There is a particular stage one goes through during the process of Ascension that I refer to as the “Elevator phase”.

Lets say there is a skyscraper and you have spent your entire life working in a large office on ground level.( Ground level will represent 3D) It is a place you are very familiar with. All your family and co-workers are there.
One day you hear a wake up call and you know you cannot stay there anymore. You begin to feel distanced bit by bit from your family and friends. Soon you are outside the ground floor office, looking in. Everyone else is acting normal, but you have an inner knowing that you can not go back inside.

You see an elevator big enough for one person. You know you must take it, even unwillingly, and some inner urge compels you to get in it….( please hold that thought for a second while I tell you this next thing.)

There are 9 “Human Universals”. A human universal is something that has been found to be true of human beings across all cultures, races..and is true for both genders. One of the human universals is defecating in private.

There is some inner urge that requires us to have solitude in order to release our densest waste matter! We may pee in front of others, or with minimal embarrassment. But everyone shits alone.
Believe it or not, this process has a Spiritual equivalent! The tarot deck has a Hermit card that represents going off by oneself… Seeking solitude for the purpose of spiritual growth. Before the new can come in, that which we started with – our old waste matter, must be completely purged. We need some alone time. The spiritual equivalent of physical shit is our old beliefs, ancestral and personal karma, relationship .baggage, cultural programming, and thoughts and emotions that are heavy. These include fear, anger, guilt, shame, grief, resentment, jealousy,…etc. Most of us carry these to one degree or another, and some of us begin our process full of it.

The “elevator phase” in my analogy is what I am calling the phase of Ascension where we go through a period of isolation for the purpose of mentally and emotionally sorting ourselves out. This is pretty much a Universal stage in our Spiritual Development. It may be merely a matter of feeling isolated amid a group of people you were previously close to – and being forced to deal with whatever that brings up for you. Or it could also present as actual isolation. A complete departure from one’s former life, career, and all the people one used to know is not at all uncommon. Especially for those on the leading edge of the first Ascension wave. ( Myself included!)

When you get into the elevator of my story, the doors close behind you and you are left on your own to squirm in self reflection. You will now begin your Ascension process, and how long you are alone in the elevator depends on how long it takes you to do your business. If you are willing to go with the purging process freely ( that means – lean into it without reservation. Put work into your own healing and your relationship with God ) then your time in the elevator may not need to be long. If you are someone who doesn’t actively do their work, or resists it, then the process can take a lot longer.
During this phase you are never actually separated from Source, because THAT is impossible… but you are meant to experience a sense of temporary separation for the purpose of self-development.

The process of purging itself is quite horrible and I will never tell you otherwise. You will need to be honest during this process. Its ugly and painful. Like vomiting everything unresolved from every life you or your ancestors ever lived – everything tastes the same coming out as it did when you first swallowed it. In other words, if there was repressed rage it will now be felt until there is no more. If there was buried pain of abandonment or betrayal – THAT will be brought up in order that it finally be faced, felt , forgiven and released. Little by little, you will stop holding on to whatever you were holding on to…including any self-deception. Your personal “inventory” will be taken. Once your’e in that elevator, it is not up to you. Its only a matter of time.

As you progressively reduce yourself to your essence, and integrate the aspects of yourself you had once deemed unlovable – the elevator rises. Bit by bit, you leave everything that is not your authentic self behind. You gradually drop your allegiance to social programming, masks, deception, obligations, fixed expectations, judgement…..and you re-gather all the parts of yourself you had forgotten, lost or exiled.

Finally, LOVE for your true self and others is what remains.

Only once you have seen yourself at your darkest, and gone through the process of cleaning your inner self up, found forgiveness, and returned to LOVE do the elevator doors open again – on the floor that is an exact vibrational match for the REAL and WHOLE you!

When they do, your process of isolation is OVER, and you will be with your new group of “family” members on your new, much higher floor. You will gather with others who already feel like your closest relatives. They will SEE and KNOW you as you KNOW them. They will have gone through the same process you did. They will often have the same life purpose as well. We are all on our way to our Highest floor and our soul family in 5D.

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