The reason Twin Flame Union has not gone the way so many expected it would is because the whole Twin Flame business as typically described means a Divine Partner is reduced to a single being. That is an idea based in 3D( where everything is limited to individuation.)This includes Twin Flame pairs having a single mission. It may have been true in 3D, but after 3D disappears and we never return to it, what does that leave us with? It leaves us with groups of like minded souls who gather together on the basis of vibrational similarity and task. Thats why right now people are coming together by job. ( You can also be part of more than one group)This is the small group version of Twin flame mission.

You can still have a monogamous, Twin Flame experience with the intensity of feeling, deep resonance..etc.The Twin Flame experience is part of the stepladder of Spiritual development. Think of it as the point of a equilateral triangle that points down, with the point representing a single person and 3D. It is us in our body. We move UP in layers or levels. We are required to first find Masculine/Feminine balance within the self, then find that with another,( knowing another person AS the self) , then be able to do it with more than one other person, …and gradually the groups get bigger and wider. We are not limited to a single layer of experience. The goal is to integrate all of them! 

Service/mission increases exponentially the same way. I may have my own mission, a “twin Flame “mission, a group mission, a bigger group mission….etc. For most people ,a “Twin Flame” is the person who is the closest vibrational match to you. 

It can also be a given individual in certain cases.. It depends on where you are in your Spiritual development, what your souls path is, what the contract is between you…etc. where you are in the Ascension process will affect it as well. There are a certain number of True Twin Flames-VERY Strong and spiritually adept souls who come down in tandem to change the Earth on a massive scale. These are pairs who radiate a vibrational field so strong and high that it becomes the dominant frequency for a large area and changes the surroundings and the ley lines of the earth..etc. These pairs will send out a frequency that other joined pairs will pick up and they become almost an echo and will subsequently also affect other couples, albeit to a lesser extent…the pattern continues and Twin Flames form their own grid designed to lift up the Earths frequency to match that of unconditional LOVE. 

This has a lot to do with the Star of David ,”Solomon’s Seal” geometry. I will be putting out a post ( I hope tomorrow) that explains the way these triangles come together to create the portal that elevates us to NewEarth frequency en masse’. It has everything to do with reaching a state of Balance.

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