I REALLY love my people! I feel SO strongly connected to everyone I have a session with. Im SO, SO overwhelmed with gratitude and impressed by the MAJESTY that so many of these individuals possess. I have met with very few who are beginners on the Spiritual path. Lately I have been witness to people who are SPIRITUAL MEGA-ATHLETES!!! Who have overcome such horrendous obstacle courses!!

I meet with each person- look at the energy they carry, see their path and what they have dealt with – and I see how it has REVEALED an unbreakable ability to LOVE and carry themselves in alignment WHILE assisting humanity! I stand in awe and genuine reverence! I’m FLOORED!

What usually runs through my head is a kind of awkward assessment -“Well….THIS one is NO SLOUCH!!” Hahaha!

Words fail me. Wow, you guys! Rick Jewers uses the word”prowess” a lot, I have noticed….and it is the perfect word.

I NEVER think I could possibly have anything to offer these people who have survived everything! Who are SO STRONG and RESOURCEFUL! Who already know what to do. Who captain their own ship and carry everyone else. And then today one of them was SO unaware of her own ability! Was SO hesitant. Was afraid to have a session with me because she was anticipating bad news.( Like a dog who flinches when someone reaches out to stroke it because it has only ever been hit) This woman was SO GENUINELY CLUELESS about her own value, which I could see SO clearly….it BENT MY HEAD!! I was stunned.

I thought “How could this redwood tree be under the impression that it is a blade of grass?HOW can this person not see their own ability?” ….AND then I heard these next words come out of my mouth…

“Well, you and I would not be able to meet unless we were a vibrational match.”

..and then realization hit – and I burst into tears. So did she.

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