EPIC DREAM – 5D Shift ! Return of the Feminine to EQUAL POWER!!

Last night, I had an epic dream that I want to share. It refers not only to me, but had a lot to do with the Divine Feminine and the Divine Masculine – AND politics at this time. We as a collective ARE about to go through a major shift UP to 5D with the Divine Feminine( energy) preceding the Masculine in the creation of the 5D shift that will take us all up through the 11:11 gateway!

My dream took place in New York City, on a VERY steep city street. On this street was a pizza parlor run by 4 ( symbolizing stability and structure) stocky, Italian brothers. These were very old-style “Masculine” energy types – dismissive of women- confident in their space they owned and ran, very bossy and they MADE the rules! The floor was a black and white linoleum ( symbolizing polarity and the political chessboard) and it slanted very steeply toward the door- almost at a 45 degree angle! They were all wearing sneakers that gripped the floor very well. 
One brother was at the counter, cutting up the pizza into slices HE determined, and selling it at a cost HE decided. It was a crowded place and a lot of people couldn’t afford anything to eat. They were turned away at the counter, but looked at me as they left, because they wanted my help. Another brother was working cutting up vegetables on a kitchen island. He was ignoring everyone and seemed very stupid and tuned out. There was a third brother who was managing the finances from the backroom, and only emerged if there was a public problem. The last brother was cooking the pizza. 

I was a representative of the Divine FEMININE! I showed up at the door of the pizza shop -wearing ROLLER SKATES ( I had FINALLY made it up the steep, steep hill!) And on my back I was carrying an enormous burden! A lopsided, huge sack the size of a rhinoceros ) filled to the brim with things I was carrying for others was slung over my back. I was also carrying an 8 year old little black girl who wasn’t my own child. She was terrified and clinging to me, hoping I could save her.. She was on my left hip, and the sack was on my back , held by my right arm. 

At last I made it through the doorway of this Pizza Parlor,and I set the bag and the little girl down. She ran out the door back home to her own mother. Everyone else left the shop but the four brothers and myself. I noticed the floor was very steeply slanted. THEY had shoes, but I had roller skates.I kept rolling backwards -almost back out the door no matter how hard I tried to get a grip! FINALLY I made it all the way to the center of the shop where there as an island and the fat, sleepy man was just noticing for the FIRST TIME that his lettuce had arranged itself to look exactly like the CLOCK on the WALL that read 10:10!His iceberg lettuce( LET-US!) had done this by itself without him. He had suddenly noticed this…

The pizza the man at the counter was dividing REASSEMBLED itself to form yet another image of the same clock that said 10:10. The other brothers stopped what they were doing and started looking around. There were clocks or things that looked exactly like the clocks everywhere . The man at the island was particularly slow to see it. He opened his mouth and was staring at his iceberg lettuce- seeing 10:10 for the first time! ( Nu-DUH!) I stood on his right side, and I spoke to him ( trying to point it out to him and help him make the connections.) I said “Do you see how your lettuce looks just like that CLOCK on the wall? Do you see that it says 10:10? Do you see his pizza…also says 10:10, and it also shows up THERE? and it is ALSO THERE, and THERE, and THERE, and THERE , and THERE……Do you see how it shows up EVERYWHERE? THAT is called a SYNCHRONICITY! ” I spelled it out slowly as he stood there blinking….
“That is because there is an over riding force that is actually controlling all of these things and the way they manifest. You need to CHANGE NOW! MOVE NOW!! … because it is about to be 11:11!”
( the 11:11 is the Twin Flame re-union and 11 Stargate so many of us have been working toward.. ) 

With THAT, ALL the brothers left and the entire place was immediately transformed into a LUSH, beautiful tearoom and gift shop run by a beautiful, kind woman who already knew who I was! The shop had a carpeted, level floor ands warm. There were baskets and cases of goods, trays of pastry and fudge, chocolates, beautiful baskets overflowing with toys, teapots and mittens, and it was VERY ABUNDANT! Crowded with merchandise. REALLY nice stuff! There were children and as I walked around( suddenly my skates had turned into good shoes I could walk in…)
I noticed that a large percentage ( at LEAST half!) of this woman’s merchandise was stuff that I had personally created ,that I had made, that had been stolen from ME, and it actually BELONGED to ME! I saw the trays of fudge had been made by me with a recipe I invented, The French pastries ( I noticed Napoleans and Petit’ fours and marzipan) were some that I had made that had gone missing from my kitchen!I had never known where they went. They had simply vanished! I saw that many of the toys, goods and fine art she was selling had also been created and stolen from me. 
The woman recognized that it was true. Much of her stock had indeed been appropriated from me. She was very gracious about giving it back. She helped me locate the little black girl and send her back home with something good for her AND her mother.We started to equalize things. She helped me load up all my baskets with what belonged to me. She said ” Its too bad no one is here to give you a ride home! This is a lot to carry.” We figured I would need to make two trips. 

I walked out the door, again carrying as much as I was able, but this time it was ALL mine!. My little black cairn terrier (whose name was “Ida-Clair”-I declare! meaning self-sovereignty)was tucked under my left arm. Again I started my journey up the steep street to a skyscraper – next door this time.( It was also my real life Graduate School – the New York Academy of Art.)MY home was at the VERY very top of this building. ( A graduate school for High Level CREATORS!) 

When I arrived – it was a HOMECOMING like none other! I saw my favorite dog I have ever owned-a white cairn terrier who in real life was the savviest, most human-seeming dog I have ever met. She had been expecting me and was waiting on the steps of a gypsy wagon looking at the door because she sensed my approach. She had been living with the man who was the wizard from the Wizard of Oz. I set my little black cairn terrier down and they were getting acquainted. The place was ENORMOUS- VAST! It looked like a Hollywood SoundStage/Hologram. Parts of it were still under construction- but THIS was 5D where we were all going to live! It was very spacious and colorful. Everything was a substance that was made of rainbows! It changed from daytime to evening as each person walked. The environment shifted according to personal preference. There were huge oak trees, and there was a sunny, enormous living space ready for me. My bed was made. I set down all my things and would arrange my space with all my beautiful things later. There was a family reunion to be organized and I was eager to get right to work.. A number of people were already at this top level – and FINALLY I was too!

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