Alright gang! …..on the heels of my elevator post the other day comes THIS one. Because the elevator analogy has been symbolic of Ascension to me for a long time. My subconscious likes to use the elevator as dream imagery

In 2013 I had a full kundalini Awakening and my Spirit guides began delivering to me specific information about what my role was, what I was to do, people I would be working with at the appropriate time. I have KNOWN certain things were in my future, and because of my karma and soul’s path these things were unavoidable. I have been told now that this coming year is the year they come to pass. But first this background information.

I went to college with David Wilcock. We took no classes together, and I did not know him personally but we were there at the same time. One day in 1992, I had an experience that branded itself into my memory. I was walking past my dorm, and David Wilcock was there talking to someone. He was not famous yet. As I walked by, he glanced up and we briefly made eye contact. It was like an ALARM went off in my head! I felt an electric jolt of recognition – but that wasn’t the part that shook me up.

ALL my life I have been clairaudient with music. I would get messages from Spirit delivered as song lyrics, music with significance…..but that day when I saw David Wilcock was the first time I ever was clairaudient where I heard a MAN’S VOICE! It was LOUD, as though a man was speaking very loudly -directly into my right ear! It had a feeling of alarm and a sudden intervention. The voice said ” YOU HAVE NOTHING IN COMMON WITH THAT GUY!!” I felt STRONGLY pressed to just keep walking. Which I did – although I was a bit shaken.

I know NOW that it was premature for me to meet him, and at that time they were preventing me from remembering our connection because it was too soon. But I think I was meant to remember both him and that incident, so that I would be prepared for this dream in 2013.

Back to my elevator analogy.

In 2013, I had a dream that I got into an elevator that David Wilcock was in. He was standing by the button panel. I got in and stood on the opposite side of the doors, silently. We said nothing to one another. The doors shut, and David pressed the button to go up. Nothing happened. The elevator was STALLED. He pressed the buttons over and over , including the call button to summon help. He looked up to check and see why it wasn’t moving. Just then , I SUDDENLY and URGENTLY had to pee!!
( Needing to pee in my dream history always refers to a flood of emotion that must be released. Usually it represents repressed crying. )

At that moment, in my dream, my guides almost yelled at me “SPILL IT!!! “, and as they said that – a live CADUCEUS “the Herald’s wand- ( two intertwined snakes around a pole with wings) dropped and hung suspended from the ceiling. It is the staff carried by Mercury – “The Messenger of the Gods”, which is also what they called Joan of Arc. Caduceus is also a symbol of kundalini rising. I knew they meant the elevator would not rise any more until I began talking and delivering my message..

I did NOT pee in the corner of the elevator. I held it back with all my might at that time- because I knew what it it was about. My guides want me to talk about something that makes me very emotional – the Joan of Arc lifetime. There is a reason that particular story is to be used as an illustration point, so I do not have the option of just “dropping my story” and moving on. I am meant to talk about it to the masses, and teach FROM it to the masses, because it illustrates specific things that the population will need to understand as they get their power handed back to them. In that lifetime I helped give sovereign power to a boy who refused to listen to Divine guidance and instead acted out of fear and self interest. He deceived and betrayed not only me but his entire country.

At this time in history, we have now overthrown the power structures energetically – which means the forms will soon follow ( Vatican, banking system, government..) and the events of THAT lifetime will soon be revisited – this time on a collective level instead of a personal one. It will be MY job this time will be to help guide a population newly sovereign. The vast majority of these people do not understand the way groups work, or have a clue as to the way their individual actions effect the group. They think of themselves as individuals rather than as components in a system. They have been conditioned and trained in such a way that it makes working with them extremely difficult. It doesn’t make them bad people. But things must be handled very carefully if we want the best possible outcome.

There is a real danger inherent in talking about the Joan of Arc life altogether! I’m less worried about people who would call me crazy, and far more concerned about people who see that I am telling the truth and become fanatic followers! I am very aware of the consequences, and different ways this could potentially play out. My trepidation is well warranted. It is not only about me – the choices people make because of my words can cause migrations that affect world history. So my path must be an examined one.

David Wilcock’s job preceded mine. His job has been to become a highly recognized figure and disclose large scale secrets. A lot of his information brought up fear in the populace and was about ET’s, government secrets, and things that had been hidden. Why? Because the PURGE to zero point in the population precedes the CORRECTION, and CREATION of the new! The fear must come up for release before the planet can go to 5D. Both of us are used as Messengers to address the masses.

This is why he was in the dream elevator with me. It was not the “hermit phase” purging elevator that only holds one person. This elevator was about the Ascension of the planet. It will continue to rise as I speak.

Recently, my guides have let me know the time of the great tipping point is at hand. It will be sometime this year. David Wilcock has publicly said that his guides told him a while ago that his fame now is nothing compared to what it will be. He has been told to expect a sudden, dramatic increase in global recognition. I thought when I heard that -“Oh! That is when we work together.” I don’t know if I will work with him personally, or if we merely do two halves of the same job. I will happily avoid the spotlight myself if I am able to do so.

Stay tuned, kids.


There’s more to this story.

The winter of 2016, my guides were once again stressing that I needed to start delivering the Joan of Arc information. I reluctantly started in the comment section of David Wilcock’s show “Wisdom Teachings”. I’m sure I sounded like a complete nut. I got in touch with Wynn Free, the man who had written the book-“The Reincarnation of Edgar Cayce?”, about David Wilcock. I wanted to give my story to anybody else to tell- to wipe it off like a radioactive booger so I didn’t have to write the thing myself. So much for Joan of Arc being brave. He was polite but not interested in the project, and I didn’t blame him. Still I was pressed by guides to start talking..

At that time, I had another dream where I went to a local spot called The Rosendale Cafe’ where David Wilcock was sitting alone at a table with a chair across from him pulled out- waiting for me to sit down. I stood in the center of the room. I was begging God to give the job of messenger to someone else this time. ANYONE ELSE! The cafe was empty except for two occupied tables. There were three film directors at another table. My story was going to be handed to one of them to make a movie about, and we would become even more famous. I was dreading it. One man tried to leave but his car wouldn’t start until I turned around and sat down at the table with David. I was STILL avoiding it  – inwardly cringing!

Thats where the dream ended. But that’s not all..

Also that winter , in real life- I was driving with my daughter in the car. I had no heat in the car, so I was using a plug in heater. Shortly before the turn toward main Street Rosendale, my car caught on fire! I pulled over, unplugged the burning heater, and we aired out the car. It delayed us and we took Main Street Rosendale to go home instead of the way we normally would have driven. I believe it was synchronicity setting us up for this occurrence – Just as we passed Rosendale Cafe( the one in my dream..) DAVID WILCOCK in REAL LIFE was suddenly was in front of my car!!

I exclaimed ” It’s David Wilcock!” ..and mentally thought”I cannot believe I left all my paperwork , photographs, and documents I wanted to send him at home!”

My daughter screamed “Turn around!! Go back!”. I pulled in to the parking lot of the Rosendale Cafe and jumped out of the car. I ran back to the street and looked up and down. He had vanished. He had not gone into the cafe’. He wasn’t in the shops or the bakery…He was gone.

I got back in the car and we headed back to Kingston. My daughter said – “Why do you think that happened? You always say everything means something.”

At that very moment as she said that -we passed a black billboard with a photo of a home engulfed in FLAMES! The caption read in all capitals -“DON’T WAIT!! COMMUNICATE!!”

We looked at each other and laughed.

It has still taken me this long to get this far with my own personal disclosure. There is a reason for it – it’s not merely my own personal hangups ( some of it is..). There have also been significant opposing forces that have wished me to remain silent! As much as I was reluctant, I was also  significantly interfered with. I know for certain though, that once the gates are open – there will be a FLOOD of information! I will speak about about Ascension, Extra-terrestrials, “Fallen Angels”,the Vatican, the financial system, global energy flow, dimensions, co-creation, and the evolution of the planet.  At some point I expect I will even run into David Wilcock.

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