I have noticed my sessions have changed lately. I will get an energy stream pouring through me that contains certain elements and signatures and those who need it will get appointments just as that energy is delivered. The ones that come to me are plopped in my lap right when they need to be. Even “individual sessions” are becoming less singular and more group oriented, as everything is becoming more about groups now.

The reason behind Divine Right Timing taking precedence over appointments established in advance is becoming more and more obvious. This is part of a transition that will soon become the norm for most people because the old methods will simply not work any longer. Linearity and pin point accuracy based on TIME ( Which is an artificial, external construct)and set expectations are being replaced by flow. Expectations are more nebulous and loosely held as we move into a quantum realm. I have learned to pencil in appointments, put them in parenthesis ( 2ish start time,for example.. )There is an algebra to all things and the Higher up we go, the more variables are in place that must be accounted for. We need to make space in our selves to accommodate that way of working. The “pinpoint accuracy” is still present, but it now relates to vibrational alignment which is internal.

There are people who send me a message that they want a session, and both of us are eager to connect, yet for one reason or another the appointment just doesnt actually happen – sometimes for several weeks. Its like we will circle each other, knowing it is imminent, and suddenly -BAM! We will say “Right NOW”. And as soon as that appointment is set, it is usually right away, and information will come POURING IN for that person.I will spend at least an hour or two before the appointment “gathering” a build up of energy or messages. Its like a pool of non-linear, high frequency energy. The work we do will be for the person having the session, and almost always at least one other person they are connected to – most commonly one of their children, and sometimes a spouse. The people I work with are like me, in that they kind of “carry” the energy of others.

I worry that I must make a very bad first impression on people sometimes. My linear speech is the first thing to go when energy streams pour in. I think I must sound like I’m scattered or very drunk. But the energy is transmitted to them as soon as we connect, and actually starts running before the appointment. No more hard edges, I guess.

You can’t put aerosol back in the can.

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