Question – “So what exactly is going to happen- in practical , physical terms?”

Stephanie Ark Hogarth-


None of us know. Hahahahahahahahahaha!!! NONE of us! There are three dominant theories and a lot of rabbit trails. That is because there are still different timeline fluctuations, and a few different dimensional levels with sub-levels that will determine the experience each individual has.

What each person experiences will be determined by how much of their own personal programming and density has been transmuted. Not everyone has done enough of their own work and is ready to go all the way up to much higher dimensions right away. Those who are still needing to process more, or who have soul contracts in place where they are shifting at a later time will be in the second wave.

One thing is certain – since it is a co-creative EVENT that is constantly fluctuating and comprised of many individual minds ( think about the movement of a murmuration of starlings), we will ALL be steering the sled we are collectively on by shifting our “weight”, according to where we focus our dominant energy. WE CREATE THE SHIFT TOGETHER. Half will come from Source, and half will come from US!

We will ALL be moving up to our next highest level of responsibility and awareness- whatever that means for each of us!( Unless you have CLEARLY chosen to stay in 3D- in which case you will be removed either by death or being moved elsewhere..but 5D people will no longer be near the lower bandwidth, so they will not factor into our experience)

I can see clearly the energy of the thing as a whole, but how it affects EACH individual on the physical plane is something that is each person’s responsibility. So that is a perfect example of the shift right there!
If you have been accustomed to seeing an external event as being something that would affect you in any given way because it is BIGGER than you – THIS shift will put you in the driver’s seat and your next level of responsibility will be to determine for yourself how it will affect you and what will happen.
You will no longer be merely subject to an external force – because you are now in the CREATOR zone!

Moving up means different things for different people. Those who have been service to self orientation must begin to move into service toward others. Those who were service to others but did very little active work will perhaps begin offering services such as individual energy healing sessions. (They are moving up into one on one service.Non-action moves into single action)

So those that previously did that will now do it on a larger scale or in some way expand their service. Each level is responsible for assisting the ones underneath it who are coming up.Making room, energetically assisting…etc.
Those who have done all their personal transmuting work will begin to transmute energy for others. Those who have previously transmuted for others will begin to transmute for a greater number.
Those who already led a group will perhaps lead several groups or a much larger one. We are ALL stepping up a level and into whatever represents an expansion for US. Our previous positions will be taken by those who are stepping UP into those roles because it represents expansion for them.
Some of us who have been working behind the scenes on a large scale ( such as yours truly ) are also expected to expand their service- and because we are moving into a time of complete transparency – I must now come “out of the closet” to reveal my identity and offer guidance openly instead of steering populations anonymously, and I will have to stop cringing every time I approach personal identity and physical experience. …but that’s my own issue to deal with. Everyone will have their own experience.

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