Here is an interesting example of a rapid-manifesting turn around. I am experiencing this in order to write about it as I go through this new terrain of the 5D corridor leading to permanently staying there. I know I signed up for this life mission specifically to help guide others through the obstacle course. It is my job to stay on the leading edge and report. 

You know the way ancient map makers would do their best to illustrate a shoreline as it was explored for the first time? When they didn’t know what was in the unexplored territory they would write-“Beyond this point-there be DRAGONS!” 

I am doing something like the early mapmaker. ( And there ARE DRAGONS in 5D, thank God! ) But there are also potential pitfalls and challenges as we rise in dimensional frequency. 

1. -Our manifestation time SPEEDS UP! There is a much shorter time between when we think and feel something, and when THAT presents itself in our physical experience! Many of us have dreamed of getting our instant manifesting ability back so we could use it like Samantha in “Bewitched” and simply pop things into existence, and we basically can. But there is also a downside to that wish-come-true! It requires a state of constant self-mastery in MOTION. Previously we had a handy time-delayed buffer margin, so we could quickly do a course correction of our thinking if we recognized we were focusing on the wrong thing. Now, as we move off the fixed timeline and into the eternal NOW moment – Presto! A negative thought will produce a form or circumstance in our life that much faster. You can not afford the luxury of a negative thought.

2.- ALSO, the process of Spiritual Development is ever expansive. It is a curriculum. Each new level will require a heightened level of mastery and self-awareness. We are ASCENDING up into NEW TESTS of our prowess. Our abilities must increase with each step up. We are given greater responsibility for helping to keep the collective stabilized as we rise.
Most of us on this journey have enough familiarity with the basics of the Law of Attraction that we are easily able to manage our own individual alignment, surrounded by our immediate family. 

So that is NOT the test for those in higher levels. We have moved out of separation and are getting closer and closer to unity with ALL other beings! First we move into small groups of like minded others. We become more sensitive to what others are feeling. NOW, many of us on the leading edge are connecting multiple groups as well. This is yet another level of mastery. 

Telepathy is developing rapidly among group members, so all of a sudden we are finding ourselves influenced by the thoughts of many other people as well as our own! This throws a monkey wrench into our immediate manifestation issue! It is a new test because you must constantly align both your OWN thoughts and feelings -and other people’s thoughts and feelings as well. The trick is to stay in alignment no matter what you are picking up on. Low vibrations in a crowd or public alarm can potentially throw you off into a spiral of rapidly occurring negative events! The CHOICE-POINTS in such a case occur so quickly upon one another, that you don’t get any time to think about it.

To illustrate this, I want to offer this example of what happened to me yesterday. I have been in a very long standing period of declining everything. Except for stress. That has been increasing proportionately.

I have been coping and handling things pretty well, but it has been at the breaking point here for FAR too long. Im exhausted. Many issues-not only financial and health related ones. Im severely anemic and I’m about to get surgery this week. I also share a one bedroom apartment with my 14 year old Scorpio daughter. (There is no 14 year old who wants to share a bedroom with her mother. It can get a little… intense). Last night, I left the door slamming child to give us both some space away from each other. I decided to go get dog food. 

So far so good. I stayed in alignment even though I was feeling the stress. As I drove, I reached a VERY COMPLEX and BUSY INTERSECTION( that’s significant! A place where different energy streams merge. Many choice points.) I suddenly encountered a bad three car accident in front of me. The police had already been called.There was an ambulance, police cars, a huge tow truck, many flashing lights, traffic backed up, angry drivers…chaos, disorder and strong emotions from a LOT of people. 
Suddenly…..MY car lost it’s power steering and the battery died! RIGHT there. If you understand car symbolism it is not difficult to understand WHY that specific thing manifested!

Our cars, like our bodies, are physical extensions of us. The steering wheel determines our direction and represents our thoughts. Our point of attention. The accelerator is the equivalent to our emotions, and provides the momentum. Strong emotion equals fast momentum. The battery represents our energy. 
In that moment of picking up conflicting group energies, my own ailing energy system became overloaded and quit. My intention to focus on what’s positive wavered and suddenly my car was more difficult to steer because my attention was harder to control. This happened VERY fast! Welcome to the world of instant manifestation! This is why it is important to stay as high-vibrational as possible for those of us who no longer experience very much of a time-delay.

I was able to roll across lanes of stopped traffic into a Jiffy Lube. The police and tow truck were already there, so that was very helpful! I was trying to focus on the positive. 

However, it is mid-winter here. I am single and didn’t have anyone to call or money for a cab. My daughter was home alone. I didn’t have money for the tow truck or a repair. The dogs still needed food. I get cold and tired easily. I was overwhelmed and started crying.

The tow truck driver was very kind and offered to give me a lift home. I was EXTREMELY thankful for that! When I was home I tried to focus on composing myself again. I checked my bank balance and discovered I had $44. An ANGEL NUMBER, but not enough for the tow, let alone the repair. I went to sleep after praying. Things are usually better in the morning.

Well…after yesterday’s car/bank/surgery crisis, I found myself AGAIN in tears this morning. There was an additional avalanche of mini-crisis that would all be easily solvable if it were just one or two things, but each solution was dependent on the other things functioning.Things I need for survival had extremely tight deadlines, but I have been unable to meet those deadlines due to having not enough money, no car, no help, or being too ill, lacking the very thing I needed to procure the other things required. I wrote down my new moon affirmations -prayed extensively and said “SEND ME A MIRACLE! I NEED HELP!!”

Heres where I want to point out that many shifts are happening simultaneously. Miracles often come in the form that is most surprising….

( Backstory – Several months ago, my daughter and I had a minor quarrel which resulted in her deciding (..I am shaking my head and chuckling) that it would work to her advantage to report me to Child Protective Services on the grounds of abuse and malnourishment because we had expired pancake mix. Child Protective Services interviewed us both. The pancake mix was interviewed. My daughter apologized and admitted she had overreacted and lied, and she had just been mad at the time because she was grounded. The case was considered without merit, nevertheless the caseworker must follow up and report with due diligence. THIS morning of all mornings…..SHE called me!) An hour after I prayed. THIS IS INSTANT MANIFESTATION TOO ! 

I have been trying for MANY months to get myself a caseworker for SSI, legal aid, disability and Social Services that were denied. I thought this woman was THAT caseworker- finally calling me. I said “Oh! Thank you!! Im SO glad you called!”
She said “Im the caseworker from CPS. I wanted to let you know that we are closing your case…….UNLESS THERE IS ANYTHING ELSE I CAN HELP YOU WITH?”

I was very doubtful she was in a position to help, but I launched into my story. With the end result being that she offered to pick me up and drive me to follow up with all my paperwork and help me secure a long term caseworker! She spoke to DSS on my behalf. That helped things begin the upswing…

As I was on the phone with her – the autoshop called and the car is already fixed and cheaper than I expected. Three minutes later, someone booked a session by Facebook messenger that will give me enough for the car repair. My ex-mother in law also offered to pick up dog food for me and drop it off before suppertime. She knew we were out of dog food because my wonderful daughter had been thoughtful enough to call and ask her if she would help. I also received a text from a dear friend who offered to drive me to the hospital and home.

Things took a turn for the better as soon as I got a handle on the downward spiral and turned that momentum in a upward direction. Complex situations like that are what I like to think of as A MASTER’S CHALLENGE. If you reframe it that way, it can assist in turning the whole thing around!

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