I have spoken to many people recently who want to do their mission or Divine Service work but feel they must maintain their job in the 3D financial system because they have bills to pay or debt to pay off or expenses to meet. The Quantum Resource System is already replacing the old system, and YOU DECIDE what system ( New or old ) you participate in, and to what degree. You will swim in whatever ocean you poured yourself into. 

If I want to be fully supported by the Quantum Resource System-and have all my expenses paid, my debt forgiven, and continue to do ONLY my Divine Service work – then it is up to ME to create THAT as my reality. Do MY work regardless.  
Declare to the Universe –

“I NOW choose to be supported and fully compensated for ALL the work I do.” From there – JUST DO THE DIVINE SERVICE WORK YOU CAME TO DO and know that you will be paid one way or another! YOU make it happen! You must be the one to TRUST, initiate the action AND STEP FULLY into the QRS FIRST based on your own ability as a creator! the Universe will respond to YOUR INITIATIVE. 

For example, if you do energy healing or something like that, then you can work pro-bono for those who cannot afford to pay, while accepting money from those who do have it. Accept donations and know it will be enough to sustain you while you develop and the system grows. We are in a time of transition. Have FAITH that you will be paid one way or the other. The ocean refuses no river, and during this time of transition, the two systems may overlap for a while. ( Such as miraculous financial gifts showing up in your bank account!) THE act of SERVICE arising from genuine love of giving COMES FIRST! 

Also – you must also be fully willing to RECEIVE MIRACLES without doubt, shame, apology, mistrust, embarassment, feeling of unworthiness, fear…etc. Observe yourself closely to identify your resistance- then adjust yourself! 

Many people have hidden concerns such as “How will I explain to my spouse that money just showed up in my account and I just accepted it ? My husband won’t understand”, or ” People will think I’m irresponsible if I don’t pay my student loan.” or ” I don’t want to look stupid by believing in something like the QRS before there is socially acceptable proof”, or ” Im afraid to tell my family that I believe this stuff. “, or “I’m not worthy”, or ” I was taught you have to work.I feel like a fraud”

If you have concerns like this, I would recommend a personal session….but you can also clear a LOT on your own provided you have a strong intention to do so! 

This is a chance to examine how committed you are toward change. We will NEVER change the existing system by deferring to it! Any resistance you personally hold toward change must be examined. The block is YOU, and YOU hold the key to that door.

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