I am being guided to write about collective trauma and also issue a CALL TO ARMS ( A loving hug of forgiveness ) from all of you in the Army of Light who read this. To whomever you need to forgive.

You know, TRAUMA IS the attachment itself. Whatever you cannot forgive becomes the VERY thing that keeps you trapped. It creates a cord. Whether it is never being able to forgive yourself, or finding it unforgivable something a given institution has done ( let’s say – the Catholic Church…) it is STILL necessary at some point in our recovery to find forgiveness – or stay bound to that which haunts us. A given situation will find a way to replay itself over and over – Creating a form or circumstance through which to repeat.

There are certain Dark entities that I would like to deal with as a group- for the purposes of FREEING ourselves from being in any way attached to it -collectively or individually.

Many of us ( If not all of us) in the Joan of Arc template ( as well as others!) have a history somewhere in our background of being horrendously injured by the Catholic Church, or some official representative of the Catholic Church who used their position of “Authority”, bastardized it, twisted Spiritual Law back in on itself and used it against the people. These people wear the embroidered “Robes of Artiface” that give them the convincing appearence of someone it is safe to trust. Often it was our own trusting nature- and inflexible committment to CHRIST that inadvertantly caused our demise. Subsequently, we became participants in an ongoing cycle of trauma.

But this same energy dynamic is the one that I have also used to harness the energy of the population toward MY own agenda. Mine is benevolent – but I must say I see how my “enemy” and I are not dissimilar. We both are able to harness the energy of others toward our own aim. ( The main difference between us is that I have every intention of returning that power back , cleared and amplified. I will not take another person’s freedom to choose.)

Joan of Arc was imprisoned, poisoned, and tortured BY a Bishop, who was strategic and very determined to see her burned alive. ( I know this individual well in this lifetime. He is reincarnated with the same qualities-only softened somewhat by 600 years. His persona and leanings are basically the same, however. Patterns repeat UNTIL CHANGED!)

Personally, I had to go through a very specific process of forgiveness in 2014 when my guides told me to go have a conversation with him face to face .It was REQUIRED if I wanted to undo MY portion of the pattern with him. I had to face the circumstance again and handle MY part a different way to create a different ending for myself…. Freedom rather than further bondage and continued RAGE at personal and social injustice!

Intense anger and intense resistance together will naturally create a friction that is so enormous that a historic fire of a historic figure can be the only outcome. I need to bear THAT part in mind to find forgiveness. I probably know WAY more about these forces and the way they combine to create circumstances that he does! He is so stuck in his personal agenda that if anyone can get us out of this repeat cycle -it will surely be ME and not him!

It was hard to do, since this person is basically the same, and I was terrified of what he could again bring down on me. Compassion is feigned for appearances. He is well connected and strategic. Influential and has money. He is not going to apologize, realize his error, or ever be contrite…or maybe he will ( I must allow for the possibility of change! ) -but waiting for that would be lifetimes of stupid. I am NOT that patient! If I want to be free- I am the one who MUST lead the way and free myself. I am the transmuter of this.

My guides told me it was required that I do 3 specific things-

1.Ask him for something I needed.( He again refused…)

2. Tell him a lie.( I had such a MASSIVE energy block there it was indescribable! I was so rigidly adherent to truth at that time that it was creating it’s own insurmountable tension and attachment to regret that never died! I had to force myself into a state of flexibility! My deepest regret with him was the lie that I had told to him when I was Joan of Arc. And the fact that he had lied to ME. I had been coerced into signing a document that said my voices were not real, but they WERE! I lied and went against my own truth at that time because he led me to believe I would be freed if I just signed it…but he decided to torture me anyway – and although later I recanted, (and also left a little mark next to my signature that was my secret sign to God that I didn’t actually mean it, like crossing my fingers..) I DEEPLY regretted lying even for that one moment- and I was FURIOUS that a Bishop had lied to me! NEVER LYING EVER AGAIN became such a point of obsession for me that it actually became a real problem. I needed to find flexibility and make lying or truth telling a CHOICE again.

In fact -this lack of integrity and my personal intransigent JUDGEMENT of it was such a MAJOR sticking point that for almost 3 years I was haunted night and day by the mental image of a certain WHITE LILAC BUSH that grows between my ex-husband’s house and the road. It sends offshoots everywhere- constantly spreading. My guides would always show me an image of myself stuck in the “WHITE LIE-LOCK” bush and unable to get free of it and reach the road. It was a fantastic example of the way Spirit communicates, but I still didn’t fully understand it right away.

It took me years to get free of that image. I used to see it in my minds eye maybe 30-100 times a day.Every time THAT specific issue created a problem for me – I would suddenly be trapped in that lilac bush again. It only stopped happening when I forgave others for their deceit and forgave myself for ever having lied as well. That was HUGE for me!

3. My guides also told me in order to be free from this man in the future-I must be able to look at him and find GENUINE LOVE!! Genuine. I am happy to say that part was extremely easy for me. I can honestly say I now think of him with affection and compassion and all is forgiven…but it was a process. It had everything to do with what I was dealing with and his karma is none of my business.He will have to work on it as we all do.


With the Church institution itself it is a slightly different dynamic. The energies are larger and resist unraveling. We are talking now about the energy of GROUPS.

The church has harnessed the energy of many, many, different groups and fashioned it into a trap! We will collectively need to find forgiveness of what can feel unforgivable. But it is difficult to do when these groups are so understandably angry.

Their own energy has been harnessed and used against them! Slavery, sexual oppression, social injustice, ritualized child abuse, factory farming,…ALL institutionalized torture and inability to escape the mobius strip of the imprisoning institutions must be addressed collectively. Group by group.

Group energy requires a different tactic in order to find freedom for ALL. We will need to employ the same energetic principle of acting on behalf of others. A Higher Force must dominate the lower one. We will need to utilize the 100th monkey principle-since we cannot reach everyone on a person to person basis- that is very inefficient. We will instead aim for reaching the tipping point by utilizing a relatively small group of high achievers who have the ability to change the vibrational reality for a multitude of others. Lightworkers. We do this already.

Essentially we must utilize the identical practice of harnessing the power of someone who freely gives it. Our High vibrational frequency already dominates the lower one. NOW – it will be our job to monitor our own integrity -and work for the Highest good of ourselves and those we serve. We transmute for the collective.

First it will require ALL the facts to come out. The purge MUST precede any repair.

We need to collectively reach a CHOICE point! – which means we need to see that there IS a choice as to how we view our group’s situation. That can sometimes be difficult. Nevertheless-I am TELLING YOU IT IS THE ONLY WAY OUT! Rather than focusing on the injury and being forever chained to that trauma…we MUST find a way to reframe our identical situation and see it in such a way that we are not doomed to repeat it. FIND THE GIFT the exact situation offered. FOCUS ON THE STRENGTH IT GAVE YOU! FIND THE GIFT !!

The other day I was discussing the energetic dynamics of Saint-dom with someone. One side of it is hideous and twisted, trapping those unfortunate people who were Martyrs for their cause – only to canonize them as though that is some kind of reward! What that really does is create a further mechanism for the church to harness the energy of the devotees by building up energy streams and directing those energy streams into something that functions much like a tractor beam!

First my purge( here it comes..) – The Saints who died for Christ become trapped in a prison of responsibility for others -and those souls will forever more be identified by the manner in which they were tortured- and now there is also an expectation of a job they must do. ( Patron Saint of ___). The one who had their eyes gouged out becomes the patron Saint of sight..forever associated in the collective consciousness with their biggest trauma! See the trap here? Jesus was CRUCIFIED and millions of people FOCUS on that with FERVOR! It builds up a GIGANTIC pool of TORTURE energy that is toxic, repetitive, GENERATIVE and it lingers! Dark and Light exist in equal measure. We must stop adding to the dark .We COLLECTIVELY CREATED the Vatican as extreme and toxic as it is. To free ourselves we must recognize our own participation in the cycle. We are co-creators-not victims….if at any point we were victims-it will be forgiveness and creation that is our way out now.

The powers that be have secret knowledge of exactly the way collective consciousness functions! There is type of energy circuitry formed by attention to any given thing. A two-way circuit is formed that allows me( for example) to utilize the energy of anyone who gives it to me. That can be both a blessing as well as a curse. The curse part is that I did not wish to have other people’s power.

New devotees focus their attention on how this other believer died( who was only a real person just like they themselves are)- but NOW this person has become something else entirely in addition. An icon or a celebrity!

Imagine if millions of people focused on your torture and what you were going to do for them!! Think collective meditation works? It is proven that it does! And so does the collective focusing on anything else.

I hate fame. I came down as Joan of Arc specifically to help the population take their power back! And it backfired! People gave me ALL their trust and their their power instead of taking responsibility for themelves!. It ALL became MY responsibility….and I took that responsibility as seriously as if every last one of them were my own baby. The sense of crushing duty carried over into this lifetime and I was born thinking that I only existed to serve others and work was the justification for my entire existance. It has encompassed all my dreams and nighttime activity since infancy.I NEVER EVER get to put it down!

( Someone recently said to me -“You can do it. I believe in you.” She meant to be nice -but it is probably the single worst thing anyone can say to me. Trigger!! Believe in YOURSELF, Please! We are equals.)

Focusing on anguish feeds the collective pain body. If you were tortured or raped or imprisoned or crucified or burned- do you want your name and identity to be forever associated with the brutality you experienced and strengthen the VERY institution that did it to you? Me neither! On the other hand – the flip side is that this same FIRE energy can ALSO now be utilized and employed as PHOENIX power(Rising from the ashes).And it has purification properties. And tremendous power of the elements can be intentionally directed. THIS is what the energy war is really all about. We must recognize as a collective the HUGE FORCE we now have to direct toward our aim. I ask you to take your participation seriously and not trivialize it.

I saw a pair of”Joan of Arc in the fire” EARRINGS once! I saw a Halloween costume in a catalog -“Sexy Joan of Arc”- modeled by a little girl who looked like she was around 6. Please do not make the experience fashionable or funny. Joan of Arc was a real person. This experience is part of my personal history and our collective one. I do not want any more energy to go into feeding this bondage. I had nightmares since infancy about these real events that spun out of control and created the planet’s worst nightmare. Can you imagine what it must be like to be Jesus?

It is time we were ourselves the ones who took Jesus down off the cross, focused on his freedom and TOOK BACK all the energy that may have FED and constructed the system! Our collective resurrection begins with forgiving all parties and extricating ourselves by redirecting our energy somewhere it serves us. Forgiveness is freedom.

The way out is to focus on the gift that always accompanies the curse.The energy mechanics of fame always run in two directions- ALL the people that have followed me throughout history have created a very large energy circuit at this point. People looked upon me first as an oddity, a famous catalyst for change, famous virgin, “Maid of Orleans”,a political grenade, a religious zealot…..and as history progressed – a Saint. The audience then grew and was maintained with books, movies, plays, holidays, festivals…etc.

There is a LOT of genuine emotional energy within this circuit comprising our group. If we CHOOSE to, we can utilize it for the betterment of ALL of us and the ASCENSION of the planet. This energetic platform is a very potent and highly charged one! I take the responsibility here VERY seriously! I know I am not above anyone – and yet I do find myself in this strange position where I may as well use my circumstance to help us reach our highest potential.

We must work together to utilize the gift of our connection and focus on EQUALITY and FREEDOM!! We are many smaller groups combined into a much larger one. We need to generate collective enthusiasm and love for one another. We must see the gift of our previous restriction as being one that serves to fuel our collective combined intent to launch toward freedom for ALL of us!


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