Someone asked me if sleep or food was necessary.
My answer –

“Not strictly. It completely depends on which vibrational strata you are aligned with. The carbon based physical beings DO require both sleep and food.

But the more you are connected vibrationally higher, and the less resistance you have to receiving ALL your energy directly from Source, the less sleep your body will require to maintain itself. It is entirely possible if there is absolutely no resistance and a VERY HIGH vibration and strong intention, to require neither sleep nor food. (That’s what the Breatharians do ) However, I personally think that both sleep and food are some of the best things about physical life- so as long as you must be here and maintain a carbon based form, why not sleep, eat, and have sex too?

Going forward, we are moving into crystalline based bodies, far lighter in density. 4th DENSITY is a semi-dense state. Like “solid” ghosts, if you have ever seen one of those. We will still have visible, palpable, and solid bodies, but 4th density matter is also permeable to light and can hold much more of it. We will be in 4th level density , but in the 5th dimension. Get it?

(Ghosts dont eat much, do they?I have seen ghosts who appeared completely solid. But I have never seen nor heard of a ghost that was sleeping or eating…Hmmm. If you see a ghost eating it’s probably because they don’t know they have died…something to ponder)

We WILL be eating and still have physical bodies in 5D. But everything will be lighter and love-based. We will not eat meat, but we may eat replicated meat if we choose. Our dietary choices will change significantly out of preference. As we go through the Ascension process, the digestive system is one of the first things to protest old vibrations! You have probably noticed that already. Things you used to commonly eat will now make you instantly sick to your stomach….my advice is roll with it and be as flexible and accommodating as possible. It is common during the Ascension process to suddenly need to eat something very uncommon for you. We must learn to be as open to adjustment as possible and be open to unexpected changes. THIS TOO is part of the 5D adjustment needed.

( I will write a separate post about why my guides told me to go eat a Burger King cheeseburger in 2015! I needed it for my process. I was HORRIFIED! But I have learned why this happens..)

The vast majority of us will still sleep in 5D, but will probably sleep far less, since our bodies will be under way less stress and will not need as much recovery time. DURING the Ascension process however, MOST of us need all the sleep we can get, and we require a LOT of it!

Speaking for myself I am busiest at night these days, working interdimensionally on various Councils with my soul group, going to meetings, and the occasional battle…

5D will certainly be a RELIEF for ALL of us who get there.”

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