group. That is what this last energetic gateway 12/12 – 12/21 is helping us with – the final purge!

The first group that I am a member of will establish the new template for group dynamics when we go through the portal first. That is why we do not go as individuals and stay in 5D yet. We will coalesce into small groups first, and once we have done that successfully, each group will go through the gateway. Once there, the smaller groups will also join up. But the group TEMPLATE is what is being established now. It is very exciting! I will do another post about group dynamics and the way things work.

The new group template is based on equality of all and shared abilities and resources. There is no leadership. It works like a Round Table. The individual and hierarchical template was what was severed recently, as I spoke of yesterday. The Joan of Arc template was established to inject specific much-needed qualities into the population during the Middle Ages and it was left running till a few days ago. I can talk more about what that template did specifically at a later time. (You can also probably figure it out if you are familiar with the story.)

That template was one part of a technological/biological device designed to get a certain pattern picked up and held by as many people as possible,( in order to boost equality of the sexes among other things), in time to make the Ascension window, when a new template based in equality would be required.The OLD template allowed for duality and hierarchy because it was still required at that time.
The old template and the technological circuity that allowed for artificial assistance based on hierarchical structure and polarity is what was severed a few days ago.

There is some misunderstanding of what I posted yesterday.
I am not saying the Ascension window is closed! I am saying the opportunity one had to take advantage of certain artificial help is closed now. It gave much increased acceleration, like a moving sidewalk that you see in airports, but it only worked if you also were also walking! A lot of people were standing on the moving sidewalk, and it could have taken them very far with each step if they had bothered to put effort into their own progress. A lot of people didn’t bother taking any steps. Some were even walking in the other direction, and were prevented from going further into density. NOW the moving sidewalk is no longer operational, so they will need to do all their own walking. If they go further into density, then they will experience the full effect of that. They can still get to 5D, but it will be more difficult than it could have been. Thats all.

There was a 4th dimensional technological artificial CONSTRUCT in place that WAS a controlling mechanism. THAT has now been dismantled and the Council of Balance which oversaw it is now disbanded. The artificial mechanism was in place to use MY energy to artificially aid people, and encourage them toward their own empowerment. We put it in place to counteract what the Church was doing to suppress them.
Both sides – Dark and Light, used the same mechanism. There was a Dark half also, because there had to be in order to operate within duality. This “overlord” circuitry is what has now been severed! So the people who were still connected to that are being cut off and forced to rely on their own power.
I have been a Saint in the Catholic church, among other things. When someone prays to a Saint or has Faith in the Church rather than their own direct connection to Source , they have given their power away – and there is a type of circuitry established based in Free Will. I can act on someone’s behalf and my energy stream joins theirs. When this intermediary mechanism is severed, they will need to rely on their own direct connection to Source, which CAN be as strong as mine, but too often is kind of atrophied. Many of the populace had gotten very very Spiritually lazy and are underdeveloped.
I was NOT grieving that these people are lost causes, or gone forever. Nobody is forever lost. I just had hoped that more of them would have been much further along by now. I have carried a lot of these people in love, as my children, for a very long time, and Im sad to see some of them choose separation out of ignorance, addiction to density, or ego. I will miss them until we are reunited. Thats all.

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  1. I am looking forward to reading more about the new template and how it works and how that applies . ❤️ Thank you for all that you do and have done for us all


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