Question- “Why would some of the most high vibe people on the planet be creating these difficult realities for themselves?”

Oh! Great question. Its understandable to wonder why – if we have all these fantastic CREATION skills – why isn’t everything happy ALL the time? ( We all think back to our soul contracts and think “WHAT WAS I THINKING? NOBODY would CHOOSE that!” 

There are several reasons.Part of it depends on what your soul came here to do. Some of us came here merely to experience their own growth, and some came to help and accomplish something very specific ON TOP of their own growth, to assist with the collective upliftment in a very specific way.Some came specifically to transmute great darkness!

1. We are always in expansion and VERY Strong, high level beings must be tested in a way that tests even US. ( There is not a value based hierarchy-but there are different levels of Spiritual maturity) In order for something to prove challenging for someone VERY experienced, it has to stretch even their capabilities. And on a service level- we came here to see how much we could shift in a short window of time. Did you ever decide to see if you could carry ALL the grocery bags into the house from the car in only one trip? So you cut off all the circulation in your arms while carrying 15 bags in one trip? Its like that….only we are working within a single lifetime. 
So, on a SOUL LEVEL – The tests will be enormous.

In 2013, it took a LOT to get my energy out of alignment ever. Nothing ever upset me. It would take QUITE A BIT really get me down. So THAT’S what I got! 

I know personally, at that time, I pre-arranged to go through multiple extremely traumatic situations back to back.And there was no respite for several years. My guides said “You needed to be re-initiated and experience the entire climb from extreme darkness ,so that you would be able to guide others.” Kind of like saying-
“You always pass this test no problem. So NOW – Can you do this same obstacle course while lifting 500lbs, under extreme pressure conditions, with only $2 to last the rest of the month, and get there in 15 minutes? What if youre you have to feed ten thousand others, and your’e blind, your house burned to the ground, and you don’t speak the local language and you have only one hand? Etcetera.And this test will go on 5 years to see HOW you manage. Still in alignment?” 
“You know how to swim the English channel.You have done it 10 times.-Now, can you do it at night? When it’s frozen?Carrying a non-swimmer?How about two non-swimmers? How many others CAN you assist while doing it? Can you build a boat on the way out of driftwood? CAN YOU STAY IN ALIGNMENT EVEN WHEN THINGS ARE HORRIBLE AND TURN A DEFICIT INTO AN ADVANTAGEOUS SPIRITUAL LESSON?….” You get the picture. It must be a test even for those who are Spiritual MASTERS! Imagine what it would take to really test Jesus?At higher levels we are not really tested this way-but in lower dimensions ( especially in the past) these tests existed. 

Financial hardship for example, develops our power to instantly manifest without relying on any external source for perceived “security”. That is a test that develops self reliance and courage and resourcefulness. Is it fun? Not really. But I can train myself to look at it that way in order to get myself out of despair. Is that lying? NO! It is AUTOMATICALLY reframing and changing a negative into a positive which is a necessary skill to develop as we head into 5D instant manifestation. Positivity must be HABITUAL! Like a cat that always lands on it’s feet -we must develop the automatic response of flipping our minds UPRIGHT!

2- Also, the PLANET has needed to be cleared of very dark ancestral energies that must be felt and processed in order to be changed. ( This is no longer true in Higher realities- but for a while it WAS something that needed to be done. Part of the earlier work of Ascension began in extreme density. We had to go INTO density at first to clear the darkness and the blockages.)This is because many WERE in that degree of darkness, and you must meet the people where THEY are. In order to assist those most trapped- you have to go to where they are because they are unable to rise to meet you. 

If I am at a VERY high vibrational level, for example, I’m out of the bandwidth of someone vibrating at a very low one. So I might agree on a soul level to have something very dark and severe happen to me in order to have my own vibration dip that low temporarily so that I could show the way UP to others. 

Many volunteers of very high level ability arranged on a soul level to incarnate into lineages where certain experiences would happen to them in order that they be brought up for change. This means the experience must be reacted to differently each time it comes up so that the direction – the WHOLE TRAJECTORY -is changed! These bloodlines carry some of the most massive, heavy distortions ever. So gradually you turn a line around by refusal to go in that direction. Imagine a speeding train of sick behavior such as alcoholism ,pedophilia, misogyny, and incest in a family line.

Let’s say many generations have passed- each one inheriting the situation and rather than healing it, feeling it, or resolving it in any way…. it gets suppressed and perpetuated so that it builds dark energy patterns instead of creating healthy ones.This now has significant momentum of energy behind it. In order to bring a pattern like this to a full stop( zero point), it must be MET with the same amount of energy in the opposite direction. So it will take a VERY strong and powerfully loving soul to incarnate into such a situation and say “THIS STOPS WITH ME!”. Such a soul says essentially-” I will get strapped to the front of the train( be born into this lineage) and halt it (transmute it!) with my OWN experience. Each time a circumstance arises-I will NOT have the same response my forebears did. I will put my feet down and resist this direction by digging my heels in and using myself as a brake! I will SPEAK UP rather than stay silent! I will refuse to allow this illness no matter what it takes! I will NOT enable it! I will establish a NEW direction and HEAL this pattern forever!”

And some of us have been dragged through the dirt for it, but we did it for a Higher reason we believed in. There is now a time when many light workers have SUCCESSFULLY gone THROUGH their zero-pointing and are now standing at the crossroads where they may choose a NEW direction for themselves….and co-create our collective future!

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