Often what we refer to as LOVE is actually a state of attachment. Attachment is fear masquerading as love. When we are attached, we fear the loss of something or someone. There is a clutching, panicked quality that comes up. Real LOVE requires Freedom.

Non attachment can be very painful to learn, and unfortunately it is one of those states we all must reach prior to existing permanently in 5D. Often there will be a gradual paring down process, like downsizing one’s home and possessions over the course of several years. Each time you go through the process, you sift through the belongings and go through the process of releasing all the emotions associated with them.You will part with things you thought you couldn’t live without.

Sometimes, we must learn to let go of something that will feel insurmountable – like letting go of family members ( especially children). This is a particular MASTER’S CHALLENGE. I framed it this way for myself in my own process –

” In order to learn non-attachment as deeply as I must learn it, it is necessary that I survive the loss of something to which I was this deeply attached.”

It’s true what they say in that hokey poem ,”If you love something set it free. If it comes back to you it’s yours to keep. If it doesn’t , it never was…”

Many of us are finding ourselves now separated from family members and friends we previously could not even imagine living without. In 2013, my guides gave me a list of six people I loved very much. My closest people.They told me these were all people who would tempt me. These were people who would really want me to do something ( go in their direction ) that was not on MY path, and because I loved them so much, I would be VERY tempted to make them happy and stray from what was correct for ME. I was told that some of them would “meet me on the other side” and some of them would not be coming. But it was up to each of them to choose their own path just as I chose mine.

Some have surprised me by not doing what I was sure they were going to do. Some I hope WILL surprise me still. It remains to be seen. In the beginning, these separations were brutal and incredibly painful. At the time, I didn’t understand the purpose it was serving. I have reached the point of Freedom now – where I love these people as much as I ever did, but I no longer have the same kind of emotional investment in the choices they make for themselves. I make my choices, and they make theirs. The love remains unchanged and is eternal. I will dwell in THAT state until they discover it themselves.

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